Best Tobacco Vape Pods

Vape Pod Ban

As of January 31st, 2020, only menthol and tobacco vape pods will be permitted. The federal flavor ban still allows for flavors in refillable vape pod and open tank devices. If you exclusively use vape pods or are dependent on brick and mortar purchases, your choices of flavor have been drastically reduced. The news is grim but there is one silver lining. Tobacco ejuices have come a long way from the days of RY4.

Click here for a complete breakdown of the federal flavor ban.

On the state and municipal front, the news is even worse. There are a number of state vape flavor bans and in Massachusetts, even stronger nic strengths are prohibited. There is no recourse but to drive out of state of vape tobacco flavors in these locales. Unless you resume smoking, an ill-advised course of action when the current crop of tobacco vape pods generate incredibly authentic flavor.

Vape Pods

If you use a refillable vaping device, check out our feature on the Best Tobacco Vape Juices. You can also peruse our tobacco ejuices options here. Today we are exploring the tobacco flavors available to prefilled vape pod users.

The list of tobacco vape pods has been culled since last fall. Bo, Cync, Phix and Clic have all gone the way of the dodo. And there are no longer Juul compatible pods to be found anywhere.

Refillable vape pod kits are always a viable alternative but adults have shown a preference for the even easier to use, user friendly and satisfying prefilled vape pod kit.

A refillable, or open, vape pod kit is quite easy to use but the market has placed a premium on the ultimate simplicity and ease of use. Next to disposable vapes, there is no easier way to vape than a prefilled vape pod kit. If you are looking for a refillable vape pod, check out our Top Ten Juul alternatives feature. Since that article was written, the UWell Caliburn and Smok Novo 2 have also arrived on the scene.

These are both outstanding and simple autodraw devices. We compared the Smok Novo versus the Smok Novo 2 and found the newer model was a huge upgrade. The UWell Caliburn is a world beater with long lasting pods and works with both autodraw and button activation.

Disposable Vapes

Vape pods are perfect for beginning vapers and anyone looking for discrete and efficient vaping experience. Unfortunately, the vape pods are no longer available in the flavors that adults prefer.

Disposable vapes avoided the first wave of federal enforcement, although their have been afforded no protection from capricious state level bans. If you simply cannot stand tobacco vape juice and live in a state without its own flavor ban, disposables vapes are an outstanding alternative.

Politicians continue to ignore the reasons Why Kids Vape and instead punish adult vaping preferences.

Tobacco Vape Pods

It may be cold comfort but nicotine salt ejuices work exceptionally well with tobacco flavors. They are smooth and ideal for mouth to lung vaping. No matter what vape pod kit you use, there will be a solid nic salt tobacco vape pod available for you.

There are three major players left in the vape pod market: Juul, MyBlu and the Vuse Alto. There is also the Vuse Vibe, a hybrid device which does not use nic salts.

Price wise, Juul is at a supreme disadvantage. The MyBlu and Vuse pods cost more and are sold in 2 packs. But they hold over twice the ejuice capacity. The Alto is pushing a three-fold advantage.

On the device technology side, Juul has clearly made the smaller device with the weaker battery. The MyBlu and Vuse have nearly identical specifications, so at the end of the day, it will boil down to your own flavor preference.

It remains to be seen if Juul's big sales edge was the result of their popular Mango and Mint, or if the device itself was the reason for their success. There can be little question that price performance was not driving sales.

Vuse Alto

RJ Reynolds certain knows tobacco, and the Vuse Alto has two of the best tobacco vape juices on the market. There is also a Vuse Alto Menthol pod. Word to the wise, it is pretty light on the tobacco. If you are looking for the best Juul Mint alternative, there is no better place to start than with this cleverly named vape pod.

The Vuse Alto device delivers an outstanding vaping experience. It has a 350mAh battery and each pod contains 1.8ml of vape juice.

Vuse flavors are available in 2.4 and 5 percent nicotine. The Vuse Alto generates more vapor than a Juul and operates silently. We pitted the Juul versus Vuse Alto in a head to head comparison, and found the RJ Reynolds product to be more than a match for its popular rival.

The MyBlu is closer match in performance, but I personally prefer the experience delivered by the Vuse Alto over both the Juul and MyBlu. But this is entirely subjective.

Vuse Alto Tobacco Pods

Vuse Alto Original

Vuse Alto Original is a sweet tobacco. From inhale to exhale, the tobacco nic salt tastes remarkably similar to a cigarette. Wispy flavor notes are present on inhale, as complex and nuanced as any cigarette you have enjoyed. The exhale is smooth as silk. For all of the realism, there is a remarkable lightness to Vuse Alto Original. Perhaps this is why they have a second tobacco flavor with a bit more oomph.

Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco

Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco is a stronger and darker flavored alternative to Vuse Alto Original. You almost expect your clothes and hair to stink after vaping it, that’s how well they captured the real cigarette flavor. Vuse is an RJ Reynolds product and tobacco is clearly in their wheelhouse. Rich Tobacco is ideal for heavy smokers, especially if full flavored cigarettes were your favorite. The depth of Rich Tobacco makes this an unusually satisfying vape. The Vuse has slightly more throat kick than the Juul, owing to its lower resistance coils.


The MyBlu device began life as the Austrian VonErl vape pod kit. Initially a partnership, it is now lot, stock and barrel an Imperial Tobacco product. It is fatter than the squared off Juul but nearly identical in size to the Vuse Alto. This natural matchup between tobacco giants prompted our deep-dive comparison: MyBlu versus Vuse Alto.

The distinguishing trait of the MyBlu was its wide selection of flavors and nic strengths. It was the only device that offered both freebase nicotine and nic salt pods. Nic salt flavors are known as MyBlu Intense. The standard freebase pods lack the "Intense" moniker, but there is some overlap in the nic strengths.

The higher potency freebase juices provide a greater throat kick than the nic salts. It remains for the public to decide if this is a feature or a bug. In sense, it competes with the Vuse Vibe, Vuse Alto and Juul. If you want to learn more about the difference between nic salts and freebase nicotine, check out our featured research article: What is Salt Nic?

Click here to find out What is Salt Nic?

MyBlu also HAD a much wider selection of flavors. This advantage has been wiped with a stroke of the pen and the MyBlu will need to sink or swim on the strength of their tobacco vape pod offerings. Their flavored tobacco ejuices, one of MyBlu's core strengths, are also gone.

MyBlu Tobacco Liquidpods

Tobacco MyBlu Intense

MyBlu Intense Tobacco was designed to mimic the bold and robust flavor of rich tobacco. Hearty and rich, anyone who vapes will appreciate the authenticity of MyBlu Tobacco Intense. A bit less throat kick than the regular Gold Leaf, this is still a good option for smokers who want to try switching to a vape pod kit. It has that standard cigarette flavor, rather than tasting like a cigarette pack smells. Realistic, smooth and available up to 4 percent strength, nic salt fans who can enjoy the flavor of tobacco will like this flavor.

Gold Leaf MyBlu

 MyBlu Gold Leaf is a perfect alternative for anyone who loves tobacco vape juices and for smokers looking to switch to vaping. It packs an impressive throat hit and is available at 2.4 percent nic strength. Aromatic and offensive, MyBlu Gold Leaf pops with flavor.

Carolina Bold MyBlu

A lighter flavored tobacco than Gold Leaf, this sweeter offering still recreates the flavor of smoking, if not the odor and ash. A rock solid tobacco vape, nic salts were not required because MyBlu was looking to recreate the throat hit of a cigarette. If you are looking for smoother or more potent option, Tobacco Intense is MyBlu's nic salt tobacco offering.


What remains to be said about Juul that has not been hashed over already. The compact device brought nic salts to masses. Things have taken a turn for the worse for the San Francisco based e-cig giant. Juul Mint is gone, as are the popular Mango, Creme and universally reviled Fruit Medley.

Vape pod kits owe much of their popularity to nic salts and the emergence of Juul as the dominant force in the market.
We examine vape pod technology in: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.

Juul was able to fight off their vape pod rivals on the strength of their flavor lineup but consumer options have been whittled down to a couple of tobacco options and menthol.

MyBlu versus Juul may decide the future of gas station vapes but the FDA approved iQOS is waiting in the wings to pick off a category of products that have been shorn of their most popular flavors.

Juul Vape Pods

Juul Classic Tobacco

The aromatic Juul Classic Tobacco is an entry point into the world of vaping for many smokers. It has a lighter throat hit and more perfumed flavor than its stablemate Juul Original Tobacco. It is pretty realistic take on cigarette tobacco and well-formulated vape juice.

Juul Virginia Tobacco

Juul Virginia Tobacco is more robust than Juul Classic Tobacco. The Juul Virginia Tobacco has the quintessential American tobacco flavor profile. Like other Virginia tobacco ejuices, there is a pinch of sweetness on inhale. The throat hit is minimal but the exhale flavor is quite authentic. A worthy and popular tobacco vape juice formula.

Vaping 2020

The potential removal of all flavors that aren’t tobacco from the market would be a huge setback to vapers and the vaping industry alike, with thousands put out of work.

Adult smokers will lose their ash and smoke free cigarette alternative of choice. The willingness of politicians to strip away these options is no surprise since strict e-cig laws punish the marginalized.

The CDC reports that alcohol kills 4,300 minors annually and sends over 100,000. But since the wealthy imbibe more frequently than any other group, the dozen minors that die each day from underage drinking goes unreported.

On the flip side of the coin, the wealthy largely gave up smoking a couple decades back. This is probably why they are willing eager to suppress an alien habit that is most common in the LGBTQ+ community. San Francisco punishing marginalized groups with strict e-cig laws and betraying their history of harm reduction policies will be remembered as one of the most arbitrary and counter-intuitive decisions in recent memory.

Access to cigarette alternatives is already an issue in rural America, where prevalent smoking related illnesses lead to significantly worse outcomes on average.

That being said, tobacco flavors have come a long way.

Vape Flavor Ban

The insidious fruit flavor fallacy is a sinister conspiracy theory that alleges sweeter vape juices are “kid-friendly” and concocted with the express purpose of hooking minors on nicotine. It is the most persuasive of the zombie vaping myths.

As predicted, the teen vaping epidemic was an existential threat to adult vaping. At Vapor4Life, we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21, use industry leading age verification technology and card everyone who enters our Northbrook vape shop. If you are worried that a minor in your charge is vaping, check out our guide: How to Spot Teen Vaping.

We are also not interested in selling our products to adults who do not already vape or smoke. We provide smoke and ash free cigarette alternatives to adults. Our goal has always been to provide multiple nicotine strengths so that our customers are able to reduce their intake with the eventual goal of a nicotine free lifestyle.

There seems to be no argument that will convince vaping critics that adults prefer sweet vape juice flavors, and that is why so many are based on the flavor profiles of candies and cereals that peaked in popularity when Reagan was still President. The recent FDA ban at least provided an out to adult vapers using open devices. The most fanciful flavors have long been the exclusive province of the kid-unfriendly box mod.

The careless reporting of a mysterious lung ailment did irreparable harm to vaping. The cause of vaping lung disease was identified in August but it took the CDC until the end of the year to acknowledge the cause: black market THC cartridges laden with vitamin E acetate.

When the CDC confirmed that vitamin E acetate was the cause of vaping lung illnesses, they included information that entirely exonerated the nicotine vaping industry. Of all of the nicotine samples examined, none tested positive for vitamin E acetate. And the reason is simple, it has no place in a vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol vaping formula.

“Pure THC oil has a viscosity like that of vitamin E acetate. Cutting THC oil with vitamin E acetate has been reported to be common in the illicit market.9-11 The FDA reports that most case-associated THC product fluids contain vitamin E acetate, at an average concentration of 50% by weight, ranging from 23 to 88%.8 By contrast, the FDA detected no vitamin E acetate in 197 case-associated nicotine products analyzed to date. The viscosity of vitamin E acetate makes it undesirable as an additive to nicotine solutions; the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in nicotine solutions create a fluid with a much lower viscosity than that of vitamin E acetate.

Centers for Disease Control, ” Vitamin E Acetate in Bronchoalveolar-Lavage Fluid Associated with EVALI”, 12/20/2019