Best Vape Pods for Regular ELiquid

Best Vape Pods for Regular Eliquids

Let us kick off this deep-dive with a clarification. Nic salts will be referred to by that name. But eliquids which use freebase nicotine, which generally have a higher-VG ratio and lower-nicotine, will be referred to as “regular” eliquids. This may be a misnomer considering the wide popularity of nic salts. But few vapers refer to this style of eliquid as freebase and it is simply easier and more logical to classify them as regular. 

Refillable vape pod kits are easy to use, compact vaping devices that were initially designed for use with potent nic salt eliquids. For more information on nic salts, check out our feature: Intro to Nic Salts.

While vape pods are perfect way for an adult vaper to enjoy nic salts, what about the countless vapers who would appreciate an easy to use ecig design with cutting edge technology but vape regular eliquids with freebase nicotine. With lower nicotine levels, freebase eliquids are the classic type of ejuice that has been around since vaping took off almost a decade ago.

While a high-tech box mod may be the most technologically impressive and effective way to vape regular ejuices, the ease of use and compact size of vape pods certainly are advantages. If we have learned anything about adult vapers in the last 3-4 years, convenience and a manageable size matter just as much as cloud volume or battery life.

But there is good news. Most modern vape pods have multiple coil or pod options that are perfect for enjoying standard/freebase nicotine rather than nic salts. Rather than an afterthought, these coils are designed to handle the higher-VG formulas used in most standard eliquids. While some vape pods require the whole pod to be replaced and some have swappable coils, the end result is a lot of choice for the vaper who enjoys lower nicotine options. 


Vape Mod versus Vape Pod

Before diving into the best vape pods for vaping regular ejuices, it is important to draw the distinction between vape pod and vape mod. The difference is actually very straight forward. Vape mods come in many shapes and sizes. Some have menus and some are just tubes. But what they have in common is standardized threading. Box mods use 510 threading, meaning any 510 threaded tank will fit. Swappable battery or integrated lithium ion battery, 40w or 230w, mods use standard threading. 

There arevape pods that can match many vape mods in power but the actual pods used by vape pods are not interchangeable. They are proprietary designs. You can put a UWell Tank on Smok box mod. But you the only pod fitting in a Smok RPM40 is a Smok RPM40 pod. This approach makes business sense. A Smok Pod user is wed to their replacement parts, rather than anything with 510 threading.

Another term and distinction found in the vape pod market is the term AIO. An acronym for "all-in-one", this describes a vape pod which has a swappable coil. The larger vape pod kits which handle regular eliquids the best are generally AIOs. The other style of vape pod requires the entire pod to be discarded and replaced when the coil reaches the end of its service life. 

VG/PG Ratios

The primary difference between nic salts and freebase nicotine is pH level. Nic salts can have a higher nic level because the pH level is lower, thus they remain palatable even when the ratio of nicotine to eliquid reaches previously unobtainable levels.

But the actual base of nic salts and regular eliquids are the same. Both use a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Most nic salts use a 50/50 blend, which is ideal for smaller coils because VG is much more viscous than PG. But there is technically no reason that nic salts can’t be 70 percent VG, which is the ratio found in the regular eliquids most commonly used in mods. In fact, VGod does just that and their nic salts are 70 percent VG. More VG means more cloud production but it does add a bit of natural sweetness to the flavor. 


What to Look For?

As there seems to be an endless wave of devices hitting the market, this list of vape pods that are great for regular eliquids will not be definitive for long. This makes it just as important to lay out what to look for when shopping for a vape pod kit that handles regular “freebase” eliquids with aplomb.

  1. At least 25 watts output
  2. Subohm coil or pod options
  3. Larger coil design.

A couple optional but potentially beneficial attributes are swappable coils (designated AIO in many cases) and adjustable wattage. While not every vape pod kit that is great for regular eliquids will call itself an "AIO", just about every AIO device does work well with all types of eliquids. But this does not mean that the vape pods which are pure pods, i.e. the whole pod is swapped when it is kaput, are incapable of handling higher-VG ejuices. 

Most vape pods come with multiple pod or swappable coil options. The lower resistance pod is intended for use with regular eliquids. Even devices that did not make this list have a pod or coil that is ostensibly designed for regular eliquids.

There are also a number of vape pods with adjustable wattage and many that have peak outputs of 40w, or even more. Granted, box mods often have over 200w of power. But such power can be excessive for many vapers as even very low resistance coils often function fine in 40-70w range. Now it is time to look at some of your best options.


Name Peak Output Battery Coil Ω
Aspire Nautilus Prime 60w 2000mAh Prime
Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40w 950mAh Orion
Lost Vape Q Pro 40w 950mAh Orion
Smok Fetch Pro 80w 18650 RGC, RPM
Smok Nord 2 40w 1500mAh Nord, RPM
Smok Novo X 25w 800mAh Novo X
Smok Pozz X 40w 1400mAh RPM
Smok RPM40 40w 1500mAh Nord, RPM
Smok RPM80 80w 18650 RGC, RPM
Suorin Elite 40w 1100mAh Elite
Uwell Caliburn G 18w 690mAh Un2 G
Voopoo Vinci R 40w 1500mAh PnP

Aspire Nautilus Prime

The Aspire Nautilus Prime Kit is an AIO refillable vape pod kit. This means swappable coils. And swappable coils place it directly with the Smok RPM40, Smok Nord 2, Smok Pozz X, Orion Q Pro, Suorin Elite and the Voopoo Vinci R. As far as appearance, it resembles the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go in terms of form factor and performance. But it has a unique enough look where it cannot be classified as a knockoff. With a rectangular chassis and chimney mouthpiece, the Aspire Nautilus Prime manages to squeeze an impressive 2000mAh battery and 3.4ml eliquid capacity into a very compact frame. The standard 0.7ohm Nautilus 2S coil that is ideal for thicker high-VG ejuices that have lower nic strengths.


Lost Vape Orion DNA Go

A true vaping original, the design of the DNA Go spawned imitators but its overall quality still stands out. With a smart DNA chip will available firmware upgrades and brilliant performance, the DNA Go is compact yet can brilliantly handle nic salts and regular eliquids. It comes with two pods. One has a resistance of 0.5ohms and the other 0.25ohms. It packs a serious vapor wallop and remains among the best vape pods on the market. Later versions of the Orion offer swappable coils. But when it comes to ease of use, not much can beat the DNA Go. To fill, you unscrew a cap that looks like nothing so much as an old fashioned gas can. Ironic, since it runs on all types of vaping fuel.


Lost Vape Q Pro

With less expensive competitors like the Smok Trinity Alpha on the market, Lost Vape released the Q Pro. The Q Pro is compatible with previous Lost Vape Orion pods, but the Q Pro pods stand out because of their swappable coils. With a 0.5ohm coil and 1.0ohm coil, it works just as well with regular eliquids as it does with nic salts.


Smok RPM40

RPM stands for Real Pod Mod. It is one of the original vape pod kits that was designed with regular eliquid users in mind. Smok made two compatible pod designs, one for Nord coils and one for RPM coils. A successful approach, they used this strategy on several future vape pod kits as well. The RPM pod is compatible with several low resistance coils that are perfect for regular eliquids.

The Smok RPM 0.4ohm mesh coil and 0.6ohm RPM Triple Coil are perfect for fans of regular eliquids. And the best part is, they are compatible with a number of devices other than the original RPM40.


Smok Nord 2

The original Smok Nord was a revelation. Not much larger than a Novo, the swappable Nord coils it offered became the gold standard by which future vape pods are judged. The Smok Nord 2 is still compatible with these original Nord coils. But the Nord 2 is also compatible with RPM pods. In fact, a discerning vaper might note that on paper it is basically identical to a Smok RPM40. The most popular of the original Nord coils were designed for higher-VG vaping and regular nicotine, rather than nic salts. The Smok Nord 2 has a 1500mAh battery and output of 40w. The ejuice capacity is 4.5ml and it has a 0.69” OLED screen.


Smok Pozz X

The Smok Pozz X looks similar to a Nord 2 but is a bit more sleek. It is not compatible with Nord coils. But if you are vaping higher-VG ejuices, the RPM coils are probably a better fit. And the Pozz X does take full advantage of these. The Pozz X has a 1400mAh battery and a robust 4.5ml ejuice capacity.


Smok RPM80


The Smok RPM80 blurs the lines between pod and mod more than any almost any other device. It has a peak output of 80 watts. The Smok RPM80 Pro uses a swappable 18650 battery, just like a mod. The regular Smok RPM80 uses an integrated 3000mAh battery. The Smok RPM80 is compatible with the same RPM coils used in the RPM40. But fans of regular freebase eliquids are bound to gravitate towards the RGC Pod, which is compatible with the 0.17 mesh RGC Conical Coil.

No vape pod set-up comes closer to matching a box mod in performance than the combination of Smok RPM80 and the RGC coil. It operates most effectively between 40 and 80w, delivering big time vapor production and flavor in a convenient vape pod kit.


Smok Fetch Pro

While Mean Girl's Gretchen Wieners may have failed to "make fetch happen" the Smok Fetch Pro is undoutably, in immortal words of Cady Heron, "grool".

You may note from our list that are several Smok vape pod kits with very similar specs to the RPM40. In the same vein, the Smok Fetch Pro is quite comparable to the Smok RPM80.  Like its stablemate, this vape pod kit that requires a single 18650 battery. The kit comes with both a RGC coil compatible pod and an RPM compatible pod. Preinstalled in each pod are the 0.17ohm Smok RGC Conical Mesh Coil and the 0.4ohm Smok RPM Mesh Coil. The Fetch Pro is extremely flexible and powerful, with an output of up to 80watts. Despite its small size, it comes with a touch screen and has the power operate as a direct to lung mod. The RPM pod is also compatible with the 1.0ohm Smok SC coil. This coil is perfect for nic salts and makes this a nearly perfect device for any vaper.


Smok Novo X

On a list of big, beefy vape pods the Smok Novo X may appear out of place. But in the opinion of the author, it is actually one of the easiest and most efficient ways to vape regular ejuice. While the Smok Novo X appears to be a Smok Novo 2 or Smok Novo 3 with a screen, it is actually a larger device with adjustable wattage. Unlike the other Novos, it is not backwards compatible. More to the point, it has a totally different draw than the other Novos. While the Smok RPM40 and RPM80 have reusable pods with swappable coils (actually two pods come with each, one for each family of compatible coils), with the Novo X you are dealing with pods that are entirely replaced once their service life is complete.


If you are looking for an incredibly easy to use autodraw vape pod kit that can handle higher-VG ejuices, the Smok Novo X really fits the bill. While the Novo X may be quite capable with nic salts, the looseness of the pull lends itself to direct to lung vaping. Both Novo X coils have a resistance of 0.8ohms and both work great with regular eliquid, even though the designs vary enough to provide distinct performance. The Novo X Mesh 0.8ohm coil has the looser draw which makes it the logical choice for most regular eliquid vapers but the 0.8 dual coil MTL Novo X pod has a large enough coil that it can handle nic salt ejuices as well. The Novo X has an 800mAh battery, holds 2ml of eliquid and an output of up to 25w.


Suorin Elite

While a little late to the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go look-a-like game, the Suorin Elite is an excellent vape pod kit. With an output of 40w and a 0.4ohm Elite coil designed for higher-VG regular nicotine ejuices, it is a stylish and practical vape pod kit. Suitable for both DTL and MTL vaping, the adjustable wattage and great performance make the Suorin Elite competitive with the best vape pods on the market today. It also marks a rare foray by Suorin into the realm of swappable coils and more powerful vape pod kits. The ejuice capacity is 3.1ml.


UWell Caliburn G

The follow-up to the widely loved UWell Caliburn, a device considered by some to be the best pure vape pod kit for nic salts, the UWell Caliburn G has swappable coils and comes with a pair of 0.8ohm UN2 Caliburn G coil. The battery is a bit smaller than the competition at 690mAh and the peak output also gives up a bit at 18w. An easy to fill design, the mesh pods can handle both regular eliquids and nic salts. Like the Smok Novo X, this is a compact and no-frills device that allows adult vapers to enjoy regular eliquids in a reliable and flavorful vape pod. 

Voopoo Vinci R

The Voopoo Vinci is one of the most popular vape pod kits on the market and comes with a pair of coils that work great with regular ejuices. This emphasis is made clear as Voopoo refers to the Vinci R as a Mod Pod, rather than a Pod Mod. The family of Voopoo PnP coils are extremely long lasting and generate great flavor and vapor production.

They are relatively large for a pod, which means they can handle higher-VG ejuices. The 0.8ohm PnP coil works a little stiff for nic salts, except that the Vinci R does have multiple power settings. The 0.3ohm Voopoo coil is expressly designed for direct to lung vaping and regular eliquids. The Voopoo Vinci R has a 1500mAh battery and an output of up to 40w.