Best Vape Wild Alternatives

Best Vape Wild Eliquid Alternatives

It may have been inevitable in the changing regulatory landscape, but the wide level of customization and flavor variety offered by Vape Wild will no longer be available to adult vapers. They focused on a style of ejuice which was not popular with underage vapers, foregoing nic salts in favor of 65/35 VG/PG ejuices with regular nicotine, but nonetheless the adult vapers will have no choice but to bid adieu to many of their favorite flavors.

Vape Wild offered a huge array of interesting flavor blends. Combined with the customization options they offered, it is unlikely that fans of their ejuices will be able to find a perfect match. But this does not mean there is a lack of alternatives on the market. Across the board, adult vapers generally gravitate to a select number of flavor profiles and rival ejuice manufacturers offer many viable alternatives.

Here is our comprehensive list of the best Vape Wild Eliquid Alternatives. Below are great options for all twenty of Vape Wild's top flavors. We have made a convenient table that lists and reviews of each flavor and alternative below that. While not all are perfect "matches", Vape Wild owed much of their popularity to the uniqueness of their flavor choices, these are all great alternatives that possess similar flavor notes and depth. These alternatives are all great eliquids in their own right and we hope you find that you enjoy them as much as we do. 


Vape Wild Flavor Flavor Profile Alternative Eliquid
Murica Lemon, Lime, Raspberry and Cherry Really Berry Naked 100 EJuice
Ice Cold Menthol Crisp Menthol Naked 100 ELiquid
Hannibal Nectar Peach, Tangy Oranges, Melons, and Mixed Berries Lemon Twist Peach Blossom Lemonade
Cowboy Cooler Frozen Mixed Berry Island Man on Ice
Surf Cake Blueberry Cheesecake BEARD VAPE CO #05 E-LIQUID
(S+C)2 Strawberry, Cream, Coconut The One Beard Vape Co
Buttered Beer Butterscotch, Vanilla Basic B Transistor ELiquid
On Cloud Custard Vanilla and Custard Baby Clouds Transistor Eliquid
Stardust Melon, Mixed Fruit, Cucumber Melon Naked 100 Eliquid
Blue Harvest Blueberry, Watermelon Lemonade Berry Limeade Orchard Blends Eliquid
Menthol Type Tobacco Menthol Arctic Tobacco Ultimo Vape
Strawberry WaterFelons Strawberry and Watermelon Melon Twist Watermelon Madness
Kiwi Berry Kiwi Strawberry Brain Freeze Naked 100 ELiquid
Stoned Age Fruit Cereal Galactic Milk Transistor
Rainbow Crunch Sweet Breakfast Cereal The One Blue Berry Beard Vape Co
Double Rainbow Fruit Breakfast Cereal Loops Bird Brains Cuttwood Eliquid
Tiger's Blood Strawberry, Coconut and Watermelon Lava Flow Naked 100 ELiquid


Tobacco Tobacco Trail Cuttwood Eliquid
Spearmint Spearmint Spearmint Gum I Love Salts
Pinkle Twinkle Mixed Sweets Straw-burst by Burst Eliquid


Vape Wild Murica

Murica Vape Wild was perhaps their best-selling flavor. Meant to mimic the flavors of a rocket popsicle, a blue raspberry eliquid may put you in the frame of mind but we selected a flavor that contained the hints of lemon lime, raspberry and cherry that fans of Vape Wild Murica had grown to love.

Really Berry Naked 100 EJuice

Previously known as Verry Berry Naked 100, is an epic onslaught of rich berry flavors with a healthy admixture of tart lemon. Blueberry, tart blackberries, raspberries, a hint of cherry and zesty notes of lemon round out this fine alternative. It may not be a direct match, as it is more mixed berry than popsicle, but it delivers the delicious notes adult vapers are seeking.



Vape Wild Ice Cold

Ice Cold Vape Wild takes a plunge into the cold waters of menthol-ice vaping, a flavor usually associated with nic salts. While there are dozens, if not hundreds, of mint nic salts and disposables on the market, the number of higher-VG mints is significantly more limited. Luckily, there are some great ones.

Crisp Menthol Naked 100 ELiquid

The name in this case says it all. A cold and chilly menthol eliquid. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio makes this a real diamond in the rough as far as mint flavors go.



Vape Wild Hannibal Nectar

Hannibal Nectar Vape Wild was one of their top-selling and most highly regarded flavors.  Peaches, tangy oranges, bursting melons, and a wild assortment of berries

Lemon Twist Peach Blossom Lemonade

A 70/30 VG/PG blend, Lemon Twist Peach Blossom Lemonade is perfect alternative to Hannibal Nectar. The lack of cooling melons is compensated for by the cool lemonade flavor. If you like one, the chances are high that you will love the other.



Vape Wild Cowboy Cooler

An iced mixed berry eliquid with a standard VG/PG ratio of 65/35, this is another Vape Wild eliquid that would seem to more closely mimic a nic salt in the flavor department. But this does not mean that the subohm vaper is out of luck with the closing of Vape Wild.

Island Man On Ice One Hit Wonder

An exotic fruit and menthol eliquid, you will find classic berry flavors interspersed with kiwi, strawberry, citrus, watermelon cherry and a cold menthol finish. Based on the popular Island Man eliquid, Island Man On Ice by One Hit wonder is a cornupia of complex fruit flavors that is punctuated by an icy menthol finish. 



Vape Wild Butterbeer

A vibrant combination of butter scotch and vanilla, the flavor formerly known as Buttered Beer is a winner and will be missed.

Basic B Transistor ELiquid

Whether you prefer the butterscotch or vanilla notes will largely determine what eliquid you thinks makes the best alternative to Vape Wild Butterbeer. But our vote is for Basic B Transistor. A bit boozier than Butterbeer, it delivers the delightful complex flavor of butterscotch in a big way.



Vape Wild Surf Cake

Vape Wild Surf Cake is a classic blueberry cheesecake flavor. Cheesecake flavors were once all the rage, with various fruits chosen to brighten the flavor profile.


Although Surf Cake Vape Wild is a blueberry cheese flavor, we chose a legendary strawberry cheese cake eliquid as the best alternative. That is how awesome Beard Vape Co #05 eliquid is. A class leader, the substitution of berry backing is not much of a drawback with such rich and vibrant flavor.



Vape Wild (S+C)2

Strawberry, cream and coconut. The foundations of a great dessert for breakfast vape and one of Vape Wild’s many masterpieces.

The One Beard Vape Company

Strawberry donuts, cereal and cream. These are the pillars of The One by Beard Vape Co. The creaminess of the milk and crunchy sweet cereal covers for the lack of coconut and makes this a great option for fans of Vape Wild (S+C)2. 

Vape Wild On Cloud Custard

The popularity of custard vapes in subohm devices is easy to understand. They are silky smooth and their depth balances out the sweetness of the high-VG content in the eliquid. Vape Wild on Cloud Custard was real force and there are several fine custard vapes that make perfect alternatives.

Baby Clouds Transistor Eliquids

A smoothly and delightful combination of strawberry, custard and nuts, Baby Clouds is a widely loved eliquid. The 70/30 VG/PG ratio belies the name "baby", as this is a great eliquid for cloud chucking. But it can be enjoyed as a more sedate direct to lung ejuice as well and is a great alternative to On Cloud Custard. 



Vape Wild Stardust

A melon, mixed fruit and cucumber ejuice, Stardust Vape Wild is a superb eliquid. Vape Wild was one of the first eliquid companies to determine that honeydew melon may be an unrepentantly lame addition to a fruit cup but makes for a great eliquid.

Melon Naked 100 Eliquid

Formerly known as Frost Bite Naked 100, melon is pretty vague description considering the interplay of flavors going on. Melon, cantaloupe, pineapple and the bite of menthol. Melon Naked 100 Eliquid is a flavor that fans of Stardust Vape Wild are bound to enjoy.



Vape Wild Blue Harvest

This blueberry, watermelon lemonade was a refreshing eliquid and quite similar to many of the most popular nic salt flavors in 2020.

Berry Limeade Orchard Blends Eliquid

Orchard Blends uses tobacco free nicotine, which imparts a crisper flavor than traditional freebase nicotine. They also claim it has a higher degree of purity. What the average vaper can vouch for is the quality of their flavors. Berry Limeade Orchard Blends is a just about ideal flavor combination for fans of Vape Wild Blue Harvest. Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and tart limeade flavors permeate inhale and exhale.



Vape Wild Menthol Type

A classic menthol tobacco eliquid, there are plenty of examples of this flavor combination on the market but not many in a high-VG, 65/35 blend. 

Arctic Tobacco Ultimo Vapor

With a 60/40 VG/PG ratio,  Arctic Tobacco Ultimo Vapor E Juice is a mint-infused vape flavor with a smooth tobacco kick. Arctic Tobacco E Juice was designed for menthol smokers and is a great alternative for vapers who enjoyed Vape Wild Menthol type. 



Vape Wild Strawberry WaterFelons

The combination of strawberry and watermelon works as well in a higher-VG formulas as it does in the nic salts and disposables that this combination is frequently utilized in. Fans of fruit vapes certainly appreciated the authentic fruit flavor of Strawberry WaterFelons and are likely to also love the great alternative we found. 

Watermelon Madness Melon Twist ELiquid

A sweet and sour watermelon, hints a hard shelled confectionary and berry notes permeate this complex and tirelessly delicious all-day vape. Watermelon Madness Melon Twist ELiquid is a fruit vape that stands on its own reputation but can still ably fill in for anyone who misses the bold flavors of Vape Wild Strawberry WaterFelons. 



Vape Wild Kiwi Berry

Kiwi and strawberry are a classic mixture. Sweet, tart and refreshing. Kiwi Berry had a healthy admixture of complex berry flavor to even out the sweetness of the kiwi eliquid. 

Brain Freeze Naked 100 ELiquid

A bold strawberry eliquid, the pomegranate sweetness is a great fill-in for the kiwi found in Vape Wild Kiwi Berry. The combination berry and tropical fruit gives Brain Freeze Naked 100 a familiar and delicious vibe that fans of Vape Wild Kiwi Berry are likely to enjoy. 



Vape Wild Stoned Age

A fruit cereal eliquid, Vape Wild had several eliquids that captured the essence of breakfast cereal and proved to be durably popular all-day vapes. 

Galactic Milk Transistor ELiquid

Galactic Milk Transistor Eliquid won the 2018 Award for Best Breakfast e Juice and it is easy to see why. Transistor really captured the flavor of a cereal bar and made into something that can be enjoyed morning, noon and night. It combines milky smooth icing, and juicy berries. 



Vape Wild Rainbow Crunch

A sweet breakfast vape, vapers who prefer higher VG ejuices showed a strong affinity for flavors that captured the fruity and creamy flavor of sugar-coated cereal. A great retro flavor that will remind you of early morning cartoons in the 1970s and 1980s. 

The One Blueberry Beard Vape Company

"The One" family of ejuices by Beard Vape Co is inspired by breakfast. The captured the flavor of a donut straight out of the fryer, load on fresh fruit, a cereal crunch and then balance out the sweetness with a creamy milk finish. Despite being known as "The One", there is actually a whole family of donut inspired eliquids. The One Blueberry is perhaps the best balanced of all the fruit vapes and has a complex yet composed flavor. 



Vape Wild Double Rainbow

Vape Wild was not afraid to offer several flavors in the same category, as they had the ability to endlessly customize ejuices. Vape Wild Double Rainbow is a fruit cereal loops inspired eliquid. 

Bird Brains Cuttwood ELiquid

From the very first inhale to the very last reluctant exhale, Bird Brains recreates the exact experience of digging into a bowl full of fruit cereal. This is a perfect Vape Wild Double Rainbow alternative. A beloved and wildly popular cereal flavor in its own right, you too can enjoy Bird Brains Cuttwood ELiquid in place of the departing Double Rainbow Vape Wild. 



Tiger's Blood Vape Wild

Tiger's Blood Vape Wild is a coconut, watermelon and strawberry eliquid. In its standard form, it is a 65/35 VG blend. The smooth coconut is sweet and adds creaminess to a well executed fruit vape. 

Lava Flow Naked 100 ELiquid

Lave Flow Naked 100 is a strawberry, pineapple and coconut eliquid that is a great option for fan's of Vape Wild Tiger Blood. A near one-to-one replacement, the flavors are vibrant. The balance added by the rich coconut melds perfectly with a sweet pineapple eliquid. The strawberry adds additional brightness and a hint of tartness that makes this a great all-day vape. 



Vape Wild Wrangler

Jeans, jeeps and juice. Vape Wild Wrangler is a rugged and authentic high-VG tobacco ejuice. It is a sweeter tobacco, as is to be expected from a 65% VG blend, and has good vapor production for this style of flavor. 


Tobacco Trail Cuttwood ELiquid

Tobacco Trail is a sweet, flue-cured tobacco eliquid. The rich tobacco flavor is authentic and offset by the nearly vanilla notes that flue-curing imparts. The vapor production is is outstanding. A 75 percent VG ejuice (75/25), Tobacco Trail provides an even richer and denser vaping experience than Vape Wild Wrangler. 



Vape Wild Spearmint

A higher VG take on a flavor that nic salt vapers love. The sprightly and light spearmint flavor naturally works brilliantly with the colder menthol elements. The layer of sweetness works great in a higher VG ejuice. 

Spearmint Gum I Love Salts

First to clarify, we are by no means recommending that you switch from regular ejuice to nic salts. Our goal at Vapor4Life has always been to help our customers make the jump from smoking to vaping and to look to reduce their nicotine level with the eventual goal of a nicotine and vape free lifestyle. That being said, potent nic salts do exist and are preferred by many vapers. If we are to look at alternatives to Vape Wild Spearmint, we would be remiss not to mention one of the most popular and high-quality spearmint eliquids on the market today: Spearmint Gum I Love Salts. It is cold and sweet. Unlike chewing gum, the bold icy flavor lasts and lasts. Available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, this ejuice is not to be used with a high wattage device or powerful subohm coil. It is not for cloud chucking under any circumstances and works best in a refillable vape pod kit. 

That being said, it is the style of flavor that most nic salt vapers prefer and is one of the best on the market. It was one of the best mint nic salts and makes a great Juul Mint alternative. It also has plenty of competition, as spearmint, menthol, mint, ice and fruit-ice nic salts dominate that market. This is one reason why Vapor4Life carries such a wide range of nic salts. 



Vape Wild Pinkle Twinkle

A mixed confectionary treat flavor. There are multiple fruit flavors in this sweet eliquid. 

Berryburst by Burst E-Liquid

Berryburst Burst ELiquid is a wonderful mixed fruit confectionary treat. As suggested by the name, this eliquid is a star bursting with a rainbow of bold and enjoyable flavors. Blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and a general fruit vibe make their presence known in this outstanding 70% VG ejuice.