When you vape nic salt ejuice, you’re getting a higher dose of nicotine, so you’ve got to use a vape pod system. If you have any questions about nic salts, you can learn about the history, science and if nic salts are right for you in our feature What is Salt Nic? There are a number of vape pod systems out on the market, so it may be difficult to choose one. We reviewed the top ten Juul alternatives of 2019 and this roundup will help you look at the pros and cons of some of the best vapes for nic salts out on the market. Whether you its a time tested classic like the Vapor Zeus or a lozenge shaped pod, there is a refillable vape pod that is right for you.  Suorin iShare  This vape device is positively brilliant, especially when you buy it with the charger. It comes with two batteries and a portable charger. Granted, the batteries are not crazy powerful, but that’s where the benefit of having two comes in. You can keep them in rotation. The Suorin iShare is an ideal vape for nic salts because of its small, sleek design. The batteries are small, but they power a walloping throat hit and a full flavor of whatever nicotine salt e-juice. Not to mention that you get two pods in the kit, so you can rotate out your nic salts too. SMOK Infinix  SMOK has a few really good vapes for nic salts, but I really dig the Infinix. The design of it is sleek and sexy, with three different matte colors available. The 250 mah battery gives a long-lasting charge and fuels the 2 ml pods to give a good throat hit and a lot of vapor for a pod system. The SMOK Infinix is ideal for vape salts due in no small part to its large capacity pods and smooth airflow. Suorin Drop  If you’re looking for a powerful vape for nic salts that has a really unique design, you’ll need to try the Suorin Drop. It gets its name because it’s shaped like a teardrop. The design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lightweight, but super, super sturdy. The refillable pod snaps right onto the top of the battery and is easy to fill and refill. The nic hit you get from the Suorin Drop is mad serious, so be ready for that. Vapor Zeus  If you want a good throat hit and nic hit, the best place to look isn’t necessarily a modern pod system, though it’s all your preference. The Vapor Zeus, our signature ecig, is actually ideal for vaping nic salts. The Zeus system comes with a cartomizer that holds up to 6 ml of liquid to keep you vaping all day long. The Zeus was designed for smokers, so delivery a good throat hit is guaranteed. Even better, the Vapor Zeus has up to a 1300 mah battery, so you’re not going to run out of charge for a looooong time. ELeaf iCare 2  The mouth-to-lung hit you get from the ELeaf iCare 2 makes it an easy pic for one of the best vapes for nic salts. If you’re a smoker looking for a throat hit that will pack a serious punch, fill the iCare 2 with some nic salt juice and just let it do the work. The pod holds 2 ml of liquid and the device is powered by a button, so you feel like you’re controlling the vape flow. It’s an affordable and really effective system for nic salts.