Vaping batteries power the device. There are tons of different styles from disposables, to recharegeable cig-a-likes, to mods. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors, with varying wattage and voltage. There are manual and automatic versions. There is only one dual mode battery which allows the user to switch between auto and manual with the click of a button. This is the Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life. This article helps you learn a bit more about e-cig batteries, so you can find the best vaping batteries to suit your needs.
The metal part of the battery that screws onto a cartomizer is called the threading or connector piece. The most popular type of threading are the 510 and 808 styles. There were more than 10 types of connections when ecigarettes were first developed. People who make “mods” (modified ecigs) drove the 510 connections popularity. It was preferred because of its durability when dropped compared to that of the 808. 808-threaded connections are male and the vaping battery screws into the cartomizer. They have a high amount og airflow (due to different placement of air holes), have a loose draw, and produce a lot vapor. 510-threaded battery connections are female and the vaping cartomizer screws onto the battery. They have a stiffer draw than 808 vaping batteries, and are more popular than other types of threading in the vaping world. Disposables This is a one-time-use electronic cigarette. Depending on the brand, they may last a couple hours up to a couple days. This is a great option for people who aren’t entirely sure vaping is right for them or who want to try it out without spending a lot of money. They most closely resemble a real “analog” cigarette. Disposables have come a long way from their beginnings and there are a lot of choices out there. These are fairly inexpensive and a great way to get the feeling of vaping. Rechargeable Batteries These can be used hundreds of times. Once the vaping battery is depleted, you can recharge it with a wall adapter or USB port (depending on the type). There are lots of different rechargeable batteries, in all different sizes, from ones the same size as traditional cigarettes to really big ones the size of your hand or even bigger! If you want to go the rechargeable route, I’d recommend this type of vaping battery because they are easy to use and don’t require a large learning curve. You just attach a pre-filled cartomizer and can begin using it. When the battery dies, just charge it up and you’re ready to go again. “Cig-a-like” Batteries These most closely resemble the real thing. They are slim and lightweight. These come in all different colors, different sizes, and different textures. These ecig batteries attach to the cartridge which contains the vaping e-liquid (the flavoring and nicotine). eGo Batteries One of the most popular and best vaping battery models is the eGo. It was first manufactured by a company named Joye, and has been reproduced by many manufacturers. They’re affordable and provide long battery life. eGos are typically 650-1000mAh batteries. Many vapers like them because they are much larger than a stick battery, and people don’t confuse it for a traditional cigarette. The name eGo refers to the original style, which used a large cartomizer as the refillable. There are many versions of this including:
  • eGo-T: the first vaping battery to use a tank
  • eGo-C: The “C” stands for “changeable”, and the tank atomizer heads can be changed without disposing the whole atomizer body.
  • eGo-W – a windowed metal cylinder that snaps over the vaping cartomizer for protection.
  • Riva
  • VGO: Basic eGo kit offered with an atomizer or 5 cartomizer.
  • kGo: Basic eGo kit that uses a standard 510 atomizer and cartridges.
  • Inferno. Many people start using this type of battery. Some stick with this one, others move on to bigger batteries, or mechanical mods.
Variable Voltage Batteries   Most vaping batteries have a fixed voltage, which cannot be altered. Variable voltage batteries give vapers the option to change the output voltage. The voltage of a battery can affect the way vaping flavors taste, so some people like to control the voltage using a variable voltage device. The Dial-A-Volt battery from Vapor4Life comes in both automatic and manual styles, and has variable voltage between 3.2 to 4.8 volts. The V4L Handle is a box mod with 808 threading that also gives the vaper options as to what level they want to vape. It’s voltage varies between 3 to 6 volts of power.       Mods     There are a ton of different types of vaping mods. Vapers have been modding their electronic cigarettes since the devices were invented. There are ecigs made of Altoids tins, Nintendo controllers and Atari joysticks. One company has even made vaporizers out of energy and pop cans. They have glass straws that serve as a drip tip. There are vaping battery mods made of all kinds of old school tobacco pipes. Some of the stranger mods out there are an albuterol inhaler, one that looks like a gun, and a 3D printed mod, that Grimm Green was sporting at the 2014 VapeBash. Then there’s a new mod called the   PRIMUSz. This mod uses bluetooth and cloud computing on an app. It records puffs, minutes spent vaping, flavors used, nicotine strengths, ohms, and watts. One very popular mod is the ProVari from ProVape. It is a high quality, variable voltage mod and very expensive. Because of that, vaping with one has become a status symbol. Some mods are very large. You can check out really cool mods at vaping conventions and vape meets. There are even ecig mod hookahs that have several mouthpieces. There are mechanical mods, variable voltage or variable wattage mods. Mods are custom designed for vapers, so pretty much whatever you want in an ecig can be done. Many mods are very expensive. Because of this, a lot of them have been cloned by other manufacturers. The best vaping mod is the revolutionary dual mode Vapor Zeus. The Vapor Zeus battery features never before seen technology. Every ecig battery is either automatic or manual, except for the Vapor Zeus. This battery is both! If you want to use it as an auto you can. If you want to use it as a manual, just click the button 5 times and it switches to manual mode. Vapers love being able to switch the settings depending on their mood or the environment they’re in.