Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

Vuse ECigs

Although vape pods were the primary target of the FDA flavor ban, prefilled cartridge and prefilled tank devices were hit just as hard hit. One popular product caught up in the federal sweep is the Vuse Vibe. Unlike its stablemate the Vuse Alto, the Vibe is not a vape pod kit. It relies on tanks that are screwed onto a cylindrical battery.

If prefilled vape pod kits are more your speed, we examined the Alto closely in our comparison test, Juul versus Vuse Alto, and found it to be an excellent and robust design. Our deep-dive into the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives will help you find a replacement for this popular flavor.

Vuse Vibe

The Vuse Vibe is cut from a different cloth than Vuse Alto vape pod kit. Click here to check out our comprehensive review of the Vuse Vibe. A quick overview, the Vuse Vibe was first released in late 2017 and later released in 2018 after a slight redesign.

It is a staple of brick and mortar stores, a cylindrical vaping kit that resembles an eGo ecigarette.  It is designed to help smokers switch to vaping. Easy to use, it is an autodraw device with a sturdy throat hit. No filling is required, which unfortunately led to the elimination of over half of its flavors.

The Vuse Vibe has a 600mAh battery and each prefilled Vuse Vibe tank holds 1.9ml of ejuice. They use standard freebase nicotine, for an explanation of the difference you will want to read our comprehensive guide: What is Salt Nic?

Freebase generally has a better throat hit at higher nicotine levels and the Vuse Vibe delivers with a nic strength of 3.0 percent. This is higher than the lower nicotine Vuse Alto pod, which has a strength of 2.5 percent, but falls well short of the 5 percent Alto.

Unfortunately for Vuse Vibe fans, the federal flavor ban does not distinguish between the vape pod kits that accused of fueling what is called the teen vaping epidemic and more classic designs like the Vuse Vibe. When it was designed, it appeared that the FDA favored closed (prefilled) vaping devices. Instead, all Vuse Vibe flavors except their menthol and tobacco selection are being banned.

Vuse Vibe Alternatives

Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups by eliminating alternatives to combustible cigarettes. Rural residents who lack access to vape shops and the LGBTQ+ community, which vapes and smokes at the highest rates have been hit hardest.

But unlike certain states azure, which have been relentless in their pursuit of banning the vaping flavors that adults prefer, the FDA threw adult vapers and smokers looking to switch to vaping a lifeline. Refillable devices and the popular flavored ejuices are still available. You just have to fill the device yourself.

Unlike the Vuse Alto, which can be capably replaced by disposable vapes, the Vuse Vibe is not a nic salt device and its users enjoy a more robust vapor cloud. Refillable vape pod kits such as the Smok Novo 2 are also an option for Vuse Alto fans, provided they you live in a state that has access to flavored nic salt ejuices.

As a result, a refillable device is probably the best alternative for most vapers. There are lower nicotine disposable vapes on the market now, including the Zaero disposable which is available in four nic strengths. But Vuse Vibe fans will find that familiar technology is out there. And the best part is that the Vuse Vibe alternatives have a far wider selection of flavors to choose from and have outstanding performance.

Vapor Zeus

The most logical Vuse Vibe alternative is the Auto Vapor Zeus. There are several Vapor Zeus modes to choose, including the Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus and Dual Mode Vapor Zeus, but the Auto Zeus makes the most sense as it has no buttons to press and is the easiest to use.

Much like the Vibe, the Vapor Zeus has a cylindrical form factor and well-shaped mouth piece. Unlike the Vibe, the Zeus is a refillable design. This means that the federal flavor ban has not extinguished the flavor selections.

Instead of a prefilled tank, the Vapor Zeus uses a cartomizer. Also referred to as a Smileomizer, our patented cartomizer design has a soft and is nicely rounded. This is ideal for former smokers. We have found that our customers who have an oral fixation linked to smoking enjoy the suppleness of the mouthpiece.

With hundreds of ejuices to choose from, you will have no problem finding a delicious replacement for your favorite Vuse Vibe flavor. Depending on the size of Vapor Zeus, you can get up to 13 hours of vaping between charges. This is about twice the life that I get out of my Vuse Vibe. The Vapor Zeus delivers a strong, authentic hit with plenty of flavor.

If you are uncomfortable filling a device, which is surely a consideration for some Vuse Vibe users, check out this video on how to fill a Vapor Zeus. It is incredibly easy and refillable vaping devices are far better price performers long term. Each ejuice bottle holds 30ml. This is equivalent to over a dozen Vuse Vibe tanks.

You may notice that Vapor4Life has two lines of ejuices, Wow and Premium. Both work great in the Vapor Zeus and the line you prefer will be based almost entirely on flavor. Click here to view a lengthier explanation on the differences between Wow and Premium ejuice.

Both Wow and Premium ejuices are high PG ejuices with crystal clear flavor. Personally, I usually prefer the Wow line for fruit vapes and Premium line for tobacco. Both are ideal for mouth to lung vaping, which is explained here. This is also the style of vaping at which the Vuse Vibe excels.

Vapor Titan Clearomizer

If you are looking for a Vuse Vibe alternative that is a bit more compact than a Vapor Zeus, check out the Vapor Titan Clearomizer. We have included an instructional video on how to use this user-friendly device below.

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is all about flavor and precision. It extracts every last note of flavor from your ejuice and is a very affordable option. Replacement clearomizer tanks are only $5.99 and each tank is good for multiple fills.

Vuse Vibe Flavor Alternatives

If you are a fan of Vuse Vibe Menthol, you will continue to have access to your flavor of choice. Vuse Vibe Original Tobacco is also not impacted.

Vuse Vibe Mint

The combination of Vapor Zeus and Wow Peppermint ejuice is by far the popular Vapor Zeus combination. This makes for a great Vuse Vibe Mint alternative. The intense chill of peppermint hard candy makes Wow Peppermint the hottest selling e liquid we've ever made.

Vuse Vibe Tropical

Wow Berry Splash is a perfect Vuse Vibe Tropical alternative. This fruit blend brings strawberry, blueberry and raspberry together for a mouthwatering flavor that appeals to fans of fruit-flavored e liquids. Another time tested and popular ejuice flavor, the combination of Vapor Zeus and Wow Berry Splash is tremendous.

Vuse Vibe Nectar

Vuse Vibe Nectar sprinkles honey into a rich blend of fruits, giving it a sweeter flavor than Vuse Vibe Tropical. Wow Kiwi Apple Strawberry ejuice a perfect alternative. This flavor has enough tropical kick to serve as a credible replacement for Tropical as well, but the soothing notes of apple give this ejuice a smoothness that Nectar vapers are sure to enjoy.

Vuse Vibe Fusion

A richer and creamier flavor still laden with delightful sweet flavor notes, Vuse Vibe Fusion literally fuses the essences of creamy dessert and fruit vapes. One option is to blend the outstanding Wow Berry Splash with a splash of Wow Vanilla. Mixing requires no more work than filling a tank with two different bottles and is hardly a science. But if that is too much of a leap from prefilled tanks, another option is Berry Splash. The reason this flavor is double-booked is that it has notes of creaminess on exhale that Fusion fans will love.

Vuse Vibe Melon

Wow Melon Ejuice is a perfect alternative to Vuse Vibe Melon. It is loaded with ripe notes of honeydew and sweet cantaloupe. The nectary sweetness permeates each hit but the authentic fruit notes make this a balanced ejuice flavor. If watermelon is your melon of choice, there is also a great Wow Watermelon Ejuice.