Best Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives


In the FDA’s haste to combat the teen vaping epidemic, they implemented a flavor ban on prefilled nic salt vape pods that knocked all prefilled cartridges and tanks other than tobacco and menthol off the market. Studies have shown that adults greatly prefer to vape flavors other than tobacco and one of the big losers in this transition was Vuse.


The popular Vuse Alto at least was of the design that the government was ostensibly targeting and had but a single impacted flavor. Here is our guide to the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives.


The Vuse Vibe was not as lucky. Even though it uses conventional nicotine and is a product popular with adult former smokers, the strong lineup of Vuse Vibe flavors is no longer available.


This means that adults who vaped Vuse Vibe Nectar, Fusion, Melon and Mint are either funneled back onto to cigarettes, compelled to vape flavors they have already rejected, embrace the puritanical gold-standard of total nicotine abstinence or find a suitable alternative. Once again, strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups.



Check out our review of the Vuse Vibe for a deep-dive into this excellent vape starter kit.


Vuse Vibe Nectar Tanks


Vuse Vibe Nectar was an extremely popular with adults switching from cigarettes to vaping. With a sweet honey base and citrusy notes, it was sweet but never overpowering. Lightness and pleasant flavor notes are the order of the day. The citrus was subtle and never overly tart, making it easy to enjoy and interesting enough to vape all day. Sold in 1.9ml tanks, Vuse Nectar will be missed as an outstanding alternative to combustible cigarettes.


Vuse Vibe Alternative Vape Kits


If you live in a state where flavors are still permitted, you will have two primary avenues for finding a Vuse Vibe alternative. The first is in the form of disposable vapes. Unfortunately, most disposable vapes are nic salts, rather than the conventional nicotine found in the vibe, and therefore substantially more potent than the Vuse Vibe.



The nic strength of each 1.9ml Vuse Vibe pod was 3 percent, compared to the typical 5 or 6 percent in a disposable. Luckily, there is one nearly perfect fit. The Zaero Disposable comes in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. There is a Sweet Orange Zaero that is almost a bullseye for Vuse Vibe Nectar fans.


There are other exceptions as well. Puff Bar Disposables are available in a 2.5 percent nic strength, as is the Cali Bar Disposable. Select Ziip ZPods Disposables are available in four nic strengths: 1.8, 3, 5 and 6 percent.


The Vapor Zeus is a perfect Vuse Vibe Alternative. Click Here


Your second avenue will be a refillable vape kit. There are several options to choose from. The closest fit is certainly the auto Vapor Zeus. It delivers big robust flavor, has an authentic draw like the Vuse Vibe, a cylindrical form factor and is easy to fill. With no buttons, all you need to do is charge, fill and puff.


Check out our feature on the Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives for more information on the types of vaping equipment available that will duplicate and even exceed the performance of the Vuse Vibe.



The Vapor Zeus is a refillable device but shares the Vuse Vibes same general form factor. Being refillable and of a higher performance, it delivers authentic hits and you can add your ejuice of choice. If you are uncomfortable filling up a device, check out our tutorial video on how to fill a Vapor Zeus in five easy steps.


If you are in the market for a Vuse Vibe alternative that more compact than a Vapor Zeus, check out the Vapor Titan Clearomizer. There is an instructional video on how to use this user-friendly device below.



The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is all about flavor and precision. It extracts every last note of flavor from your ejuice and is a very affordable option. Replacement clearomizer tanks are only $5.99 and each tank is good for multiple fills.



Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternative Ejuices


Wow and Premium ejuices are high PG formulas, and ideal for fans of the Vuse Vibe. The compact Vapor Titan Clearomizer and powerful Vapor Zeus are optimized for these ejuices, but they work well in vape pod kits with smaller wicking such as the credit card sized Suorin Air Plus and the compact, autodraw Smok Novo 2. They also work perfectly with the eGo style cartomizers that inspired the Vuse Vibe in the first place.



Sweet Orange Wow Ejuice


With a sweet orange inhale and a mild citrus zing, Sweet Orange Wow Ejuice is an ideal Vuse Vibe alternative. This high PG ejuice will deliver the authentic performance that Vuse Vibe fans loved and is optimized for the Vapor Zeus. The sugary notes are smooth, much like the basic honey profile that made Vuse Vibe Nectar really pop.


Orange Juice Premium Ejuice


A bit zestier and more citrusy than Sweet Orange, Orange Juice will deliver a bit bolder flavor that should still be enjoyable for fans of Vuse Vibe Nectar. Bright and balanced, this is a great vape juice for fans of fruit and citrus vapes.


Berry Splash Wow Ejuice


Our most popular fruit vape juice, Berry Splash Ejuice may not have the citrusy elements that Sweet Orange and Vuse Vibe Nectar bring to the table but the rich tartness and dripping sweetness of mixed berries checks many of the same flavor profile boxes. Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry are fused together to create a cohensive and delightful vape.


Kiwi Apple Strawberry


Another delightful Vuse Vibe Nectar alternative, the smooth sweetness of the Kiwi imparts an almost honey-esque quality to the exhale. The green apple and strawberry notes work in unison to create a great all day vape.


Maui Sun Naked Salt


If you plan on jumping from Vuse Vibe nectar to a nic salt, Maui Sun by Naked is as good of a starting point as any. Maui Sun E-Juice has the bright taste of pineapple underscored with sweet, juicy orange. As you reach the top of the inhale, you can taste notes of tangerine zest that adds an invigorating edge as you start to exhale this intoxicating e-liquid blend. The pineapple is a fine alternative for the honeyish flavors in Vuse Vibe Nectar and the smooth exhale is delightful.


Outrage Orange Cuttwood


Vuse Vibe Nectar fans looking for a bit more authentic orange will love Outrage Orange by Cuttwood.  It delivers one of, if not the most, accurate representation of real orange flavor you will find in the vaping world. This is a higher VG ejuice, so it will generate more vapor and have less of a throat hit than a Vuse Vibe Tank.


Unlike many of its orange candy inspired rivals, Outrage Orange is pulsating with the flavor of natural oranges and tangerines. The orange groves of Southern California may seem to be a relic of a bygone era, but Orange County based Cuttwood has tapped in the Golden State’s citrus roots. What they managed to create is a masterpiece of fresh squeezed orange flavor that provides an outrageously satisfying vaping experience.


Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternative Disposable Vapes


Zaero Sweet Orange Disposable



Unlike many disposable vapes, the Zaero has a wide array of nic strengths. This gives this compact disposable even more flexibility than is found in a Vuse Vibe or a prefilled vape pod kit. There is a 3 percent strength, which matches the Vuse Vibe in nic potency.


With no button to press, charging or filling, the disposables are perfect for adults looking to switch away from combustible cigarettes. The Zaero uses nic salt formulas, meaning the throat hit will be a bit less than you are accustomed to. But the taste is there in spades. Disposables are unusually well-suited for extracting crystal clear flavors. Sweet Orange Zaero has the authentic but never overpowering citrus flavor that Vuse Vibe Nectar fans loved. It is smooth and sweet.


As disposable vapes are one time use, it is easy to try one out and see if the flavor works for you. If you are a fan of Vuse Vibe Nectar, chances are you will love Zaero Sweet Orange.


OMG Posh Plus



With a cylindrical form factor similar to a Vuse Vibe, and an impressive ejuice capacity of 2ml, the Posh Plus Disposable is a natural Vuse Vibe alternative. The device even has a nicely shaped mouthpiece that fans of Vuse Vibe will appreciate and the polyfill technology provides similar performance. As far as flavors, the Posh Plus has a ton but the closest to Vuse Vibe Nectar is the OMG Posh Plus. The nic strength is a bit steeper than the Posh Plus, 6% versus 3%, but the orange, mango and guava blend is superb.


Lychee Ice Puff Bar



We are stretching a bit here. But the advantage of disposables is you can try a lot of interesting flavors without being stuck with a bottle you aren’t going to finish or a coil saturated with a flavor you’ve grown tired of. Since Puff Bar is available in a 2.5 percent strength, it is a fine alternative to the 3 percent strength Vuse Vibe.


It is tough to describe the flavor of Lychee but it is unusually compelling. Lychee Ice Puff Bar has dank and tropical flavors and an icy cold finish. There is a reason it is the hottest new flavor in vaping. If you like fruit flavors like Vuse Vibe Nectar, it is worth giving a shot to.


Mango Nectar Cali Bar



Another disposable available in a low-nicotine option, Mango Nectar Cali Bar is a great Juul Mango alternative. But it is a compelling replacement for Vuse Vibe Nectar as well. Smooth, balanced and authentic, this is a mango flavor that never overpowers or seems too perfumed. Available in 2.5% nic strength, the balance and beauty of this disposable flavor is quite enjoyable.