The Best Way to Vape Nic Salts

The Cheapest Way to Vape Nic Salt


It is convenient, discrete, mess and hassle free, but a prefilled vape pod is the most expensive way to vape nicotine salt vape juice. Not only are your flavor choices limited to the few made by the manufacturer, but you can save a tremendous amount of money if you choose to fill your own device with nicotine salt ejuice.


It is no exaggeration to say that vaping nic salts from a refillable device is several times less expensive, your choice of flavors and juice makers expands exponentially, and the quality is generally equivalent or superior.


Pricing of prefilled pods vs clearomizer


There are those who swear by the prefilled vape pod, and if this is you, we suggest checking out our comparison test that pitted Juul versus the Vuse Alto. The Vuse Alto emerged as the decisive winner, with better cloud production, battery life, draw and costing less than half as much to operate. The only category Juul managed to win was flavor options, as the Alto only offered four flavors at the time the article was written.


Misconceptions About Salt Nic


There is a huge misconception about nic salts that needs to be addressed. Despite the prevalence of vape pod systems, you do not need a special device to enjoy salt nic. Because nic salts are usually quite potent, it is usually suggested that you avoid vaping it in a subohm tank, but it is still merely a form of nicotine. How it vapes is largely dependent on the VG/PG blend and flavors.  


In fact, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go has a subohm nic salt pod, so even the "no subohm salt nic" rule isn’t totally hard and fast. We reviewed this the high performance DNA Go, which impressed us with its amazing performance and powerful chip set.


Salt nic is perfectly interchangeable with the regular free nicotine that has been used in vape juice for years. The molecular weights are slightly different, and it can be added at higher potency levels. But the variables that determine flavor and vapor production are essentially unchanged. For more information on nicotine salt vape juice, check out our feature deep-dive: What is Salt Nic?


There are a wide range of refillable vape pods on the market. Although they are purpose built for nic salts, they have no unusual or unique performance capabilities that make them especially well-suited for nic salt.


Don’t take this as shot at refillable pods. There are many great devices, we reviewed some of the best in our Top Ten Juul Alternatives review. But it must be noted that there is nothing stopping you from vaping nic salts from any device with a high resistance coil (over an ohm).


Advantages of Nic Salt


The primary benefit of nicotine salt is that it has a lower pH level. This means that you can add more of it to a vape juice without adversely impacting the user experience. The potency of nic salts lends itself to mouth to lung vaping, and devices with a restrictive draw. If you would like to know more about the difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping, we cover all the bases in a previous article.


When vaping nic salts, you don’t need to burn as much juice, or generate as much vapor. This turned out to be a big change and really opened up the market for less powerful, mouth to lung, vaping devices.


Discrete nic salt vaping is right in the wheel house of the classic clearomizer design. In fact, the clearomizer design is so effective at vaping nic salts, that we now offer a Vapor Titan Clearomizer Kit. We managed to locate a clearomizer that is flexible enough to work perfectly with nic salts, our Wow and Premium ejuices and higher VG juices.


The kit lists for $29.99. It includes a clearomizer, a Vapor Titan battery, USB charger and a bottle of the Wow or Premium ejuice of your choice.


Our Clearomizer is compatible with our Vapor Titan batteries, but a Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage would also work, provided you lower the wattage to the lower end of its performance envelope. Replacement Clearomizers are available for $5.99. They are compatible with 808 threaded battery.


Vaping Nic Salts in a Vapor Titan Clearomizer


The price advantage of vaping nic salts from a clearomizer is impossible to ignore. Before describing the experience and providing some pointers, at the beginning of this article was a breakdown of how much it costs you to vape 30ml of nic salt using a prefilled vape pod systems and Vapor Titan Clearomizer.


The price advantage is clear, even with the very conservative estimate that a Clearomizer tank would last only 4-5 refills. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is also a very sharp looking device. It looks similar to a V2 EX, but with a cleaner tank design.


Vuse Alto, Vapor Titan
Size comparison


The savings provided by the Vapor Titan Clearomizer are obvious, but what about the vaping experience? Here is a tale of the tape:


Vuse Alto, Juul, Vapor Titan Specs


The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is a top fill design. You know it is ready to vape when the wicks, plainly visible through the transparent tank, are saturated and have a translucent appearance. This occurs almost instantly.


An autodraw device is generally preferred by prefilled pod and prefilled cartridge e-cig users. The lack of a button reduces the length of the Vapor Titan Auto. But I personally prefer the button and use the manual Vapor Titan battery with my Clearomizer.


Either way, the Titan has a totally different form factor than its prefilled vape pod rivals. It resembles a 120 length cigarette. It is longer, and more narrow than either the Juul or the Vuse Alto.


The flavor and vapor generated by the Vapor Titan Clearomizer are outstanding. Any present and former clearomizer user can attest to the fact that clearomizers are all about flavor, and this design does not disappoint. The draw is tight and it provides a very authentic experience. I was vaping Pachamama Fuji Apple. The hits had a crystal clear sheen that matched any purpose built pod device.


The Vapor Titan Clearomizer doesn't have quite the horsepower and punch that my subohm DNA Go does. But it takes a back seat to no device in the flavor department, and the taut draw rates up there with the Smok SLM.


The Clearomizer coil resistance is 1.8 ohms, about the same as a Juul. The draw is actually quite comparable to the Juul, and perhaps more restrictive than the Alto. The Alto has a lower resistance coil, and it generates a bit more vapor.


Battery life is solid, although not extraordinary. The Vapor Titan cartridges have a resistance of 2.2 and 3.2ohms respectively. With a potent nic salt formula, the battery should get you through the day if you are using it for discrete puffs. But you will probably need a charge if you chain vape lower nicotine ejuices.


The 1.3ml tank has a solid capacity and life span. I have completely drained and refilled mine 4 times at this point. The flavor is still on point, although there will likely be some caramelization on the wicks and discoloration in the ejuice tank if I try to make it through half a 30ml bottle of salt nic without swapping in a new Clearomizer.  


The Clearomizers biggest advantage is you can fill it yourself. We outlined the massive savings this provides. But it also opens up the entire universe of vape juice for your enjoyment. If lower or zero nicotine is your jam, the Titan Clearomizer works quite well with a wide variety of ejuices. High VG juices might clog the clearomizer coil a bit faster, but with that exception, the ejuice world is your oyster.




I have used countless clearomizers during the 6 years I have vaped, but this has not dimmed my enthusiasm for the Vapor Titan Clearomizer at all.


It worked so good with nic salts, that I flagged down several coworkers and demanded that they give it a shot. The only drawbacks I have found with this setup is battery life. It simply isn’t as good as the traditional Vapor Titan cartridge combo.


I am considering a Variable Voltage Zeus instead, with the wattage reduced to the minimum. An Auto Zeus is likely to burn out the tank faster, as it hits at a higher power level.


The only other possible drawback is that the Vapor Titan Clearomizer bears more than a passing resemblance to a cannabis vape pen, which may not be legal where you live.