Bidi Sticks Disposable ECigs: New Names, Same Great Flavors

Disposable Vapes

The world of disposable vapes is extremely competitive. Compact, one time use ecigs have turned out to be a perfect platform for smooth and potent nic salts. Unlike prefilled vape pods, disposable vape flavors have not been banned by the federal government. And an even more important feature is ease of use. There is no simpler way to vape than a disposable.

All you have to do is open the packaging, remove a couple of silicone stoppers and inhale. This is perfect for adult vapers who are not interested in rechargeable or refillable devices. And thanks to the use of flavorful nic salt eliquids, disposables are able to provide a very satisfying experience. In other words, they deliver exactly what most adult vapers are looking for.

Vapor4Life carries a wide selection of disposable vapes so that you will always find the flavors you are looking for. Even if your brand of choice is out of stock, you will have no problem finding a comparable even a nearly identical flavor from a rival manufacturer.


Bidi Stick Disposable ECigs

On paper, Bidi Sticks appear to be your typical disposable vape. With a nic strength of 6 percent, they are at the high end of the nic strength curve. Bidi Sticks use Class A nicotine.

The ejuice capacity of a Bidi Stick is 1.4ml. This is comparable, albeit slightly greater, than the typical stick style disposable vape like the Puff Bar. This is twice the capacity of a Juul pod. We compared the Bidi Stick to the top name in the industry in our comparison: Puff Bar versus Bidi Sticks

Bidi Sticks are powered by a 280mAh battery. This is the standard issue size for almost every stick style disposable ecig on the market today. Bidi Stick does set itself apart with their corporate philosophy. The Bidi Cares program is dedicated to the recycling of used Bidi Sticks batteries and the adoption of sustainable practices in the vaping industry. A classy move for the maker of a one-time use device. Here is a quick guide to the new Bidi Stick names and flavors. 

Bidi Stick New Flavor Names
1.4ml Eliquid. 6% Nic Strength
New Name Old Name Flavor Profile
Arctic Mint Freeze Mint Menthol
Zest Jungle Juice Melon, Pineapple, Banana
Winter Lush Ice Watermelon, Melon, Menthol
Tropic Blazing Vibe Mango, Apple, Orange
Marigold Icy Mango Mango, Menthol
Regal Dragon Venom Dragonfruit, Strawberry
Summer Kick Start Blueberry, Pomegranate
Solar Berry Blast Strawberry, Blueberry
Dawn Champion Juice Mint, Ginger, Lemon
Gold Fruity Mango Fresh Mango
Classic Classic Tobacco Tobacco

But what really sets the Bidi Stick apart is quality. From the ergonomic mouthpiece to the durable aluminum frame, Bidi Sticks ooze quality. They are seemingly overbuilt for a disposable and extremely durable.


Bidi Stick Flavors

But at the end of the day, Bidi Sticks exist for only one purpose. That is to reliably deliver nicotine vapor that is both flavorful and satisfying. Their selection of popular flavors certainly accomplished this end. Now it is time to take a look at the Bidi Sticks flavors and their new flavor names, which are a bit cryptic to say the least!


Arctic Bidi Stick

Mint Freeze Bidi Stick

Mint Juul was the most popular vaping flavor in the world until it was pulled from the US market. Since that time, adult vapers have been searching for the best Juul Mint alternatives. While a refillable vape pod kit and nic salt ejuice is the most cost effective replacement, countless adult vapers have gravitated to easy to use disposables loaded with mint nic salts. The Arctic Bidi Stick is one of the best Mint disposable vapes. It has a sweet minty inhale with a blast of cold menthol which clears the palette and cools the throat. Arctic Bidi stick is aptly named for the coolness it brings. And logical naming conventions in vaping are far from the norm.


Zest Bidi Stick

Jungle Juice Bidi Stick

Originally named Jungle Juice, a name which evokes rotgut liquor mixed with powdered fruit punch, Bidi changed the name of this melon, pineapple and banana nic salt to the much more appropriate name of Zest. There are some pitfalls with this name as well but unless you were forced to consume a lot of bar soap as a foul-mouthed child, chances are you associate zest with citrus and lemon. Confusingly, Zest Bidi Stick does not contain any citrus notes. This does not mean it is not good. Just confusingly named.

What Zest Bidi Stick does bring to the table is a cool melon flavor backed with creamy banana and a bright pineapple finish.


Winter Bidi Stick

Lush Ice Bidi Stick

Lush Ice is one of the hottest flavors in disposable vapes and no line-up is complete without this popular watermelon-ice flavor. Winter Bidi Stick is one of the best Lush Ice disposable vapes because it effectively blends a sweet pineapple with a cool yet assertive menthol. The new name, Winter, makes a bit more sense than some of the other Bidi Stick names. As there is a cool melon and a watermelon flavor in this disposable, simply calling it watermelon ice does not cover all of the bases.


Tropic Bidi Stick

Blazing Vibe Bidi Stick

Tropic Bidi Stick is an example of Bidi Stick choosing a more logical new name to replace an old name which was at best inscrutable. It was unclear what a Blazing Vibe might be but most adult vapers are familiar with mango, apple and orange nic salt flavors. And Bidi has merged these into a cohesive and delightful flavor. The citrus is not overpowering and the mango is rich and fruity, rather than candied. The red apple is juicy and bold. Tropic Bidi Stick is a great vape and exactly the style of crisp fruit nic salt that adult vapers prefer.


Marigold Bidi Stick

Icy Mango Bidi Stick

Bidi Sticks adopted a hodgepodge of names for their disposable vapes. Some were descriptive and some were a bit post-modern. Among the descriptive flavor names they chose was Icy Mango. This name, perplexingly, was changed to Marigold. What does a marigold have to do with vaping? It is an attractive flower but mildly toxic to dogs and cats. It was also the name of an arena in Chicago, the Marigold Arena, where the DuPont network broadcast a weekly wrestling show featuring Verne Gagne in the 1950s.

The old name made a lot more sense: Icy Mango. But we are stuck with the staple of flower boxes around the world instead. The Marigold Bidi Stick certainly exceeds its name. Rather than the flavor of rich soil, fertilizer pellets, cat urine and a bitter flowers, it tastes exactly like a fruity mango mixed with a delicious minty menthol.


Gold Bidi Stick

Fruity Mango Bidi Stick

A pure mango nic salt, Gold Bidi Stick is one of the best Mango Juul alternatives. It has the dank and rich tropical fruit notes that adult vapers love. Even in a crowded field, Gold Bidi Stick sticks out as one of the best Mango disposable ecigs on the market today. The name may say nothing about the flavor contained within but the freshness of mango and the smooth nic salt kick do all the talking.


Regal Bidi Stick

Dragon Venom Bidi Stick

I only speak for myself when saying that I want no part in either dragons or venom. Regal on the other hand, well who doesn’t like a classic Buick (Kojak drove a 1977 Buick Regal) or a 1990s Strong-Style wrestler from England whose first name was William.

That being said, the name Dragon Venom was not as far afield and illogical as it may seem at first glance. Dragon was short for dragon fruit. And venom was short for…strawberry? The name is 50 percent accurate.

Regal Bidi Stick? I have no clue what Regal even means in this context. But that does not mean this is not a fine flavor. The pairing of exotic dragon fruit and juicy strawberry is a logical one. There is a reason why Bacardi chose this same combination. Sans rum and plus nic salts it works even better if you are an adult vaper. The sweetness of the dragon fruit has rich and defined tropical notes. The sweetness of strawberry is cut with a hint of tartness. The end result is a great all-day vape.


Summer Bidi Stick

Kick Start Bidi Stick

Summer Bidi Stick melds complex blueberry notes with sweet pomegranate. Once known as Kick Start, it is a balanced and superb flavor. Are pomegranates the ultimate flavor of summer for US adults who vape? Probably not. But in this neck of the woods, blueberry season does run from late-July through August.


Solar Bidi Stick

Berry Blast Bidi Stick

Berry Blast was an accurate name for what is now known as the Solar Bidi Stick. It is among the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives on the market today and strikes a perfect balance between blueberry and strawberry. Now comes the part where I riff on the strange name. Solar? Seriously now.


Dawn Bidi Stick

Champion Juice Bidi Stick

In a lineup of strange names, Dawn Bidi Stick may be the champion. Which is ironic. The previous name of this disposable was Champion Juice. Which until Bidi Sticks came around, Champion Juice was a term that referred exclusively to anabolic steroids consumed by WWF wrestlers in the 1980s. The Dawn Bidi Stick does not taste like dish soap and it is not used to rescue ducklings from oil spills.

Dawn Bidi Sticks are loaded with 1.4ml of mint, ginger and lemon flavored nic salts. A sprightly and energizing combination, the ginger works pretty well here and is not overly spicy. Mint and lemon is probably an atrocious combination in baking but they pair off nicely in this nic salt, as the mint only makes its presence known on exhale with its cooling properties.


Classic Bidi Stick

Classic Tobacco Bidi Stick

Due to increasingly stringent efforts by lobbyists to ban the flavors that adults prefer, more and more American adult vapers are limited to tobacco flavored ejuices. Classic Bidi Stick is that flavor. It is a rich, flue-cured tobacco with notes of sweetness and a minimal throat hit. There isn’t much to say other than that it is a full-flavored cigarette, and tastes how cigarettes taste rather than how open packs of cigarettes smell. A strong effort to be sure.