Big Savings on Disposable Vapes

 Best Disposable Vape Values

Disposable ecigarettes are extremely popular with adult vapers because they are satisfying, easy to use and have great flavor. They are one-time use devices that do not require filling or charging. The only downside to the set-up is that once they are drained of nic salts and battery life, you are up the creek with no paddle.

To make it easier and more affordable to stay stocked up on your favorite disposable ecig, Vapor4Life is now offering more brands than ever in convenient value packs. This includes disposable vape 10-packs from such luminaries as Oro Bar, Puff Bar, Hyppe Bar, Air Bar Lux and others. Here is your guide to our disposable ecig 10-packs.

Disposable Vapes

Vapor4Life carries an unmatched selection of disposable vapes. Each brand has unique flavors but there is a enough overlap where if you enjoy a Lush Ice from one brand, chances are you will enjoy a rival company's Watermelon Ice Disposable. Disposable ecigs come in all shapes and sizes now. Ranging from the Massive Sea XXL, which holds 8.5ml of eliquid, to the compact Blazer Bar. Today, we are looking at disposables that are sold in 10-packs, a perfect way to stock up with your flavor of choice. 

Oro Bar

Oro means gold in Spanish and the Oro bar is as good as gold when it comes to flavor. This 1.3ml disposable ecig has the same form factor as the popular Puff Bar and is loaded with a selection of fruit inspired nic salts. Now available in a 10 pack, the Oro Bar is a great option for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping but don’t want to deal with the hassle of swapping coils or filling pods with eliquid. If you are interested in trying multiple Oro Bar flavors, check out the Sampler Pack.


Blazer Bar

The Blazer Bar is an affordable disposable ecig that is now available in 10 packs. There is no better way to stock up on your favorite flavors and enjoy a satisfying nic salt experience. The Blazer Bar is a great option for fans of nic salts and also for former smokers who are not yet ready to invest in a refillable device. The Oro Bar is a stick style disposable, similar in appearance to a Puff Bar, and has a nic strength of 5 percent.


Air Bar Lux

While there are classic stick style disposables and some very long lasting disposable ecigs, the most popular models have struck a balance between the two. The Air Bar Lux is a great example of this approach. It provides a longer lasting experience, incredible flavor and a compact cylindrical design. Now available in 10-packs, you can now save big by stocking up on your favorite Air Bar Lux flavors. The Air Bar Lux holds 2.7ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 5 percent. It is available in an assortment of delicious nic salt flavors. Find out why the Air Bar Lux is a such a regional hit in states such as Texas and save money with the convenient 10-pack of Air Bar Lux Disposable Vapes. 


Mr Fog Max

A great mid-sized disposable with outstanding flavor, the Mr Fog Max holds 3.5ml of eliquid and has nic strength of 50mg/ml. Longer lasting than many of its disposable rivals, it is now available in a money saving 10 pack.


Hyppe Ultra

Slotting between the huge Hyppe Max Plus and the stick style Hyppe Bar is the outstanding Hyppe Ultra. With an eliquid capacity of 2ml, the Hyppe Ultra has 50 percent more eliquid volume than a regular Hyppe Bar. Loaded inside this high-quality disposable are the same great Hyppe Bar flavors, with a nic strength of 50mg/ml. The Hyppe Ultra is a one-time use disposable and is now sold in 10 packs. A perfect way to stock up on your favorite flavors.


Puff Flow

A ten pack of Puff Flow disposables contains more eliquid than a bottle of nic salts and all the convenience of a disposable vape. Each Puff Flow holds 4ml of eliquid with a strength of 50mg/ml. The flavor is superb, as is to be expected from a Puff Bar, and the adjustable airflow allows adult vapers to customize their vaping experience. It is a sophisticated and longer lasting disposable ecig.


Puff Bar Plus

The Puff Plus is a mid-sized vape loaded with legendary Puff Bar nic salt flavors. The 3.5ml gives it a much longer life than a standard Puff Bar. The flavor and vapor production are even better than its smaller stablemate. The Puff Plus has a nic strength of 50mg/ml.


Posh Disposable 10-Pack

The Posh Disposable is one of the original disposable ecigs to hit the market but remains popular because of its great flavor and an eliquid capacity that is greater than many of its stick disposable rivals. Unlike the 1.3ml Puff Bar and Oro Bar, the Posh holds 1.8ml of eliquid. This makes it a great value, even before the volume discount offered by a 10-pack. With a nice draw and lightly iced flavors, the Posh Disposable still delivers exactly the experience and satisfaction that most adult nic salt vapers seek.


Posh Plus 10 Pack

The Posh Plus is comprehensively superior to the original Posh and is also available in 10 packs. On paper, its eliquid capacity is only slightly larger but in practice it is a much longer lasting disposable. Superior vapor production, a perfect draw and reliable design, the Posh Plus is still one of the best disposables on market and has a lineup stacked with sweet fruit and menthol flavors. 


Pop Disposable 10 Pack

The 1.3ml Pop Disposable is now available in a 10 pack bundle. It is a great way to enjoy the 1.3ml Pop Disposable ecig, which has great flavor and nearly perfect draw. Pop has a strong flavor lineup for those who prefer the smaller stick style disposable ecig.