bigtobgraph  How Tobacco Giants are Killing Customers, Seducing the Government, and Lying to the Media to Kill the Miracle of E-Cigs   By: Lisa Marie Farver What does a cornered animal do? It strikes. Big tobacco is a cornered animal, in danger of losing tens of millions of customers to vaping, which has been proven to be 95-99 percent less harmful than smoking. So, big tobacco keeps striking. RJ Reynolds and Altria (you know them as Phillip Morris) continuously lobby “trusted” government officials and buy the media by funding studies, creating controversial stories for their own benefit, hiring the best PR and publicists to publish articles which discredit the e-cig industry.  Yet none of these tobacco giants are comparing e-cigs to cigarettes. No one is mentioning the millions of people who have died and will die from smoking related illnesses. To sum up my sentiments in three letters: WTF?   Instead, big tobacco has everybody ganging up on the vaping industry: politicians, the media, scientists, to make us the bad guy. Chicago’s blatantly distorted vaping truth campaign is a glaring example of how big tobacco has used scare tactics to demonize a product that’s roughly as addictive as a cup of coffee. And I’m sure tobacco execs enjoy their coffee. Tobacco industry-funded studies are also sweeping the media to expose the “dangers of vaping.” They often use the idea of children vaping to stir up fear and panic in parents. This is coming from big tobacco, the murderous industry who once suggested putting honey in cigarettes so they would appeal to teenagers.   Yet, big tobacco opposes vaping. RJ Reynolds is one of the biggest voices in the anti-vaping movement, lobbying the government to tax and even ban vaping products and e-juice. What's their motivation? Well, Reynolds would have you believe it's to keep consumers and kids safe. The truth of the matter is that good old RJ Reynolds wants to cripple online and walkup vape shops, who help smokers kick the habit by offering vape products with more options than cigalikes. With vaping products, you get varied nicotine strengths (some contain no nic) and hundreds of flavors (which many vapers credit with helping them quit). There’s a fixed amount of nicotine in cigarettes such as the VUSE, which is made by none other than.....RJ Reynolds, who also make Newport, Camel, Pall Mall, Misty among many other death sticks.   "We believe open-system vapor products create unique public health risks,” RJ Reynolds, an RJ Reynolds spokesperson said in a statement made right around the time the VUSE launched. Perfect timing.   That’s right, big tobacco is making their own e-cigs and doubling up on attacks against vape products, which help many smokers quit completely after starting with disposable e-cigs. Lorillard was the first company to get into the e-cig market, and they were shortly bought out by Reynolds. Then there’s Altria (Philip Morris) who makes the Mark 10. They all force stores to take their products if they want to keep selling cigarettes, which account for 70% of convenience store sales. Big tobacco knows their product is deadly. Big tobacco knows e-cigarettes are up to 95-99% less harmful. They also know there’s money to be made. That’s why they’re trying to control the market and get vape products subject to the same restrictions as tobacco cigs. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between vaping products and tobacco cigarettes. It doesn’t take a (paid) scientist to figure it out. Tobacco Cigarettes
    • Contain more than 4,000 chemicals, including formaldehyde , urea (found in pee), tar, and arsenic (rat poison)
    • Number one cause of cancer, heart disease and stroke
    • Designed to keep you addicted
    • Gave our founder COPD
    • Leaves a smell on your clothes, in your hair and in your mouth
    • Turn your teeth yellow; give you wrinkles
    •  More than $5,000 a year
  • E-Cigarettes and Vape Products
    • Contain FDA-approved vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and distilled water. Also contain flavorings and nicotine.  
    • 95-99% less harmful than cigarettes
    • Available in multiple nicotine levels to help you taper down to zero
    • Helped our founder improve his breathing levels
    • Made with water vapor, so there’s no lingering smell.
    • No tar, so your teeth won’t stain; won’t cause wrinkles
    • A fraction of the cost of smokes
  Real talk: We don’t believe vaping is harmless. We believe it’s less harmful. And the proof is in the pudding (and the research). Our founder, Smilin Milin gave himself COPD and asthma,  and buried both of his parents as a result of smoking. He couldn’t even breathe without multiple inhalers. That is, until he found e-cigs and invented an e-cigarette that made him feel like he was smoking. Today, we have thousands and thousands of people who vape instead of smoking. Big tobacco is facing up against a fierce army of vapers who will defend their right to smoke smarter.   We want you to try the best disposable e-cig in the world because we want you to lead a longer, more satisfying life.   Use promo code STEPONE to get the Vapor WOW disposable e-cigarette for $1 and start winning the fight against big tobacco today. This offer is only valid at our online store for smokers of legal smoking age who are new customers. Cannot be combined with other offers; does not include tax. Valid through January 31, 2016.