Getting a Perfect Puff On a Prefilled Cart

E-cigarettes that use prefilled cartridges, such as the Vapor Titan, are one of the most convenient ways to vape. Simple and easy to use, all you need to do is snap on the cart of your choice and puff away. With hundreds of flavors, 7 nicotine levels and no spills to worry about, they provide an authentic vaping experience that vape pods and vape mods cannot match.


Prefilled cartridges provide a very authentic experience. With a tight draw, and sharp throat hit, they are great for heavy smokers and there is a reason they have been the choice of the heaviest smokers for years.


But in a world of 225w box mods and subohm coils, sometimes you just crave a bigger puff. The good news is that our Vapor Titan is a surprisingly flexible device.


If you don't have time to read this entire article, here is the short answer: the easiest way to get a bigger puff is selecting a low-resistance cartridge.



Classic Cartridge E-Cigs


The best way to enjoy a Vapor Titan varies by individual but is well-understood by our long-time and loyal customers. But this winter, Altria purchased a 35 percent stake in Juul, and closed down both GreenSmoke and MarkTen. This left millions of loyal customers without their preferred classic cartridge e-cig. If you were one of these vapers left in the lurch, we offer a lineup of similar devices which we feel provide superior performance.


Just as importantly, we are here to stay. The transition after losing your preferred device is certainly a difficult one, but among our hundreds of flavors is an option that is perfect for you. Our cartridges have 7 nicotine flavor options, ranging from zero to a potent 3.6 percent.


Quite simply, we have the best GreenSmoke alternatives, and MarkTen customers will also love our selection, and we are still offering big time savings for the best MarkTen alternatives on the market.


Below we outline how you get a bigger hit from a prefilled cartridge e-cig, and some additional information on how to have the best possible experience with your Vapor Titan. Make sure you check out the GreenSmoke and MarkTen alternatives links above, they have a great breakdown of our equivalent flavors.


Switch to Low Resistance Cartridges


The Vapor Titan can provide a totally different vaping experience depending on what type of cartridge you choose.  You will notice for many of the Vapor Titan cartridges there are two options listed. Wow- Low Resistance and Premium Cool- High Resistance. If you are looking for more vapor go with the Wow cart every time. 


Picking the Right Cart at


Here is an image of our prefilled cartridge page. You can see that the cartridge resistance is listed below the image of the product.


  1. The black label below a cartridge is used for Premium Cool High Resistance. This cartridge delivers cool throat hit and less vapor. You will get more puffs from the cartridge and the battery lasts longer.
  2. The blue label below the cartridge is for WOW- Low Resistance. Get these if you want more vapor.
  3. Cartridges with both a black and blue label give you the choice of Premium Cool High Resistance or Wow Low Resistance Cartridges.


On the example below, New Menthol is available in Low and High resistance. Oasis is only available in High Resistance and Peppermint is only available in low resistance. Once you select a cartridge flavor, the next screen will allow you to select the resistance you want, if that is an option, and nicotine strength.



Premium Cool Carts provide a more tighter draw and cooler throat hit than Wow Carts. This is achieved by using a higher resistance coil that heats more slowly.


Understanding PG/VG Ratios


The tighter draw and high propylene glycol content are what give high resistance coils a satisfying throat kick reminiscent of a cigarette. You may notice that all of our e-juices list VG/PG ratios. PG stands for propylene glycol and VG is short for vegetable glycerin. The infographic below explains PG/VG ratios in e-juice. 



As a result of their higher resistance coils and high PG juice (75% PG), the Premium Carts generate significantly less vapor than Wow carts. The higher resistance coil has another advantage. It burns less juice and battery life. Resistance essentially describes how quickly the coil inside of the cart heats up.


But if you are looking for a cloud, lower resistance equals faster heating. Faster heating means more vapor.


Switch to Vapor Titan Manual Battery


Just like there are a couple types of cartridges that provide totally different vaping experiences, there are also multiple versions of the Vapor Titan. If you want a bigger cloud rather than a tighter throat hit, consider switching to the Vapor Titan manual. It allows for a longer drag because you can actually activate the cartridge before taking a drag on it.


Upgrade to Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage Manual


There is another option for fans for the Vapor Titan’s prefilled carts. Rather than using the Vapor Titan stick battery, you can upgrade to the Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage Manual. The threading for the cartridges is compatible and the larger Vapor Zeus battery has much to recommend.


The Zeus is a larger battery, so you get better battery life. And the variable voltage allows you to choose the power level you prefer. For running prefilled carts, we recommend 4.2 V. The variable voltage will deliver more consistent power output than the Titan and give you the cloud production you demand. Just make sure you get the proper threading. Luckily, this information is provided on the product page. Here is a review of the differences between 510 and 808 threading on e-cigs.



Best GreenSmoke and MarkTen Alternatives


We are anxious to welcome loyal GreenSmoke customers into the Vapor4Life family. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment on this blog or contact our customer service department. We would be delighted to assist you.