Let’s face it, when it comes to Black Friday vape deals, most vapers can’t help taking a moment and setting aside a couple (hundred) dollars to shop for themselves. There will be a lot of e-cig sales on Black Friday, but how is a vaper to choose? Here are some basic tips for getting the most out of those Black Friday vape deals.   Look for Free Shipping   Some of the best Black Friday vape deals will include free shipping. This is definitely something to look out for, whether you’re placing a big order or just picking up a couple items. During the holidays, it can be easy for shipping charges to add up, so every little bit counts.   Quick shipping is another important thing to consider. Not every vape shop will be able to accommodate orders in a speedy manner after a busy time like Black Friday. Check out customer reviews on the site to see if shoppers rate the shipping favorably.   Buy BOGO Deals   Ok. So BOGO deals are obviously a smart choice because you’re getting one item free (or half off) when you pay for another item (often of greater value), but there are some other things that make a BOGO a good bet. When it comes to Black Friday vape deals, shops often pair e-liquids that are of a similar brand or flavor, so this is a great way to stock up or to try something new if you already know what you like.   BOGO deals that give you one item free are ideal because you can buy a vape juice for your friend and keep the other one for yourself!   Make sure to read the fine print, though. Some deals that are labeled BOGO might not mean you get a whole other item free. Instead, they may mean you get the second item at a discounted price. This can sometimes lead to people misunderstanding a sale.   Browse Combo Deals   If you want to invest in a brand new setup, complete with new juice, combo deals are a great option for shoppers browsing the Black Friday vape deals. Combo deals are also a safe bet if you’re going to give a gift to a smoker to introduce them to vaping. Seasoned vapers also appreciate getting a new vape mod with an accessory (tanks, coils, etc.) or e-liquid so they can enjoy a break from shopping after the holiday season.   Keep an eye out for kits that are discounted during the holidays too. Many vape shops create their own combo deals, but also carry vape kits that already include everything you need.   Keep an eye out for the Black Friday vape deals on our website and sign up for our exclusive promo emails if you don’t already get them.