Blazer Bar Review

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are an established star in the vaping universe. Adult vapers and smokers looking to switch to vaping have shown an overwhelming preference for easy to use devices and bright, sweet flavor profiles. Disposable vapes deliver on both and they also provide a satisfying experience with their potent nic salt formulas.

With flavored, prefilled vape pods banned by the federal government, disposables are now the easiest way for adult vapers to enjoy nic salt ejuices. If you are looking for the most cost effective way to vape salt nic, bottled ejuices combined with a refillable vape pod kit is your best option.

There are so many amazing flavors and disposable vapes that it can be difficult to tell them apart. This is why Vapor4Life carries the widest selection of brands and flavors. We offer an unprecedented selection of lower nicotine vapes like the Zaero Disposable and 2 percent nic strength Puff Bars. And if your favorite brand and flavor combination is out of stock, you are sure to be able to find a suitable alternative from our array of high quality disposable lines.

Blazer Bar

Pitted against such an array of formidable competitors, how is a new disposable like the Blazer Bar to standout? One word: flavors. Much like Blow Stix offers a number of unique beverage flavors that cannot be found in other brands, the Blazer Bar has a few unique flavors and also is available in all of nic salt vaping’s greatest hits.

The Blazer Bar device is a classic stick style disposable. It closely resembles a Cali Bar, Puff Bar and several dozen other competitors. Stick style disposables are about 4 inches long and rely on a 280mAh battery for power. Like its rivals, the Blazer Bar is autodraw and the ejuice is stored in a cotton polyfill. Also as is the norm, this is a great setup for flavor and the use of nic salts means this small device can still provide a satisfying vaping experience.

With no further ado, lets look at the tantalizing flavors of the Blazer Bar.

Blazer Bars Flavors

Blazer Bars come in seven flavors. The three staples of nic salt disposables are available: mango, mint and tobacco. You can also enjoy a mixed berry flavor designed to fill the void left when Vuse Alto Mixed Berry was banned by the federal government with all other flavored vape pods. There is an Iced Apple Blazer Bar which features one of the hottest new flavors in disposable vapes. But what makes the Blazer Bar especially stand out is two unique flavors. These are Rainbow and Cinnablaze. Featuring classic confectionery flavors that will remind middle-aged vapers of their childhood.

Mango Blazer Bar

Add Mango Blazer Bar to the list of the best Juul Mango alternatives. This is an authentic mango flavor with just enough sweetness to cut through a rich and ripe mango flavor. It is not overly sweet and has a very complex mango exhale.

Menthol Blazer Bar

Literally every disposable vape company has a mint or menthol option. Menthol Blazer Bar competes with the best as it is icy cold and has just the right hint of sweetness to avoid being overly candied. If you are looking for the best Juul Mint alternative, this is a great option. If you love mint or menthol disposables but would like a lower nicotine option, check out the Menthol Zaero Disposable. It is available in 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent nicotine.

Cinnablaze Blazer Bar

Cinnablaze Blazer Bar is a red hot flavor and a great take on the popular hard-shelled red hot confectionery treat. Fans of the discontinued Posh Plus Fireball will be happy to learn that they can still enjoy this flavor profile in the compact Blazer Bar Cinnablaze Inspired by one of the oldest and most nostalgia-inducing sugary treats on the market, you get plenty of sweet and blast of sharp cinnamon to balance out the flavor profile. This amazing flavor can be enjoyed all day as it is quite balanced. The spiciness of the cinnamon is cooled by a faint hint of ice and tempered with a sugary coating.

Rainbow Blazer Bar

The Rainbow Blazer Bar accurately captures the rainbow of flavors that made a certain popular fruit confectionery very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Enjoy a sublime confluence of lime, lemon, strawberry and tart blueberry flavors.

Iced Apple Blazer Bar

The combination of menthol ice and fruit is the hottest flavor combination. Whether it is watermelon, peach, berries or in this case apple. The Iced Apple Blazer Bar has the general flavor of sour green apple but with a blast of ripe red apple to boost the sweetness and a layer of icy menthol to balance the mix. As is the case with other iced fruit vapes, this is the perfect flavor for a disposable vape as apple makes a great companion for menthol in a nic salt.

Mixed Berry Blazer Bar

Since the federal flavor ban barred the sale of Vuse Alto Mixed Berry, adult fans of this fantastic flavor have been left in the lurch. Their search is now over. Mixed Berry Blazer Bars immediately force their way to the head of the field and are one the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives. Berry flavors make for some great ejuice flavors. The tartness and sweetness have a great synergy in this one, as the Blazer Bar is not cloying but will still satisfy any vapers sweet tooth. A mild tartness keeps this ejuice from being a sugar bomb and makes for an all-day vape.

Tobacco Blazer Bar

If you prefer authentic tobacco ejuices or live in a state where flavored vapes have been banned, the Tobacco Blazer Bar is a great option. It is super authentic but still has the smooth lack of throat hit that nic salt vapers have come to expect. Tobacco ejuices have come a long way. Smokers looking to make the switch to vaping will find that the Blazer Bar Tobacco provides a satisfying experience, familiar tobacco flavors and is extremely easy to use.

Blazer Bar Sampler Pack

The downside of disposables is that unlike a 30ml bottle of nic salts, they do not have a very long service life. A few days of vaping is all that you can expect to get out of a device that costs less than $6 and contains not even 30ml of ejuice.

But this short life is actually a benefit if you like to sample different flavors and get you pallet gets quickly bored of the same flavor. For customers looking for value and a chance to sample multiple flavors, the Blazer Bar Sampler Pack is a great option. The sampler pack contains each of the six top flavors of Blazer Bars.

  • • 1 Mixed Berry Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Iced Apple Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Cinnablaze Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Rainbow Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Menthol Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Mango Blazer Bar