"In three cases out of 10, for products with or without nicotine, the  content of formaldehyde was as much as the levels found in some conventional cigarettes." This is a statement from a French study that claims that e-cigs produce carcinogens similar to traditional cigarettes. Not only as a vaper but as a SMART and THOROUGH individual, I think this is BS, and I'll tell you why.
Three out of the ten e-cigarettes tested had traces of these chemicals. My question for the French: "What e-cigarettes did you  test?" I found it curious that not once, in all the reports of this study, were there any individual e-cigarette manufacturers named. Strange. But it doesn't end there. What did they find in the other seven e-cigarettes that were tested? Why weren't those scrutinized for what they had in them? Again, strange. With other reports, *cough* Drexel University *cough*, saying that e-cigarettes "pose no health concern for users and bystanders", why is everyone jumping on the French bandwagon now? Here's why. The Health Minister of France, Marisol Touraine, is making a push to ban e-cigarettes in all public places. He was even quoted saying, "The e-cigarette is not an ordinary product, we need to apply the same measures as there are for tobacco. That means making sure it cannot be smoked in public places." This ban will effectively remove e-cigarettes from the streets of France and give the boot to several e-cig shop owners over there as well. Of course, our French vapers made their voices heard immediately. But what's the easiest way to make the public believe you, French government? Release a study from the French National Consumer Institute and tell the world of the dangers of e-cigs. Of course in the panic, the Health Minister's claims seem viable and he now has a case to push his ban forward. It's sad and unfortunate that such a great product is being lambasted by the French government. What's in our e-liquids? Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and food flavorings. I've been vaping V4L juice for two years and my doctor says my heart and my lungs are doing much better than in recent years. Am I a doctor? No. But I do know that e-cigs helped saved my life and I urge people: don't believe everything you read (especially from the French).