Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquids Review

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Eliquids Review

CBD Vape e-Liquids are perhaps the easiest and perhaps most satisfying way to enjoy CBD. Adult vapers will especially appreciate Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquids. While Vapor4Life now carries a full lineup of CBD products, CBD eliquids and vape products will be a very convenient fit for many of our customers. Check out our store and shop for CBD oils online today. 


Blue Moon Hemp offers the highest quality CBD Vape E-Liquids they are derived from Non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the U.S. using natural farming practices.

One of the best and most convenient attributes of Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquids is that they work in just about any vape device and do not have any wattage restrictions. Using a 70 percent VG blend, adult vapers can mix them with their current ejuices or vape them independently in all manner of devices.

The Blue Moon CBD concentrate in their products comes from high-quality hemp. As an isolate, the purist form of CBD, and by volume contains less than 0.001% THC, well below the permissible threshold.

Feel free to visit Blue Moon’s website where you can view product analysis and tests by clicking here.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Eliquids are sold in 30ml bottles. With 1000mg of CBD per bottle, each ml contains 33mg of CBD isolate.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Eliquid Flavors

As Blue Moon Hemp CBD ELiquids are vaped, a priority is placed on flavor as well as quality. And they deliver in this important category as well. Available in Mango Moon, Flan and the award winning Red Devil, experienced adult vapers will approve of the attention to flavor detail and satisfying vapor production. Here is an overview of the Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid flavors.

Red Devil Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid (1000mg)

Fruit eliquids have long been a favorite of adult nicotine vapers. So it makes sense that the award winning Red Devil Blue Moon Hemp CBD flavor would rely heavily on the balance and power of fruit flavor tones. CBD from the finest cultivars are paired with strawberry and banana. Hints of tropical mango and the tang of citrus tangerine complete this vibrant masterpiece. You can infuse the flavors in your favorite fruit eliquid or enjoy this excellent CBD vape on its own. 

Mango Moon Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid (1000mg)

Taking full advantage of the crisp tropical mango that served as co-star in their Red Devil Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid, the straightforward goodness of Mango Moon Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid is almost impossible to resist. The classic mango flavor pairs well with the many excellent mango eliquids found in nicotine and nic free vaping. This familiar flavor and quality make Mango Moon a perfect option for adult vapers looking to try CBD.

Flan Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid (1000mg)

Much like traditional vaping, CBD vaping offers dessert and fruit vapes. Blue Moon’s entry into this category is an excellent Flan CBD E-Liquid. It smells and tastes like flan. It is that simple. And it is outstanding. Smooth and rich, it can be mixed with another dessert ejuice or enjoyed on its own.

Kush Blue Moon CBD E-Liquid (1000mg)

The original Blue Moon CBD E-Liquid flavor is Kush. Flavored to taste like the Kush plant, it is made from a CBD isolate, but the expected lack of THC is easily forgotten when you indulge this clean and delightful flavor.

Pure Blue Moon CBD E-Liquid (1000mg)

With a product like CBD, not everyone is looking for added flavors. Pure Blue Moon CBD E-Liquid contains no added flavors or fragrances. The light flavor of CBD isolate is quite pleasant and it can be mixed with just about any vape juice you can imagine.