Blue Raspberry Showdown: I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E

Blue Razz Showdown: I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E

Blue Raspberry is one of the most popular nic salt flavors. Frequently referred to as Blue Razz, just about every brand has some version of this classic flavor. One reason Vapor4Life carries such a wide array of nic salt eliquid brands is so a fan of popular eliquid flavors such as Blue Raspberry can always locate what they are looking for, even if it means trying a different brand. Today we are going to compare the Blue Raspberry offerings of two of the top names in nic salt vaping: Mr Salt-E and I Love Salts.


A History of the Blue Raspberry Flavor

Blue Raspberry flavor traces its origins to the early-1970s. ICEE’s signature flavor of cherry was joined by raspberry. In order to distinguish two fruit flavors that are ostensibly red, they opted to dye their artificial raspberry flavor with FD&C blue no. 1. The color coding of raspberry as blue made a lot of sense and other sweets manufacturers followed suit.

After all, there is no shortage of red colored fruits and no other easy way to distinguish cherry, watermelon strawberry, raspberry and apple. For this same reason, Apple is often associated with the color green.  

Red only has so many shades and the wine red that had previously been used to distinguish artificial raspberry (FD&C Red No. 2), was plagued with safety concerns. The shorthand name “Blue Razz” has rather more prosaic origins. Quite simply, raspberry is often misspelled. It is easier to just call it “Razz” for short.


Blue Razz Nic Salts

Blue Raspberry Showdown
I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E
I Love Salts Blue Raspberry
I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Ice
Mr Salt-E Blue Raspberry/Cotton Candy
Mr Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade


The Blue Raspberry flavor itself works well as an eliquid, especially a nic salt. The lack of throat hit in nic salts makes a smoothly sweet flavor as distinguishable as blue razz a perfect fit. In theory, Blue Raspberry is meant to taste like white bark raspberry. This is why it has a bit more tartness than a typical raspberry. There are enough variations in interpretation, let alone added flavors like menthol and lemonade, to make competing Blue Razz nic salts distinct. But there is also a lot of overlap. This means that you will probably have a favorite but will like the competition nearly as much.

How you vape your favorite Blue Raspberry nic salt will depend on personal preference but can make a huge difference in flavor. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of refillable vape pod kits. These are expressly designed for the easy, efficient and flavorful vaping of nic salts.

We have taken a general look at the Blue Raspberry nic salt landscape before. For more information, check out our feature The Best Blue Razz Nic Salt ELiquids. But today we are taking it a step further and sampling the Blue Razz offerings of I Love Salts and Mr Salt-E to determine which one is the best. While much of the judgment is subjective, there are enough differences where you will probably have a clear favorite and so does the author.

I Love Salts E-Liquids

Mad Hatter Ejuice dove into the nic salt market with their I Love Salts brand of eliquids. Sold in 30ml bottles, they are available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength. The PG/VG ratio is an even split: 50/50. While they have an excellent tobacco, the bulk of their lineup consists of excellent fruit inspired eliquids. Their lineup includes two Blue Raspberry flavors, which we are reviewing today.

I Love Salts are not for subohm use. They are designed for use in lower wattage devices like refillable vape pod kits.


I Love Salts Blue Raspberry

One of their best-selling flavors, the basic Blue Raspberry I Love Salts Nic Salt E-Liquid is a classic. The reason it is so popular is simple. This is one of the best, and arguably the best, pure Blue Raspberry nic salt on the market today. Smooth, sweet and scrumptious, there are a few tart notes but it is mostly a sweet and refreshing. It may not have the hard confectionary edge of some competitors but the flavor is bright and boisterous. If you love blue razz flavor and the sweet fruit nic salt flavors that the majority of adults prefer, this is the flavor for you. There is enough raspberry flavor and tartness to make for a great all-day vape.


I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Ice

As delightful and sweet as Blue Raspberry I Love Salts is, there are some vapers for which it may be a smidge too sweet. There are also those who simply prefer mint and menthol infused fruit nic salts. With this in mind, it was a masterstroke when I Love Salts added a blast of ice to their popular blue razz salt nic. Blue Raspberry Ice I Love Salts has just a pinch of menthol to balance out the boldness and beauty of a solid blue razz foundation.

The menthol in Blue Raspberry I Love Salts is never overpowering, it just lends smoothness and coolness to proceedings. The flavor is mild, which is ideal if you are looking for a single flavor to vape all-day. The throat feel is positively silken. The lack of overpowering mint notes makes this an eliquid that even detractors of iced salt nics can enjoy.



Mr Salt-E Eliquids

Mr Salt-E is one of the storied names in nic salt vaping. With a lengthy line-up of popular flavors, they have something for every adult nic salt vaper. Most of their formulas use a more VG-heavy formula than many of their competitors, 60/40 VG/PG versus 50/50 in I Love Salts, which means they have a bit more vapor production. They also have a slightly lower maximum nic strength, 4.5 percent versus 5.0 percent for I Love Salts. They also offer a 2.5 percent nic strength option for all of their flavors. Sold in 30ml bottles, they are a great alternative for adults who vape disposable vapes but are looking for a less expensive alternative.


Mr Salt-E Blue Raspberry

(Formerly Known as Mr Salt-E Cotton Candy)

What was marketed as a blue raspberry cotton candy nic salt has had its name changed to simply Blue Raspberry. The flavor is unchanged from Cotton Candy Mr Salt-E. It has a slightly stiffer throat hit than I Love Salts Blue Raspberry and the flavor is a bit more muted behind the sweetness, owing to its cotton candy origins.


Mr Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade is the much more impressive of the two Mr Salt-E flavors reviewed. More of an every-day flavor and all-day vape, the addition of lemonade really elevates this nic salt. The Blue Razz flavor is less muted, possibly due to the lack of cotton candy influence. The lemonade can probably stand on its own as a flavor, but the blue raspberry sweetness does a perfect job of cutting through the tartness. A bit stiffer throat hit than I Love Salts, if you love Blue Razz or Lemonade, this is a superb vaping option.


Final Thoughts

While Mr Salt-E Blue Raspberry (formerly Cotton Candy) has its fans, in my opinion it was a bit overmatched by the I Love Salts Blue Raspberry. And Blue Raspberry I Love Salts is one of my favorite nic salts on the market today. Mr Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade stands out as a unique combination of flavors. It manages to deliver blue raspberry deliciousness, but melds this sweet flavor with a refreshing lemonade.