The Brave, the Bold, and the Strange: 3 Weird E Cig Flavors You Won't Believe Are Real
Weird e Liquid FlavorsFauxritos.Chances are if a product is a fake version of a food that's already highly processed, it might be a little bit questionable, which brings us to the Fauxrito flavor of e juice. Then again, if you're looking to vape something that's both salty and cheesy -- just like your favorite bar's nachos -- then why not try the Fauxrito flavor of e liquid.Ketchup. Yep. There's a ketchup flavor out there. Although you'd probably be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like to have ketchup on their french fries or on their meatloaf, you'd also probably be harder pressed to find someone who loves the stuff so much that they can eat it on its own. Yet, they're out there, and this is the perfect flavor of e liquid for them. Waffle. This e Juice flavor is surprisingly similar to this breakfast favorite! It has sweet maple syrup flavoring along with a buttery base that makes it a truly unique eLiquid. This flavor’s vapor clouds give off the same smell as your kitchen does when making this sweet breakfast meal. Interested in this e Liquid flavor? Buy Waffle e Liquid here If you know of any other bizarre e liquids out there, feel free to share in the comments.