British Study: E-Cigs 95% Less Harmful than Cigarettes
  British Vaping Study Public Health England (PHE) recently has published a study about eCigarette usage and its smoking cessation effectiveness.  This study has sweeping implications for policy makers in the UK and reverses the views that many in the US may have about vaping.  PHE is an official government agency in the United Kingdom and part of the Department of Health. The study found that eCigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and that 99% of eCigarette users, or vapers, were former smokers. The extremely high rate of former smokers is one of the main reasons why the Public Health of England believes that there is currently no evidence that e-Cigarettes are acting as a gateway into smoking for children. One concerning insight from this study is that there is a growing perception that eCigarettes are as harmful as cigarettes among the British smoking population. According to the study, only 44.1% of smokers in England believe that e-Cigs are less harmful than cigarettes. This horrible misconception among smokers is keeping them from trying the most effective smoking cessation tool available to them, according to Public Health England. You can read the full reports here:  E-cigarettes: an evidence update We at Vapor4Life have created vape products that are meant for smokers.  Our proprietary technology & eLiquids work together to provide a throat hit that smokers are looking for.  No other vaping product can replicate the smoking experience like those from Vapor4Life. Interested in Vaping? Take 40% Off our Vape Kits (found here: Vape Kits) for a limited time only with promo code: CRUMPETS – Expires on 9/30/2015.