smoke-vape-pods The Smok Infinix and Smok Fit are no longer available on the US market. But the good news is that they have long since been superseded by an improved lineup of cutting edge vape pod technology. Check out our Top Ten Juul Alternatives for the best refillable vape pod kits on the market today. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. If you've been wondering where to buy SMOK vape pod systems, wonder no more! SMOK, one of the leading vape mod makers out there, just released three pod systems, and Vapor4Life will sell them! You’ll be able to buy SMOK Vape Pod Systems for an affordable price on our website soon, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at what you have to look forward to. The Fit Kit smok-fit-kit Sleek and lightweight. Portable and easy-to-use. The SMOK Fit Kit is perfect for vaping on-the-go. With a 2 ml refillable cartridge, this sexy little pod mod holds more juice than your typical vape pod system. The Fit Kit has a 250 mah rechargeable battery and you can even vape this little device while it’s charging. Your SMOK Fit Kit is available in three different colors and comes with an e-liquid injection bottle that you can load up with your favorite nic salt e-juice for convenient refilling. The Infinix Kit smok-infinix-kit The SMOK Infinix Kit takes vape pod systems to the next level. Like the other SMOK pod systems, the Infinix holds 2 ml of e-liquid. But in this kit, you get two “air-driven pods” that you can fill with two different nicotine salt e-juices to keep your vaping versatile. The SMOK Infinix vape pod kit has a 250 mah rechargeable batt that you can snap the cartridges right onto. Choose from three different luminous matte colors: red, blue, and gunmetal and vape in style wherever you go. The Rolo Badge Kit smok-rolo-badge-color The SMOK Rolo Badge Kit’s ergonomic design makes it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Designed to look like a classy “emblem,” the Rolo Badge Color vape pod has a slightly concave design on its sleek and smooth exterior. The Rolo Badge comes in a variety of shiny hues that lend a luxurious vibe to your vape sesh. Choose from prism black, prism gold, prism chrome, prism blue, and the ultra-awesome prism rainbow. Two refillable 2 ml vape pods come in your Rolo Color Kit, so you can fill them up with your nic salt e-liquid of choice and have some variety when you’re out for the night. Vapor4Life is really pumped to give our loyal vape fam the chance to buy these SMOK vape pod systems at our site. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can be the first to buy a SMOK pod system (or all three) at a competitive price. smoke-vape-pods