Cali Pods Review

Juul Alternatives

Update: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages:

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Juul versus Vuse Alto

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Disposable Vapes

If you are looking for more flavor options, the Vuse Alto, MyBlu and a wide-range of Nic Salt disposables still have the sweet flavors that adults prefer. One option is the Zaero line of disposables. They have four nicotine levels which range from nic free to five percent. They also have the smooth nic salt hit that Juul vapers love.

Compatible Vape Pods

Prefilled vape pods have managed to seize the majority of the vaping market with their convenient no-hassle design, small form factor and use of potent nic salt vape juices.

Juul pioneered this market. Any questions you may have about the history of vape pods and nic salts are answered in the feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed. We also have taken a deep dive into the science of nicotine salts and answers the question that needs to be asked if you want to understand vaping in 2019: What is Salt Nic?If you are looking for information on refillable vape pods, check out our review of the Top Ten Juul Alternatives, and impressive recent releases like the Suorin Air Plus and the Aspire AVP.

Juul is no longer the only prefilled pod game in town. R.J. Reynolds made a splash this year with their Vuse Alto. The Juul versus Vuse Alto matchup is currently playing out at convenient stores and gas stations across the United States. Clic, Phix and Bo Vape also have proprietary pod systems, all of which offer 1.5ml pods.

On the compatible vape pod front, there is a ton of competition. Last week, we profiled some new additions to the Ziip lineup. These flavors may seem familiar to Eon Pod users, because they are the original Eon Pod Flavors. Long story short, Ziip used to make Eon’s pods and relaunched the most popular flavors after Eon switched suppliers.

Cali Pods

Today we are going to look at a new entrant: Cali Pods. With 19 flavors to choose from, they have vastly expanded the flavor selection options for prefilled pod users. But quantity does not matter as much as quality. How do Cali pods, are the flavors any good, and what type of build quality do they have?

First, let us get the basics out of the way. Cali Pods contain 1 ml of nic salt. They are only available in 5 percent strength at this time. Their price tag puts them at the low-end of the compatible pod market, and competitive with several other prefilled vape pod systems.

After a couple weeks of sampling the 19 Cali Pod flavors, I have found them to be consistent in quality. There has not been any untoward leaking, unexplained burnt flavors or any other quality control issues.

In terms of performance, they deliver an authentic and predictable throat kick. Smooth like you would expect from a salt nic, but strong enough to make a great alternative to combustible cigarettes.

The selection of Cali flavors is tremendous, with a wide range of fruit, iced fruit and an outstanding cream dessert flavor to choose from. Here is the line-up of Cali Pods flavors.

I tested every last flavor and reviewed them below. It was quite a task to dig into nearly 20 nic salt flavors. But there is no reason to shed any tears for me. I found most of the flavors delightful, and did not find any duds in lot.

Cali Pods Flavors

Cali Pods Russian Cream

I have always loved creamy vapes. They don’t tire out your taste buds, and the flavors seem so natural when consumed in big billowing clouds. But smooth cream flavors also work well with mouth to lung vaping and nic salts. With this in mind, I cannot overstate how good Cali Pods Russian Cream is. The combination of cream, caramel and hint of vanilla is absolutely mouthwatering. Each flavor is easily identified, like in a great dessert.

This is the ultimate all day vape. Not overly sweet, not muted, and an almost pillowy mouth feel that negates the impressive throat hit delivered by the Cali Pod. Spoiler alert- this was my favorite flavor. Not that I don't love fruit or menthol, but Cali Pods Russian Cream just tastes great and works really well as a compatible pod.

Cali Pods Mango

No compatible pod lineup is complete without a mango flavor. Cali Pods Mango manages to stand out from the pack with its silky smooth inhale and dead-on authentic taste. A very fruity flavor, the mangoness is upfront and impossible to miss. It is not overly sweet, and manages to do this without falling into the trap where the mango notes are too mild. There are some legendary mango vapes out there. Cali Pods competes with the best of these. As a rule, mango is not my favorite fruit vape juice. If I'm gonna to dig into nature's cornucopia, I am gonna too look for something sweeter and stronger. But this juice still hit the spot. As a mango flavor, Cali Pods Mango is beyond reproach. It will be added to our list of best Juul Mango alternatives.

Cali Pods Mango Mint

The strength of Cali Pods Mango has been parlayed into a second excellent flavor: Cali Pods Mango Mint. Fruit and menthol vapers can both bask warm glow of the mango flavor and enjoy the cooling breeze of menthol. The fruity bite of realistic mango is enhanced, rather than smothered, by the ice cold freeze of a minty menthol blast. “Iced” nic salts are growing in popularity as they fuse two popular genres of vape juice. Try this Mango Mint and you will see why. The difference between "mint", "menthol" and "ice" is a narrow one. But I prefer this take over some of the overly mentholated mango nic salts on the market.

Cali Pods Mighty Mint

Cali Pods Might Mint soothes and cools. You may have noticed that the Cali Pods lineup is heavily stacked with fruit. Don’t worry. They know how to do mint too. Mighty Mint is a simple, honest and appealing flavor that has plenty of depth. Almost herbaceous, the stone cold coolness of Mighty Mint is perfect for menthol vapers and anyone looking for something that is more straightforward and relaxed. I totally get why so many vapers, especially those who use high resistance devices and vape pod kits, swear by mint and menthol. There is something about executing the basics of flavor so well that is amazingly satisfying. Mighty mint is indeed quite mighty.

Cali Pods Blueberry

Cali Pods Blueberry unleashes far more flavor than you have any right to expect from a compatible pod. The nice throat hit works well with the spot-on fresh fruitiness of blueberry. Blueberry has been a popular vape juice for years, in part because it packs a sweet punch without becoming too saccharine. The blueberry is unmistakable in this pod. It is not just another sugar sweet fruit vape. One of my favorites of the Cali lineup, if you love blueberry make sure you try this one out.

Cali Pods Blueberry Pomegranate

If you are looking for a refreshing and invigorating compatible pod, but don’t want the menthol kick, then Cali Pods Blueberry Pomegranate is the vape pod for you. The pomegranate has a ripe flavor, with only the faintest hint of sharpness. Pomegranate front loads each pull with extra sweetness on inhale, but the tartness of blueberry keeps it centered as an all day vape. I liked the extra sweetness and the pomegranate notes that are layered on an already strong blueberry nic salt.

Cali Pods Blue Raspberry Mint

Nothing says summer like ice-cold blue raspberry. Cali Pops Blue Raspberry delivers this refreshing flavor year round, and does not dye your tongue blue in the process.

Time to let you in on a secret. As a child, I could never stand those frozen blue raspberry treats or their red-white and blue cousins. I thought they were a cheap ripoff and comprehensively inferior to any form of ice cream, even soggy malt cups at a baseball game. But that does not mean I have a problem with this vape juice. For me, these flavors work really well as a vape juice, even if the crushed iced item they hoped to emulate was nothing more than a bargain basement popsicle.

Cali took the sweet and tart notes that most people, with the exception me, loved during the summer months and froze it in place with a blast of menthol mint. Blue raspberry is a sweeter flavor, almost like a candy, and combining it with mint was a perfect way to spotlight this unique and well-loved flavor.

Cali Pods Citrus

Cali Pods Citrus is anchored by orange, but has incorporated enough citrus tart to keep this nic salt multiple dimensional. Pure refreshment is the watchword, it has a slight citrus tang and just the right amount of sweetness. Fruit vape fanatics will find a bold, but not overly aggressive flavor on inhale. This is a perfect choice for fruit vape fans and anyone looking for a flavorful and refreshing compatible pod.

Cali decided not to go the straight orange route, although there is more than enough there to keep all the Valencia, Navel, Clementine and Mandarin fans happy. By not sacrificing juiciness and adding more depth, they created a more satisfying flavor in the process.

Cali Pods Grape

Cali Pods Grape has that perfect Concord grape flavor, which makes for a silky smooth nic salt hit. Grape is one of the most unmistakable and easily enjoyed flavors in the vaping world. There is some ripe green grape flavor in this mix, but it leans towards the purple side. The result is a crystal clear fruit flavor that packs for more nuance than you would expect from a classic fruit nic salt juice in a compatible pod. Grape vape juices often lean a bit too far to the mild side for my taste, but this one is pretty flavorful.

Cali Pods Grapefruit

After being forced to eat grapefruits for breakfast for a couple decades at home, I was not expecting to enjoy Cali Pods Grapefruit. A classic breakfast vape, I was worried it would be too astringent. But this is more of a ruby red with sugar, and is a flavor that can be enjoyed all day.

Naturally, it packs a bit more citrus than the orange heavy Cali Pods Citrus, and less of a sugary inhale. But the taste is authentic and invigorating. It is a flavor that brings back memories of reading the newspaper and avoiding eye contact at the breakfast table, while wondering how Dear Abbey had not aged a day since 1952. Cali Pods Grapefruit is not an acquired taste, it is designed for universal appeal.

Cali Pods Green Apple

This might be my favorite flavor from Cali Pods fruit-centric line of compatible pods. Cali Pods Green Apple drips with candied goodness. It can satisfy your cravings while hitting all the right buttons. If fruitastic was a word, and it most certainly isn’t, then this green apple pod would be pictured in the dictionary.

According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, the adjective fruity means: a rich and deep voice. It also means sweet and sentimental to excess. Now that we have that non sequitur out of the way, it is time to mention that an outstandingly fruity apple flavor may lead the charge, but it is the candy coating that closes the deal, adding additional sweetness that permeates both inhale and exhale.

Cali Pods Kiwi Guava

Cali Pods Kiwi Guava has a punchy taste lovers of tropical fruit will absolutely adore. Few compatible pods are able to stack as much vibrant, tropical flavor in a silky smooth nic salt hit.

Walking a fine line between fruit and full-blown dessert, you can easily identify the component fruits. Kiwi on its own can get a bit too sweet for my taste, but the guava elements are able to level this off with a dense and mild fruit flavor. Guava almost tastes like a pear and strawberry hybrid, which is one reason why this flavor has so much depth.

Cali Pods POG

Another guava centric flavor, Cali Pods POG mixes Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava. It does a pretty good job of matching the flavorful balance of the famous POG fruit drink. All the tropical flavor elements work in unison, and it is a time tested formula. Relaxing yet energizing, Pog is plenty bold but not overly challenging.

There is a fundamental sweetness to the formula that can’t be beat. No one fruit overwhelms the group. Sweet passion fruit, citrus orange and balanced guava all play equally important roles. This is one of the better tropical fruit nic salt blends you can find.

Cali Pods Pineapple

One of the most popular fruits in the world is also one of the most popular vape flavors. Cali Pods Pineapple pays full homage the sweetness, and tingly mouthfeel of fresh cut pineapple. The easily identifiable pineapple flavor really shines. It has no other flavors to compete with and requires no supporting cast. It is sweet, perky and satisfying. The accuracy of the pineapple flavor is present throughout, and Cali Pods accomplished this realism without getting too heavy handed with the sweetness.

Cali Pods Pink Lemonade

Cali Pods Pink Lemonade has nailed down the refreshing pink lemonade taste. Which is very interesting when you realize that no one actually knows what pink lemonade is. When I think of pink lemonade, I reflect on the words of the distinguished Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. When asked to define pornography he replied: description of pornography: I know it when I see it.

First off, there are no pink lemons. It used to be cherry added to lemonade, but that isn't the case anymore. What separates a regular lemonade from pink lemonade? I argue that it is sweeter and not as sour. This is the modern take anyhow, and is how almost every manufacturer of juice, both vape and fruit, defines pink lemonade in 2019. One thing is for sure, there is a distinct and easily recognized pink lemonade flavor. No one knows where it came from, but Cali Pod crushes it.

If beverage vapes are your thing, and you are in the market for a compatible pod that delivers tremendous flavor, look no further than Cali Pods Pink Lemonade. This nic salt formula tastes exactly like it should. Lemony lemonade, some generous spoon fulls of sugar. Enjoy a chilled out vaping experience that never sours. And maybe you can pin down what exactly separates pink lemonade from lemonade.

Cali Pods Strawberry

The fruity flavor of strawberry is out in full force in the compatible Cali Pods Strawberry. Every draw is bursting with a rich and spirited strawberry flavor. I really enjoy straight-up, single flavor fruit vapes. Cali, the strawberry notes are artfully crafted. Across the board, they did a great job with fruit ejuices. Cali Pods Strawberry had a bright, delicate and authentic flavor. What else is there to say? It tasted like strawberries. Really good strawberries.

Cali Pods Strawberry Mint

Cali Pod’s energetic strawberry vape juice formula has the complexity to stand on its own. But freezing it with a blast of cool mint allows menthol and ice lovers to get in on the fruit heavy goodness. Cali Pods Strawberry Mint plays off of the synergy between strawberry and mint menthol. It delivers an icy, cooling blast with a bountiful harvest sweet fruit goodness. Menthol and fruit blends are trending heavily in vaping. They appeal to both sides of the flavor fence. It is easy to see why. You get the flavorful enjoyment of sweet fruit and the mint encapsulates every puff in a cool mist.

Cali Pods Watermelon

Cali Pods Watermelon has a complex and always refreshing flavor profile. The sweetness is there, but this compatible pod flavor does not stray too far down the watermelon candy aisle. Instead, there is a nice blend of refreshing melon notes to balance out the fruit inhale. With more depth than a watermelon hard candy, and all the fruit sweetness you demand, Cali Pods Watermelon is a seriously delicious fruit vape. Watermelon is an underappreciated flavor and provides a colorful array of aromatic, almost floral, flavor notes.

Cali Pods Watermelon Mint

A great fruit vape glazed over with a frost of icy mint is a proven formula. Cali Pods Watermelon Mint meshes the competing coolness and sweetness perfectly. Watermelon is plenty refreshing on its own, but the dash of mint takes this flavor to another level. A perfect entry into fruit vape juices for menthol lovers, and menthol vapes for fruit lovers, watermelon ice flavors are enjoying a huge spike in popularity. Except more and more vape juice makers to formulate watermelon mint and watermelon menthol ejuices.