Vaping to Replace Smoking Our customers tell us over and over that they use Vapor 4 Life products to replace cigarettes and there is a common method used by those who have been successful.  Here is what they do:
  1. Replace the Hit
Smokers crave the  “throat hit” and“chest hit” they receive in their lungs from the inhalation of combustible tobacco.  Replacing that feeling, which is locked into their brain, is the first step in their vaping journey .   The smoking alternative needs to be simple, accessible, and effective in its delivery of nicotine to replace the hit.  Our customers start this process with our Disposable Vape, which was specifically designed to replicate the chest hit smokers crave. Customers also tell us it’s important to use the Disposable Vape frequently, in order to replace their body’s demand for nicotine, a fact that is supported by this article, originally published in The Guardian  Source:
  1. Replace the Habit
The smoking habit is more than just the physical chest hit, it’s the ritual of buying the pack, lighting up and using cigarettes on “trigger” occasions:  driving, drinking coffee, after a meal, for example.  Our customers have learned to replace the ritual with a more powerful vaporizer, such as our Vapor Zeus.  Vaporizers replace the daily disposables with more vapor, more flavor and more to options to replace the dirty habit.  The trick is to use a smoking alternative that is socially acceptable in its design and easy to use wherever a cigarette can be used.
  1. Replace the Taste
The final step our customers take is replacing the taste.  After a couple of weeks without cigarettes, former smokers get their taste buds and their sense of smell back.  Some of our customers even tell us that they are disgusted with the taste of tobacco.  So they begin experimenting with new flavors that open up a new world of enjoyment and pleasure.  Over time, customers have the opportunity to lower their nicotine level, using our seven strengths for each juice. There are no studies that prove conclusively that Vaping is an effective smoking alternative.  However, thousands of satisfied customers have tried the three-step process and have used our ecig and vaping products to replace smoking. Take a look at the “Success” wall in our Chicago Vape shop and see for yourself! Vape-Shop-Wall_10-22-15