From Candy to Coffee: Why Are Vaping Flavors So Appealing?
Earlier this fall, e liquid vaping flavors for electronic cigarettes came under fire from lawmakers, who accused e cig makers of marketing to kids. One of them, 77-year-old Sen. Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia, said that as an adult, he wouldn't "be attracted to" flavors that include cherry, chocolate, peach, or vanilla. Therefore, these types of flavors couldn't possibly appeal to anyone out of high school.   But this thinking leads to some major misconceptions about vaping -- namely, that it could push users to smoke cigarettes when, in fact, this is far from the truth. Many who use vapor cigarettes actually started using them in an effort to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, one survey of e cig users reported that out of 1,300 college students surveyed, only one had used e cigs before smoking tobacco. Another survey revealed that 90% of teen e cig users had already smoked tobacco before using an e cig. The false claim of electronic cigarettes as a gateway to the real thing is unsubstantiated, at best.   So why do some adults prefer these more unique vaping flavors to traditional tobacco tastes? A summer 2013 survey from the E-Cigarette Forum found that 75% of adult respondents preferred flavors besides tobacco, including those that taste like fruit, desserts, and spices. A study by one chain that sells vaping supplies discovered that tobacco just barely ranked in their top 20 e liquid flavors, coming in at #18 and #19. With hundreds of flavors available, it's no wonder that vaping enthusiasts want to branch out and try everything from coffee to candy.   When it comes to choosing from the many vaping flavors for sale, it's all about individual taste for users. Some who are transitioning from cigarettes may actually prefer tobacco. Others may experiment with flavor instead. Another important factor with e liquids is the nicotine. Cigarettes don't offer the option of higher or lower nicotine levels. E liquid is available with several different levels of nicotine concentration, so users can choose anything from enough nicotine for a two or three pack a day smoker all the way down to no nicotine at all. Simply put, e cigs give users a choice in the areas where tobacco doesn't.   What flavors do you prefer for your e cigs? Were there any that surprised you when you first started vaping? Tell us in the comments.