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Reviews of Cartomizers

Cartomizers are an ideal conduit of eliquid and perfect for former smokers who want the most authentic and flavorful experience available today. We have reviewed the most effective and high performance cartomizers on the market. We will help you get the most out of your Vapor Zeus, Clearomizer or Ego device. 

  1. Nic Salt Vaping: Vapor Zeus vs Vapor Titan Clearomizer

    Nic Salt Vaping: Vapor Zeus vs Vapor Titan Clearomizer



    The Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus are two of the best devices for vaping nic salts but they provide quite different experiences. Which one is right for you depends on a number of factors both objective and subjective. Both are sold in convenient starter kits, which means everything you need is in the box. Ideal if you want to avoid the waste and expense of disposable ecigs and prefilled vape pods.


    Without further ado, let’s examine which of these e-cigs is best for enjoying salt nic.


    Nic Salt Ejuices


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  2. Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus

    Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus

    Road to Zero Nicotine

    The transition from smoking to vaping can be tricky and the giving up vaping entirely can also be a challenge. This is why the flexibility afforded by multiple ejuice nic strengths is popular with many vapers. The last entry in this series, Road to Zero Nicotine: Wow and Premium Ejuices,  

    The need to provide vapers with multiple options is why Vapor4Life has always offered Wow and Premium ejuices in seven different nicotine strength. Our goal has always been to facilitate a transition from smoking to vaping and from vaping to a nicotine and vaping free life.


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  3. Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Strict Vape Bans Punish Marginalized

    Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and funnel vapers back onto combustible cigarettes. Despite this reality, the day of the flavor ban has finally hit. All prefilled cartridges and vape pods, other than tobacco and menthol, have been banned.

    Most adult vapers prefer the vilified “characterizing” flavors, such as fruits, beverages, candies and desserts. There is nothing wrong with tobacco vapes per se but consumers have shown a strong prefer for bright and often sweet ejuices.

    Unfortunately, there are many cities and states out there that have taken ecig bans a step further. Check out our state vape ban laws resource page for additional information.

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  4. Banned Vaping Products

    Banned Vaping Products

    The United States Food and Drug Administration’s ban on vaping flavors was announced on January 2nd, 2020. All prefilled vape pods and e-cig cartridges other than tobacco and menthol have been banned.

    The last day you will be able to purchase flavored prefilled cartridges and vape pods is Friday January 31st, 2020. Tobacco and menthol pods and cartridges are not impacted.

    The new federal laws do not negate existing state and municipal vape bans. For up to date information on local vaping restrictions, check out our State Vape Ban Laws resource page.

    Banned Vaping Products

    The following cartridge a

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  5. The Best Way to Vape Nic Salts

    The Best Way to Vape Nic Salts

    The Cheapest Way to Vape Nic Salt

    It is convenient, discrete, mess and hassle free, but a prefilled vape pod is the most expensive way to vape nicotine salt vape juice. Not only are your flavor choices limited to the few made by the manufacturer, but you can save a tremendous amount of money if you choose to fill your own device with nicotine salt ejuice.

    It is no exaggeration to say that vaping nic salts from a refillable device is several times less expensive, your choice of flavors and juice makers expands exponentially, and the quality is generally equivalent or superior.

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  6. How to Vape Like a Hookah

    How to Vape Like a Hookah

    Vape Like a Hookah

    The vaping market has largely focused on three general categories of vape juice flavors: menthol, tobacco and a huge range of sweet dessert and fruit ejuices. As a result of these trends, fans of hookah water pipes and smooth shisha style flavors have been largely bypassed by the vaping revolution. This is unfortunate as the communal vaping culture, and flexibility of ejuice flavors make hookah tobacco and vaping a natural combination.  

    But for those of us who are passionate fans of the hookah experience, there are plenty of options available. You can create your own shisha flavor blend for your e-hookah by using an authentic tobacco ejuice

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  7. Vaping Nic Salts in a Vapor Zeus

    Vaping Nic Salts in a Vapor Zeus

    Salt Nic

    Nic salts revolutionized vaping, but it can also be argued they have brought us back to square one. We explain the science and evolution of nic salts in our feature deep-dive “What is Salt Nic?

    The vaping revolution was kicked off with small, high nicotine, mouth to lung devices. Many vapers eventually transitioned to high tech, subohm mods and low nicotine ejuices. Nic salts rekindled interest in discrete, efficient and tight hitting devices.

    But nic salts are not limited to pods. If you are a Vapor Zeus owner, you may be surprised to discover how well you

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  8. Vaping Crushes Nicotine Replacement In New Study

    Vaping Crushes Nicotine Replacement In New Study

    Vaping Supported By Gold Standard Research

    As valuable as our vaping success stories are, it is always gratifying to have personal observations verified by peer-reviewed research in high impact scientific journals.  A research team led by Peter Hajek, a psychologist at Queen Mary University in London, found that e-cigarettes were almost twice as effective for smoking cessation as nicotine replacement therapy. This vindication is particularly sweet because it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). Back in 2015, NEJM was responsible for publishing a notorious and now debunked study on formaldehyde in e-cig vapor. The study was sponsored by the National Institute for Health Research and Cancer Research UK. The results also demolished the myth that e-cigarettes are used by smokers to supplement, and not replace, thei
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  9. Big Time Savings On the Best MarkTen Alternative

    Big Time Savings On the Best MarkTen Alternative

    Welcome MarkTen Customers

    Note: The Federal Flavor ban has removed all prefilled vape pod and cartridge flavors except menthol and tobacco from the market. If you live in a state where flavors are still permitted, one option is to fill your blank/refillable cartridges with the flavor of your choice You can also check out our feature on the best prefilled vape pod and cartridge alternatives for the best way to enjoy the flavors that adults vapers prefer.  Altria, the maker of Marlboro, has dumped their MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cig brands. This move has left many loyal customers out in the cold. If you are a fan of classic e-cigs you will find that our Vapor T
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  10. Big Savings on Green Smoke E-Cig Alternatives

    Big Savings on Green Smoke E-Cig Alternatives

    Welcome Green Smoke customers!

    Attention Green Smoke customers. Altria may be abandoning the classic e-cig market but Vapor4Life is here to stay. Are you looking for an alternative to your Green Smoke or Mark Ten? Look no further. We are offering our Vapor Titan starter kit for $20 with free shipping. For your convenience, we have included a guide to Green Smoke flavors and our flavor equivalents below. Take advantage of this amazing deal by entering the promo code Green20 at checkout. Limit 2 per customer.  We are a US based company that has been making smoking alternatives for a decade. The Vapor Titan has been continually improved and updated during this time but the basic design and experience are unchanged. We want your business and will do our utmost to make sure you are satisfied. Welcome aboard!
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