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E-Cigarette Bans

The freedom of adults to choose their device and flavor of choice is under siege. Powerful lobbyists have spread misinformation and the mainstream media lacks the knowledge to accurately provide information on the vaping industry. We provide expert insights into e-cigarette bans and other threats to vaping. 

  1. Premium eCigarette eJuice Alternatives

    Premium eCigarette eJuice Alternatives

    Premier ECigarette EJuices and the Premier ECigarette Cartomizer are no longer available. The Vapor Titan and Wow and Premium eliquids are a perfect alternative. 

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  2. Best Tobacco Nic Salts

    Best Tobacco Nic Salts

    With flavor bans hitting many of the most populous cities and states, it is time to revisit the best tobacco nic salts. Tobacco eliquids have come a long way and veteran vapers may be stunned at how authentic tobacco flavors have been recreated so accurately in eliquids. 

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  3. Vape Ban Laws By State

    Vape Ban Laws By State

    Vapor4Life has provided a complete guide to state, federal and local vaping restrictions. 

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  4. Vuse Vibe versus Logic Pro

    Vuse Vibe versus Logic Pro

    With the profile of a classic ecig and the convenience of a prefilled pod, the Logic Pro and Vuse Vibe are designed with smokers in mind. So which one is better?

    Category Logic Pro Vuse Vibe
    Style Vape Capsule Swappable Tanks
    Ejuice Capacity 1.5ml 2ml
    Flavors Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco. Menthol
    Nic Salt Flavors 0 0
    Nic Strengths 2% 3%
    Battery 650mAh 350mAh
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  5. Pop Vape Review

    Pop Vape Review

    Best Disposable Vapes


    Ease of use, flavor and satisfaction seem to be the three primary criteria of adults making the switch from smoking to vaping, former adult Juul users looking for the flavors they prefer and legal age nic salt vapers. Disposable vapes check all of these boxes and are the hottest category in vaping.


    Although not as inexpensive to operate as a refillable vape pod kit, disposables are priced competitively with prefilled vape pods. And since prefilled vape pods will soon be available in only menthol and tobacco, disposable vapes have emerged as the go-to device for adult vapers looking for simplicity, discretion and instant satisfaction.


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  6. Best Puff Bar Alternatives

    Best Puff Bar Alternatives

    Puff Bar, one of the leading names in disposable e-cigs, is closing their doors. Puff Bar rose to prominence by offering the bright and sweet flavors that adult vapers prefer but unfortunately the former smokers and adult vapers who flocked to Puff Bar will have to look elsewhere.


    The reason Vapor4Life offers so many disposable vape brands is to make sure that adult vapers can still find their favorite flavor profiles, even if the specific device they prefer is out of stock. This is made easier by the fact that there is so much overlap between disposable ecigs and the varieties of flavors they offer. Just about disposable worth its salt has a mango, blue razz, mint, lychee ice, and lush ice.


    Here is your guide to Puff Bar Alternatives.

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  7. ELiquid Flavor Bans Fuel Thriving Black Market

    ELiquid Flavor Bans Fuel Thriving Black Market

    In April, in the midst of New York’s Covid-19 peak, law makers attended to what they considered very important business: banning the nicotine ejuice flavors that the vast majority of adults prefer. That strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and flavors are not the primary reason why kids vape hardly matter any more.

    Michael Bloomberg has invested hundreds of millions to extinguish nicotine vaping and fountains of misinformation continue to flood the conversation on cigarette alternatives with their poisoned waters.

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  8. Lower Nicotine Puff Bar Disposable

    Lower Nicotine Puff Bar Disposable

    Federal Flavor Ban



    All prefilled vape pods and cartridges other than tobacco or menthol are about to be barred by new FDA regulations. For a complete breakdown of the new federal regulations on flavored ecigs, check out our Guide to the Federal Flavor Ban.

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  9. Puff Bar Plus versus Puff Bar

    Puff Bar Plus versus Puff Bar

    Disposable Vapes

    Disposables vapes have been gaining momentum and market share since early last year. Their appeal is obvious. Disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use and thanks to potent nic salt ejuices, are able to provide the satisfying performance that adult vapers demand.

    Disposable vapes require no filling or charging. Just open

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  10. Posh Disposable Vapes Wholesale

    Posh Disposable Vapes Wholesale

    Wholesale Partners



    Are you interested in selling disposable vapes at your store? Posh Disposables are one of the hottest disposables on the market and are available in a huge selection of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. We also have a huge selection of nic salts, vape pod kits, e-cigs and ejuices.


    But if disposables are what you seek, we really have you covered. No matter what brand of disposable vape you

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