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E-Cigarette Bans

The freedom of adults to choose their device and flavor of choice is under siege. Powerful lobbyists have spread misinformation and the mainstream media lacks the knowledge to accurately provide information on the vaping industry. We provide expert insights into e-cigarette bans and other threats to vaping. 

  1. Best Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

    Best Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

    Logic ECigs

    When Japan Tobacco purchased Logic in April 2015, they could have never foreseen the rise of Juul, explosion of nic salt ejuices and the sweeping flavor bans that have rocked the vaping industry. 2015 was a lifetime ago as far as vaping is concerned. It was refillable/open vape systems that were attracting the most negative attention.

    Times have changed. Despite Logic’s use of legacy technology and standard ejuice formulations, they are being hit incredibly hard by the federal vape ban. Nic salt vape pods, with the exception of menthol and tobacco, are the primary target of the federal flavor ban. Classic ecigs with attachable cartridges are caught up in the sweep, whether they use nic salts or salt.

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  2. Best NJoy Alternatives

    Best NJoy Alternatives

    Federal Flavor Ban


    Strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups and no group will be hit harder than vapers who rely on convenience stores and gas stations to obtain their cigarette alternative of choice. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice. The federal flavor ban removes all pod and cartridge flavors from the market that are not tobacco or menthol.

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  3. Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives

    Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives

    Federal Flavored Vape Ban


    The federal flavor ban comes down hard on MyBlu and Vuse, two major prefilled vape pod companies that still offered the complex vaping flavor profiles that adults prefer.


    The Vuse Alto was never available in more than five flavors, of which two were a very similar Mint and Menthol. Their tobacco flavors were spot on but it was Vuse Mixed Berry which shone brightest. Its loss will be felt by adult vapers, who prefer sweeter offerings over traditional tobacco and menthol flavors by a wide margin.


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  4. Flavored Vape Pods Banned

    Flavored Vape Pods Banned

    Trump Flavor Ban Targets Vape Pods

    The FDA has finalized a new enforcement policy on cartridge based e-cigarettes. Flavors, including fruit and mint, can no longer be used in closed e-cigarette systems.

    This means that adults using prefilled vape pods will have to vape either menthol or tobacco flavors, rather than the sweeter ejuices that they overwhelming prefer. Open e-cigarette devices using bottled ejuices are not impacted. Vape shops are largely spared and rural vapers reliant on convenience store bought pod systems are punished.

    Because of the relatively low numbers of youth using both menthol- and tobacco-flavored,

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  5. FDA Raises the E-Cig Purchase Age to 21

    FDA Raises the E-Cig Purchase Age to 21


    The U.S. Food and Drug Administation (FDA) has officially changed the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21. The minimum age applies to all tobacco products and includes e-cigarettes and vape pods.

    Last week, we reported about the decision to raise the e-cig buying age to 21. The provision was included in a $1.4 trillion spending package and was signed by President Trump on December 20, 2019. The decision to raise the minimum age had bipartisan report but the date of implementation was unclear at signing.

    Nineteen states and hundreds of municipalities already had tobacco 21 laws in place. The complex relationship between the US Military and vaping remains

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  6. E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age

    The U.S. House and Senate have passed a provision that bans e-cigarette and tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21. The federal tobacco 21 legislation is included in a $1.4 trillion dollar spending package that must be passed to avoid a government shutdown. President Trump is expected to sign the spending bill into law before Christmas.

    President Trump has backed off the federal flavor ban he flirted with this fall. The careless reporting of vaping lung disease and the failure of the CDC to release the results of the 2019 Youth Tobacco Survey surely playing a role. The federal tobacco 21 legislation will be viewed as insufficient by anti-vapers, for whom the total ban of flavors a

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  7. Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Vape Flavor Bans


    The pressure being exerted by state flavor bans and an impending federal e-cig crackdown has prompted Juul to extinguish five of their most popular flavors. Whether the elimination of these flavors will successfully address the teen vaping epidemic remains to be seen, although Juul Mint was the most popular flavor with minors and Juul Mango by far the second most popular option.


    A national flavor ban will literally hand the cigarette alternative market to Big Tobacco by stripping the flavors that adults prefer from the market. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino surveyed 69,000 adult vapers and the vast majority

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  8. Trump Backing Off Flavor Ban?

    Trump Backing Off Flavor Ban?

    Vaping Under Siege

    It has been a brutal summer and fall for the vaping industry. Concerns about the teen vaping epidemic have buffeted the industry for a couple years but the careless reporting of a vaping related lung illness served as the catalyst for strict flavor bans in a number of states.

    For an updated guide to state flavor bans, visit the Vape Ban Laws By State resource page.   

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  9. Juul Mint is Gone

    Juul Mint is Gone

    2/8/2020: The FDA has banned all flavored vape pods other than tobacco and menthol. Mint Juul would not have made the cut, even if they had not chosen to pull it.

    If you live in a state that still permits flavored vapes, your best bet is a disposable vape or refillable vape pod kit. Check out our guide to the best Juul Mint alternatives for some great options.

    As reported by Market Watch, Juul Mint, the most popular flavor with minors, is being pulled from the market. This follows

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  10. Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

    Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

    There is a lot of breaking news and the future of flavored ejuice hangs in the balance. Juul Compatible pods are no longer available on the US market.


    The Federal Flavor ban has eliminated all of Juul Fruit Medley's old prefilled vape pod competition as well.



    These political machinations are part and parcel of the Juul Fruit

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