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E-Cigarette Bans

The freedom of adults to choose their device and flavor of choice is under siege. Powerful lobbyists have spread misinformation and the mainstream media lacks the knowledge to accurately provide information on the vaping industry. We provide expert insights into e-cigarette bans and other threats to vaping. 

  1. The Legacy of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

    The Legacy of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

    FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Resigning

    FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is resigning at the end of the month. A vocal critic of the vaping industry,  FDA has clashed with the Juul-Altria alliance over the increased rates of underage vaping on his watch. His year-long crusade against the teen vaping epidemic defines his tenure. Gottlieb’s family has continued to reside in Westport, Conn since he took office in May of 2017. It has been reported that the commute took a toll on his family life and prompted his decision to step down. Gottlieb, 46, also served on President Trump’s transition team and has extensive experience in the private sector. He attended medical
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  2. Retro E-Juice Packaging Appeals to Adults Not Minors

    Retro E-Juice Packaging Appeals to Adults Not Minors

    Fruit Flavor Fallacy

    The fruit flavor fallacy has been a favorite zombie vaping myth for years. It is based on the faulty premise that fruit flavors and dessert ejuices exist to hook minors. They have been blamed for fueling what is framed as the teen vaping epidemic. This fallacious argument is undermined by the fact that legal age vapers, the vast, undisputed and overwhelming majority of the market, also prefer sweet flavored e-juices. The fruit flavor fallacy gained even more traction last year when the FDA went after e-juices with flashy packaging that resembled the sugar coated cereals and sugary candies that the 1980s and 90s are still famous for.  The missed the memo that this packaging was retro. While it is true that many of these items are s
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  3. Marlboro Maker Altria Supports Flavor Ban

    Marlboro Maker Altria Supports Flavor Ban

    Best Juul Alternatives

    The federal government has banned all prefilled vape pods other than menthol and tobacco. If you are one of the millions of adult vapers who prefer sweeter fare, and live in a state that still permits flavored vapes, your best bet is a disposable vape or refillable vape pod kit. Check out our guide to the best Juul alternatives for some great options.

    Juul-Marlboro Strategic Alliance

    When Marlboro maker Altria purchased a 35 percent stake in Juul, they hitched their wagon to a company that controls over 70 percent of the ecig market. Juul was expected to benefit from
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  4. Juul's Market Share Shrinks As FDA Regulations Take Hold

    Juul's Market Share Shrinks As FDA Regulations Take Hold

    The fruit flavor fallacy, the misguided belief that sweet e-juice flavors were created to hook children, is one of the most ridiculous zombie vaping myths. Unfortunately, a spike in underage vaping has been framed as a teen vaping epidemic and the blame has been placed on these flavors. The reality is far different. The majority of adult vapers prefer sweeter flavors.

    Juul in the FDA's Crosshairs

    As the biggest player in the vaping industry, Juul has been the obvious target of regulators and anti-vapers. Marlboro maker Altria purchasing a 35 percent stake in Juul did nothing to enhance their anti-smoking crusader bona fides, but they were already a primary target of new FDA e-cig regulations. Juul removed
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  5. Keep it 100? Hawaii Eyes Smoking Prohibition

    Keep it 100? Hawaii Eyes Smoking Prohibition

    The Time Is Ripe for Prohibition

    Dr. Richard Creegan (D), a Hawaiian state rep and former emergency room physician, is looking to increase the legal age to purchase cigarettes to 100 years old by 2024. A quick perusal of a map reveals Hawaii has no shared borders or neighboring states where residents can still access smokes. There is another name for this law: prohibition. Has Creegan struck at the right time or is he tilting at windmills? There is a precedent. Hawaii was already the first state to raise its smoking age to 21, and as the vaping community is painfully aware, nicotine prohibition is in air in 2019. Hawaii House Bill 1509 would raise the legal age for purchasing cigarettes to 30 years of age by January 1, 2020. The age requirement will jump again to age 50 by 2022 and age 60 by 2023. It should be noted that the ban does not include other tobacco products and electronic
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  6. Strict E-Cig Laws Punish Marginalized Groups

    Strict E-Cig Laws Punish Marginalized Groups

    There are plenty of hobbyists who enjoy zero nicotine e-juice, but the vast majority of e-cig users are former smokers. For those of us in this group, access to a nicotine delivery platform that is free of smoke and ash has been a game changer. Society as a whole is gradually moving away puritanical strictures regarding marijuana use. Alcohol prohibition was discredited nearly a century ago. Why does vaping alone face ramped up legal pressure and ever more stringent FDA regulations?

    The Wealthy Don't Vape

    The answer can be found in smoking trends. A Washington Post report in 2015 outlined in detail how the wealthy have almost entirely stopped smoking cigarettes. It is among marginalized groups that cigarettes remain most prevalent. The same trends
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  7. Juul Strikes Back With Study on E-Juice Flavors

    Juul Strikes Back With Study on E-Juice Flavors

    Confronting the Fruit Flavor Fallacy

    The myth that sweet flavors were created in order to hook minors is a zombie vaping myth and refuses to die. No matter how many times it has been debunked, this fruit flavor fallacy remains an existential threat to the e-cig industry. It has been tenuously linked to the teen vaping epidemic by extremists and drives their proposed e-cig flavor bans. The vape pod giant Juul is finally pushing back against this false narrative. Last week they released a pair of studies which demonstrated how sweet flavors can help adults successfully transition from combustible cigarettes to electronic alternatives. These studies add to the existing evidence, which shows that the majority of adult vapers prefer fruit
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  8. A Move Towards E-Cig Prohibition In California

    A Move Towards E-Cig Prohibition In California

    The First Step to E-Cig Prohibition

    A group of six California state senators are moving to place severe restrictions on electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and e-juices of all flavors. A pair of proposed bills, SB-38 and SB 39 are grim news for anyone who vapes, works in the vaping industry or has relatives or friends who vape in the golden state. As written, they would annihilate the vaping industry in California. SB-38 would shutter every vape shop, prevent retail outlets from selling e-cigs. SB-39 would hit e-commerce sellers with strict signature verification procedures. The word "prohibition" may sound like hyperbole, but sadly it isn’t. The first state to legalize medical marijuana, way back in 1996, may soon be enforcing strict laws would punitively restrict and in many cases even cutoff adult access to electronic cigarettes. Assessing the effectiveness of the new FDA regulations on e-cigs
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  9. The Environmental Impact of Smoking

    The Environmental Impact of Smoking

    The Cost of Smoking

    It has long since been established that smoking is a scourge that has killed millions. The World Health Organization (WHO) projects by 2030 that smoking will account for 10 percent of deaths world-wide. Smoking also negatively impacts non-smokers through second hand smoke. The human toll is often discussed in terms of lives lost but the environmental impact has avoided similar scrutiny. The pollution generated by smoking goes far beyond the fumes emitted by individual cigarettes. Of course, it was this concern about second hand smoke that led to public smoking bans, although these only gathered momentum a bit over a decade ago.

    Second Hand Smoke

    Today the idea of smoking on airplanes, in hospitals, in teacher’s lounges and at your desk at work is a distant memory to anyone under the age of 50. S
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  10. Your Quick Guide to Proposed FDA E-Cig Regulations

    Your Quick Guide to Proposed FDA E-Cig Regulations

    Big Announcement From FDA Imminent

    As we wait for the FDA’s official announcement this week, here is what we know already:  Big changes are afoot and the fast growing e-cigarette industry faces a new wave of regulations. This week Scott Gottlieb led FDA is expected to move forward with a series of new restrictions ostensibly designed to end the teen “vaping epidemic”. Unfortunately, the FDA’s heavy handed approach shows how popular myths about vaping continue to cloud regulatory decision making. The FDA may move this week to bar the sales of fruit, candy and dessert flavored e-cigarettes from convenience stores and gas stations. They are also expected to impose more stringent age verification guidelines for online sales. The full range of flavors will still be available at vape stores, which have a better track record of enforcing age restrictions. Earlier this fall, the FDA took act
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