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E-Cigarette Bans

The freedom of adults to choose their device and flavor of choice is under siege. Powerful lobbyists have spread misinformation and the mainstream media lacks the knowledge to accurately provide information on the vaping industry. We provide expert insights into e-cigarette bans and other threats to vaping. 

  1. Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Wants FDA Regulations Sped Back Up

      chuck-schumer-fda-regs Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is trying to ruin a good thing for vapers (and really for smokers too). Just months after FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that the FDA’s vaping regulations would be delayed, Schumer is pushing to enact the FDA regulations sooner than later and he’s taking a familiar approach: combining fear-mongering and children to villainize vaping.   According to CBS, Schumer is “calling on the FDA to move swiftly forward with their oversight regulations,” citing studies that have shown a growing number of teens have at least

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  2. The Problem With a Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes

    banning-flavored-ecigarettes San Francisco is just one of the cities and states around the U.S. that wants a ban on flavored  e-cigarettes. Well, more accurately, the state is proposing to ban flavored tobacco products and as the FDA deeming regulations have taught us, apparently that means vape products too. It’s probably a good time to remind everyone that e-cigarettes and e-juices *do not* contain tobacco, but don’t try to tell that to the FDA. The problem with San Francisco’s proposed ban is that it not only undermines the potential for e-cigarettes in harm reduction, but also that it doesn’t make sense.   For one, it doesn’t fit with the Bay Area’s progressive stance on other harm reduction issues including addiction, sexually tra
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  3. The Indiana Vape Laws Are Ruining Everything for Vapers

    Indiana Vape Laws I was born in Indiana. I grew up in the Hoosier state. Most of my family lives there and I would like to be proud to call it home, but after the vaping bill has gone into effect, I can honestly say I’m ashamed to be a Hoosier.   On July 1, 2016, with the FDA Deeming Regulations as the fuel for their fire of hate against vapers, Indiana's vape laws will surely put every vape shop in Indiana out of business. The recent bill requires vape companies to keep e-liquid safe (like it’s some kind of assault weapon or something) by hiring a security company to certify their shop as secure. This
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  4. All the Best E Juice and Vaping Gear in Chicago Without All the Vaping Taxes

    Best E Juice in Chicago   On February 1, 2016, Vapor4Life had to close its Chicago location because Rahm Emanuel thought it was a brilliant idea to slap a ridiculous tax on Chicago vaping products. Thanks, Rahm, you really know how to help out your voters, and the brick and mortar vape shops that proudly serve(d) Chicago and boosted the economy, but are closing one by one. You’re a real hero.   There’s an 80 cent charge on vape products, and e-juices are taxe
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  5. Chicago Vaping Taxes: Rahm Wants Smokers to Keep Smoking!

      Chicago Vaping Regulations This past October, Mayor Rahm Emanuel passed a ridiculous law to tax nicotine in e-cigs, as well as e juice, tacking on an additional 55 cents per milliliter.  This means he’s also taxing the FDA-approved ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which make up most of the ingredients in a single bottle of e juice. In fact, a 30 ml bottle of e juice--which contains less than 1 ml of nicotine, it to be prepaid to the city at $16.50 in taxes per bottle, plus an

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  6. Help Protect the Vaping Industry

    Protect the Vaping Industry The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Organization, which has been a constant opponent of vaping, recently urged the White House to place pressure on the FDA to finalize their Tobacco Deeming Regulations. These deeming regulations are expected to have a disastrous effect on the vaping industry and have the potential of banning over 99% of the vapor products that are currently being sold. The FDA Deeming Regulations, as written now, will make it very costly for vape companies to continue doing business, and innovating their product lines. If this act gets passed it will undoubtedly lead to higher e Cig and e Juice prices while also limiting the selection of e Juice flavors
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  7. LA vapers - don't let ecigs get banned!

    Next Monday (2/24), Los Angeles City Council's Arts, Parks, Health, Aging & River Committee expects to consider an ordinance that would ban use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited. This will take place at its next regular meeting, in room 1060, City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. We need your help to prevent this from happening!
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  8. Chicago bans ecigs indoors

    Ald. Colon, Ald. Reilly, Ald. Sposato, Ald. Sawyer"
    Today, the Chicago City Council as a whole voted on the proposed ecigarette ban. It passed 45 to 4. The four Alderman that voted against the ban were Roderick Sawyer, Ray Colon, Nicholas Sposato, and Brendan Reilly. Chicago is set to be the first major US city to ban vaping in restaurants, bars, and other indoor places. The ban will go into effect in 30 days. As soon as we get the exact wording of the ordinance and more info, we'll share it!
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  9. Chicago's ecig ordinance passed joint committee

    Vicki testifying against the ordinance"
    Today, the Chicago City Council Joint Committee on Finance and Committee on Health and Environmental Protection passed an ordinance regulating e-cigs. The ordinance amending Chapters 4-64 and 7-32 of the Municipal Code of Chicago  regulates ecigs like tobacco cigarettes on sale, distribution and use.
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  10. Chicago's possible indoor vaping ban

    The Chicago City Council is meeting for a second time likely to discuss a proposed ordinance banning e-cigs wherever smoking is prohibited. The meeting is this coming Monday, January 13, at 11:30am. We are encouraging all Chicago vapers to call and email their Alderman, to let them know why they should not pass the ordinance. It would also be extremely helpful to attend the meeting and speak about your experience with e-cigarettes.
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