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E-Liquid Reviews

ELiquid is literally the fuel that keeps your device running. The fanciest mod does you no good without it, might as well be a paper weight. So have made sure to try out all of the most popular and flavorful ejuices on the market in order to help you make an informed selection that you will love. Whether it is nic salts, high-VG mod fuel or the crystal clear realism of high-PG Wow and Premium ejuices, we have tried them all. 

  1. What's the Difference Between WOW and Premium E-Juice?

      difference-between-wow-and-premium-ejuice Vapor4Life’s flagship e-liquid is still one of our top selling products for former smokers and vapers who use the Vapor Zeus or other traditional e-cigarettes. When you’re browsing our website to buy e-liquid, you’ll notice some flavors are available in “WOW” and others are available in “Premium.” You can buy select e-juice flavors in either WOW or Premium. You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice?” Don’t w

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  2. SMOK Alien Mod and Other New Vape Products!

    As you know, we’ve been spicing things up a bit at Vapor4Life by stocking the newest mods, max-VG e-liquids and herbal vaporizers. We’ve been pretty pumped about that, but we’re even more pumped to announce that you can now buy the SMOKE Alien Mod at Vapor4Life. This mod has already sold out at many other vape stores. It’s crazy popular and now that we’ve tried it, we wanna tell you what we really dig about it. The Alien isn’t the only new thing to grace the shelves here at V4L. We’ve also got a line of new max-VG e-juice in from Slush E-Juice. Just as the name suggests, each of these flavors is like sipping from a super-sweet slushie. Warning: If you keep reading you will want to buy at least one of these products. SMOK Alien Mod

    New Vape Products The Alien (Mo
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  3. Best E-Juice Flavors of 2016

    Best E-Juice Flavors of 2016
      The best e juice flavors of 2016 span such a wide range of flavor profiles that there’s something for everyone. Some of the best e-juice flavors from 2016 are made by your very own Vapor4Life. Others come from some more of the biggest names out there: Beard Vape Co., Cuttwood and Cosmic Fog. These flavors are so popular with customers that we’ve added them to our own inventory to compliment V4L’s own top e juices. Picking the best e-juices of 2016 is kind of like picking your favorite child, which is why I don't have any children, but I have a LOT of e-juice.  #1. Ultimo Vapor E-Juice Peanut Butter Jelly Time
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  4. Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?

    Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?
    Mels Blog By Melanie S  Milin One of the many questions we get from former smokers-turned-vapers in our vape shops and in our call centers is “Should I lower my nicotine level?” We have always believed in providing options for our customers, because everyone is different.  We find that we can help our customers best if they answer a few questions.
    1. Do you intend to stop vaping eventually?
    Then our answer would be a qualified yes.  We recommend reducing one e Juice strength at a time, and stay there for about two weeks before taking the next step.  As you lower the strength, you will find your body adjusting          to the lower level and your satisfaction will continue. If your body s
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  5. How Does E Liquid Work? Learn About the Many Vaping Flavors for Sale Here

    Most people today know about electronic cigarettes, and those who use them or have considered vaping may also know about e liquid. E liquid is the substance used to create vapor in e cigs and rechargeable vapor pens. The big draw with e liquid is that it comes in all sorts of different flavors, which gives vaping a lot more variety than smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you've had any burning questions about e liquid, now is the time to find out more. Here's what you need to know about e liquid and the thousands of vaping flavors for sale on the e cigarette market: How is vapor created? Vapor is created when the e liquid in a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette is heated up by the atomizer coils, which are powered by the e cig's battery. As it heats, it becomes a vapor or mist, which exits through the mouthpiece at the end of the e cig. What are PG and VG, and why do they matter? PG and VG, or propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, are the

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  6. Questions About Vaping Flavors You've Wanted to Ask

    questions_about_eliquids   With more than 466 brands and 7,700 flavors on the market today, the liquid nicotine "e liquid or e juice" used in vapor cigarettes is one of the most important and popular components of the vape market. These liquids are responsible for creating vapor as users puff on their e cigs (also known as vaping), and they're available in flavors ranging from watermelon and strawberry to coffee and chocolate. New users may have several questions about buying this essential accessory for their e cigs, especially with regard to e liquid's contents and flavors. Here are some questions you may have wanted to ask about choosing from the many vaping flavors for sale today:
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  7. Breaking Down the Components and Busting the Myths Surrounding eLiquids

    eliquids_general   The debate over eLiquids in vapor cigarettes is heating up -- and not because of the cartomizers found in such devices. Indiana's House committee approved a bill this week that would significantly impact businesses that sell vaping products, especially the e Liquids or liquid nicotine that provide vapor for such devices. The state House will vote on the issue soon and decide whether retailers who sell e-Liquids will need to have a retail tobacco certificate -- a $5,000 expense that comes with a $1,000 renewal every five years. According to the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, there are around 16,000 vape shops in the U.S., up from 10,000 last autumn. Laws like the one proposed in Indiana
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  8. Put That in Your Vape and Puff: Three of the Weirdest E-Liquid Flavors Around

    vapor cigarettes

    By now you know that vapor cigarettes come in a wide variety of delectable flavors. In addition to the regular tobacco and menthol vaping flavors, there's peach, cinnamon, watermelon, waffles, strawberry, and coffee, but believe it or not, there are also some pretty weird vaping flavors out there, too. Here are just a few you can try... if you dare. Beer Flavor There's nothing like a nice, frosty, cold one after work. Just kicking back, relaxing, and having a nice beer. Users of vapor cigarettes, though, don't have to necessarily wait until after work to enjoy the flavor of these malty, hoppy beverages, since there's a beer flavor liquid available. The only trouble (or best part for some, maybe) is that it's non-alcoholic.
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  9. How to Begin Using an Electronic Cigarette or Vapor Pen

    begin-using-an-electronic-cigaretteHave you recently made the switch from smoking to vaping? If so, you may be excited to try using an electronic cigarette or a more advanced vapor pen for the first time, but you likely have no idea where to start. By using this simple guide, you should have some idea of what to expect as you begin vaping. How to Use an eCig or Vapor Pen for the First Time The first time you use a rechargeable electronic cigarette or rechargeable vapor pen (which is a larger version of an eCig), you will need to charge the device for at least a couple of hours. This ensures that the battery is full before you start using it. The next step
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  10. Sweet or Savory: Your Guide to Find the Right Vaping Flavors

    vaping flavors for saleOne thing that many smokers find after they've used tobacco for several years is that their choices are, quite frankly, lacking. There are only so many varieties of tobacco in standard cigarettes, and adding menthol doesn't make a lot of difference.
    However, quitting smoking and switching to vaping, or the use of an electronic cigarette, gives users the chance to choose a device that doesn't even resemble a traditional cigarette. Today's e cigarettes are designed in all different colors and sizes. Much of their appeal comes from the fact that e cigs can be used with the hundreds of vaping flavors for sale online, in specialty shops, and sometimes even in mall kiosks.
    Have you recently switched to vaping? Because there are so many vaping
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