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ECigarette Battery Reviews

The best tank and ejuice still require a reliable and long-lasting power source. Batteries are what make e-cigs tick and we carefully analyze the top products in the industry to help you make an informed decision. 

  1. Vaping Hacks: Advice For Vaping In The Summer


    Thermometer Sun Sky 40 Degrees Celsius. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit."

    During summertime, those sweaty, sticky temperatures can be a vaper’s worst enemy. As vapers we’re always cautioned to keep our 18650 batteries out of extreme heat, but what do you do when the temperature outside escalates above 80 degrees and the humidity ramps up? High temperatures can also have an adverse effect on e-juice, coils, and other e-cigarette components. Follow these tips to make vaping in the summer safer and more enjoyable in no time.   Keep Batts Out Of Heat

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  2. 18650 Battery Safety

    18650-battery-safety If you vape, you’ve probably heard this question from at least one person...probably dozens, “Aren’t you worried that thing’s going to explode?” The mainstream media —who likes to make it their job to villainize vaping— posts weekly articles about exploding e-cigarettes. First, it’s important to make a distinction: e-cigarettes do not explode; lithium ion batteries (which are often used in vape mods) can explode if they are not handled safely. This became apparent when Samsung had to recall millions of its phones because batteries were catching on fire. If an

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  3. Get a Variable Voltage e Cig Battery for Ultimate Control

    variable-voltage_blog When faced with dozens of choices for a Vaping device, it’s easy to get confused.  This will help you understand why a Variable Voltage e Cig battery may be best for you. Simply put, a Zeus Variable Voltage e cig battery allows the user to vary the voltage coming from the battery from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. Why should you care?  Four reasons:
    1. Different power levels produce different taste in each e Juice.
    2. Different power levels create a different throat hit
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  4. Want a Stress-Free Vaping Experience? Simplify with Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and Cartridges

    stress free vaping For many smokers, lighting up a cigarette and puffing away is easy. What they often don't take into account is that smoking can have serious health consequences. They may have thought about switching to vaping, or using an electronic cigarette, but considered it to be too difficult to use. After all, it is true that tobacco cigarettes don't need charging or refills, but as it turns out, there are easier ways to vape.   For those who are new to vaping or looking for some fresh alternatives, here are three reasons why disposable electronic cigarettes and cartridges can deliver a simplified and stress-free vaping experience:  

    Ready to go right away.

    Rechargeable electronic cigarettes
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  5. Four Tips for Prolonging the Life of Vaping Batteries

    Four Tips for Prolonging the Life of Vaping Batteries

    Vaping history really dates back much further than one might think. The popular smoking alternative has been around since the invention of the first electronic cigarette in the 1960s, but these days there are about 2.5 million people in the United States who vape. Vaping refers to the act of of "smoking" an electronic cigarette,. or vape. Vapes are battery-powered and can be recharged using a USB charger. Just like anything else that is powered by a rechargeable battery, it can run out of power, and the battery can degrade and eventually be unable to hold a charge. Here are a few tips for prolonging its life.  

      1. Use it Regularly

        One way to prolong the life of vaping batteries is to use them regularly. Vapes are typically powered by lithium ion batteries, which are meant to be used daily. This is why they usually power devices like cell phones and tablets -- as well as vapes. Users should try to rotate only a couple of batteries so that way each one
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  6. Summer vaping tips

    Summer vapingIt's summer and time to enjoy the sun, sand, beach, watermelon, and street fests! What could be better than relaxing outside, soaking up the sun and vaping? Not much! We want you to keep on vapin' during these gorgeous months, and have fun this summer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind during this time of year.
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  7. Eco-Friendly Vape Tips

    Happy Earth Day Vapers!Did you know that cigarette butts are the single most littered item in the U.S.? Not only that, but it takes 12 years for a cigarette butt to break down. Twelve years! Switching to electronic cigarettes makes sense for so many reasons. You feel better, smell better, save time, and save money. Plus, just by switching from smoking to vaping you are doing a huge part in helping to combat pollution. Most e-cigarette batteries can be recharged (aside from disposables) and at their end of their life, can be recycled. Since it's Earth Day, we're giving you some tips on how vapers can even go one step further in helping the environment.  
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  8. Odd Mods: 5 Strangest Vape Mods

    Steampunk mod Steampunk mod seen at VapeBash 3"
        There are some pretty damn crazy, I mean CRAZY mods out there. If you think all ecigs look alike, you my friend are in for a big surprise. People have been modding their electronic cigarettes since the devices were invented. There are ecigs made of Altoids tins, Nintendo controllers and Atari joysticks. One company has even made vaporizers out of energy and pop cans. They have glass straws that serve as a drip tip. There are ecig mods made of all kinds of old school tobacco pipes. Here are the 5 strangest vape mods we've seen out there.
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  9. How to fix an ecig battery

    Battery broken? If your ecig isn't working, this could be very annoying. You might be out and about, with just one batt, or you have a spare, but it's not charged. Ah fret not my fellow vapers. If your batt isn't working, there are a few things you should try doing before throwing your hands up in frustration. Here's a checklist for you:
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  10. Vapor4Life gets on board with America Recycles Day

    Today is America Recycles Day. It is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling. Events take place every year on or around November 15 across the U.S. As a program of Keep America Beautiful, the goal is to get people recycling 365 days a year.
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