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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic cigarettes are smoke and ash free alternatives to combustible cigarettes. They provide an authentic draw and a satisfying experience. We review the top names in the industry and provide plenty of pointers for getting the most out of our propreitary Vapor Zeus and Vapor Titan. 

Vapor Zeus

  1. The Best Disposable Vapes

    The Best Disposable Vapes

    The best disposable vapes offering great flavor, satisfying performance and incredible convenience. All you need to do is open the packaging and puff. Perfect for adult vapers who do not want to deal with charging or filling. 

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  2. Pop Vape Review

    Pop Vape Review

    Best Disposable Vapes


    Ease of use, flavor and satisfaction seem to be the three primary criteria of adults making the switch from smoking to vaping, former adult Juul users looking for the flavors they prefer and legal age nic salt vapers. Disposable vapes check all of these boxes and are the hottest category in vaping.


    Although not as inexpensive to operate as a refillable vape pod kit, disposables are priced competitively with prefilled vape pods. And since prefilled vape pods will soon be available in only menthol and tobacco, disposable vapes have emerged as the go-to device for adult vapers looking for simplicity, discretion and instant satisfaction.


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  3. Best Nicotine Free Vapes

    Best Nicotine Free Vapes

    The goal of Vapor4Life has always been to facilitate adult smokers who are looking to switch to vaping and for vapers to reduce their nicotine intake with the goal of a vaping free lifestyle. From day one, we have offered a huge range of nic strengths, a total of seven for our Wow and Premium Ejuices. The lowest level of nicotine offered in these ejuices is no nicotine at all. And it is that style of vaping we are exploring today.


    Why Nicotine Free Vapes?


    There are a host of reasons that vapers choose lower nicotine and nicotine free options. The obvious reason is that nicotine is an addictive chemical. At Vapor4Life, we have found that the majority of our customers reduce the amount of nicotine and nic strength they consume over the course of their

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  4. Voopoo Vinci R versus Suorin Elite versus Smok Nord 2

    Voopoo Vinci R versus Suorin Elite versus Smok Nord 2

    If you live in a state without additional restrictions on the ejuice flavors that adults prefer, the federal ban on flavored prefilled vape pods was not the end of the road. You in fact have two great options. There are disposable ecigs, which deliver fantastic flavor and require no filling or charging. But the best price performer and the option that saves you the most money is to use a refillable device and buy your own bottled ejuice.


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  5. Best Posh Plus Alternatives

    Best Posh Plus Alternatives

    Disposable Vapes

    With flavored pods getting yanked from the market by the federal government, adult vapers in search of an easy to use and satisfying device that is still available in the flavors they prefer have gravitated towards disposable vapes. But refillable devices like the Vapor

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  6. Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Titan

    Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Titan

    There is a reason many vapers prefer higher nicotine ejuices and mouth to lung devices. They are discrete, burn less juice and deliver a satisfying experience through fewer total inhales. Both nic salt ejuices and high PG ejuices like the Wow and Premium Eliquid lineup are popular fuels for smaller vaping devices.

    The biggest advantage of higher nicotine ejuices is that they require a smaller device. There is no need, manufacturers urge you not to, use a cloud throwing box mod with nic salts or regular ejuices with a nic level over 1.2 percent. As less power is needed to generate a satisfying hit, a higher resistance coil and smaller battery are required.

    Ideal for higher nicotine ejuices is a sleek and slim design like the

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  7. Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus

    Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus

    Road to Zero Nicotine

    The transition from smoking to vaping can be tricky and the giving up vaping entirely can also be a challenge. This is why the flexibility afforded by multiple ejuice nic strengths is popular with many vapers. The last entry in this series, Road to Zero Nicotine: Wow and Premium Ejuices,  

    The need to provide vapers with multiple options is why Vapor4Life has always offered Wow and Premium ejuices in seven different nicotine strength. Our goal has always been to facilitate a transition from smoking to vaping and from vaping to a nicotine and vaping free life.


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  8. Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Strict Vape Bans Punish Marginalized

    Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and funnel vapers back onto combustible cigarettes. Despite this reality, the day of the flavor ban has finally hit. All prefilled cartridges and vape pods, other than tobacco and menthol, have been banned.

    Most adult vapers prefer the vilified “characterizing” flavors, such as fruits, beverages, candies and desserts. There is nothing wrong with tobacco vapes per se but consumers have shown a strong prefer for bright and often sweet ejuices.

    Unfortunately, there are many cities and states out there that have taken ecig bans a step further. Check out our state vape ban laws resource page for additional information.

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  9. Best Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

    Best Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

    Vuse Vibe Nectar Alternatives

    In the FDA’s haste to combat the teen vaping epidemic, they implemented a flavor ban on prefilled nic salt vape pods that knocked all prefilled cartridges and tanks other than tobacco and menthol off the market. Studies have shown that adults greatly prefer to vape flavors other than tobacco and one of the big losers in this transition was Vuse.

    The popular Vuse Alto at least was of the design that the government was ostensibly targeting and had but a single impacted flavor. Here is our guide to the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives.

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  10. Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

    Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

    Vuse ECigs

    Although vape pods were the primary target of the FDA flavor ban, prefilled cartridge and prefilled tank devices were hit just as hard hit. One popular product caught up in the federal sweep is the Vuse Vibe. Unlike its stablemate the Vuse Alto, the Vibe is not a vape pod kit. It relies on tanks that are screwed onto a cylindrical battery.

    If prefilled vape pod kits are more your speed, we examined the Alto closely in our comparison test, Juul versus Vuse Alto, and found it to be an excellent

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