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Flavor Bans

Although flavors are not the primary reason that kids vape according to the CDC and are far more popular with adult vapers than tobacco flavors, heavily funded activists have worked tirelessly to ban the flavors that adult vapers prefer. The risk of funneling former smokers who vape back onto cigarettes and providing fewer flavor options to adult smokers who are looking to switch to vaping is not a consideration of these activists and their anti-scientific agenda. The end result of strict e-cig laws is that marginalized groups are punished, as wealthy Americans largely gave up smoking decades ago. 

  1. Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    The San Francisco E-Cig ban will be tried in the court of public opinion this November. As repoted by the San Francisco Examiner, the Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulations obtained more than double the 9,400 required signatures necessary to put the ecig ban to the voters.


    “We have preserved access to a ballot measure on an upcoming San Francisco election and have the required signatures to move forward and ensure that underage access and use is addressed comprehensively, but adults aren't driven back to cigarettes, which kill 40,000 Californians a year,” Juul spokesman Ted Kwong told Forbes.


    Repealing Vape Ban an Uphill Struggle


    Putting this issue to the voters does not mean e-cigs are in the clear. In 2016, $22.6 mil

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  2. Vape Ban Means More Smoking

    Vape Ban Means More Smoking

    Anecdotes and gut-feelings aren’t evidence. Sometimes you need an expert to confirm what seems glaringly obvious. This is the case with the San Francisco E-Cig ban. In a city famous for humane harm reduction policies, e-Cigs have been banned but combustible cigarettes are still available.

    As reported earlier this week, San Francisco’s chief economist Ted Egan told the city's board of supervisors that more people will smoke as a result of the city's vape ban. Back in May, he concluded that the city would not end up losing out economically because of this spike in cigarette sales.

    Somewhere in a city that distributes millions of needles and is pushing for safe injection sit

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  3. Indoor Vaping Bans

    Indoor Vaping Bans

    States Banning Workplace Vaping

    As the teen vaping epidemic casts a harsh spotlight on e-cigarettes, more and more states are banning vaping in the workplace. As reported by Bloomberg, in the last 90 days four states have instituted vaping bans in most indoor workplaces. A fifth state, Wisconsin, is expected to soon follow suit.

    In total, 17 states have banned vaping and e-cigarettes in the workplace. Across the board, nearly every state has a law on the books prohibiting vaping in schools, hospitals and government facilities.

    Vaping Gets the Tobacco Treatment

    It is no surprise that vaping is under si

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  4. Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds American, once known as R.J. Reynolds and the manufacturer of Camel cigarettes, thinks they have pinpointed the cause of the teen vaping epidemic, and it is not the fruity ejuice flavors preferred by adult vapers. As reported CNBC, Reynolds thinks the blame should be placed entirely on Juul, and wants to fight FDA restrictions that punish the vaping industry in general but to do address Juul's role and past marketing strategies.  

    “FDA has already identified the main driver of youth interest: Juul,” said a Reynolds spokesperson. The maker of Newport and Vuse vapes as pointed out, “As the agency’s public statements confirm, underage users disproportionately prefer Juul to all other products. Armed with such knowledg

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  5. The Strictest National E-Cig Law Yet Would Benefit Juul-Altria

    The Strictest National E-Cig Law Yet Would Benefit Juul-Altria

    Another day, another strict e-cig law that will punish marginalized groups and destroy small businesses. This one is a bit different. The Reversing Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act 2019 is the most punitive anti-vaping bill yet. It is a catch-all that includes the all of the industry killing regulations and laws that have been proposed in previous bills, such as the Safe Kids Act.

    Sponsored by Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Donna Shalala (D-FL), it would ban virtually all cigarette and ejuice flavors. It would outlaw e-cig marketing, raise the purchase age to 21 and ban online sales.

    Unlike the US

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  6. Senators Accuse Juul of Marketing to Minors

    Senators Accuse Juul of Marketing to Minors

    Senate Investigates Juul

    The ability of US Senators to understand the basics of 21st century marketing will be put to the test. On Monday April 8, eleven Democratic senators opened an investigation into vaping giant Juul. Not surprisingly, Dick Durbin of Illinois is at the forefront.

    While the FDA considers banning nic salt fueled, prefilled vape pod systems, this group of Senators is looking for evidence that Juul intentionally tried to get children hooked on their product.

    The Senator’s letter to Juul CEO Kevin Burns is a request for information on Juul’s past, present and future marketing strategies. They also seek information on the company's relationship with "Big Tobacco".

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  7. Top Ten Juul Alternatives

    Top Ten Juul Alternatives

    FDA Juul Ban in 2019?


    Juul and their partner Altria, maker of Marlboro cigarettes, are in favor of a flavor ban. Is this because this would eliminate their competition? The biggest threat to Juul’s market share is an FDA ban on prefilled nic salt pod systems. Also known as closed pod systems, an FDA ban on prefilled pods may become a reality if the teen vaping epidemic has not abated by this spring.


    The second biggest threat to Juul is the emergence of refillable, or open, pod systems.


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  8. The Truth About Trump's $100 Million User Fee on E-Cigarettes

    The Truth About Trump's $100 Million User Fee on E-Cigarettes

    Proposed White House Budget Targets Vaping Industry


    Although it is an executive branch prerogative to submit a federal budget, Trump’s Budget for a Better America is little more than a political document that outlines his priorities. Don’t take this as a partisan cheap shot because it isn't.  A President’s budget being ignored or heavily modified by Congress is hardly a new phenomenon.


    This does not mean that the content of his budget doesn’t matter. The targeting of e-cigarettes by a Republican president is an ominous turn of events and suggests that e-cigarettes are now under assault from both the right and left.


    The teen vaping epidemic has made e-cigarettes an easy target for politicians of every stripe. You can score points with concern

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  9. E-Cig Flavor Ban Introduced to US House

    E-Cig Flavor Ban Introduced to US House

    SAFE Kids Act

    Diane DeGette (D-Colorado), has introduced legislation that would ban e-cigarette flavors on a national level. The Stopping Appealing Flavors in E-Cigarettes for Kids or Safe Kids act, would ban “kid-friendly” flavors within a year unless e-juice manufacturers can prove that these flavorings are being developed to help adults stop smoking cigarettes.

    With Juul's partner Altria in favor of a flavor ban, the prospects for the e-juice industry are looking grim.

    It is a shame that DeGette has not familiarized herself with Dr. Konstantino Farsalino’s study

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