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High-VG E-Liquid Reviews

High VG E Liquid

There are many kinds of ejuices but none produce smoother and larger clouds than high-VG ejuices. Perfect for subohm box mods, these are the ejuices that direct to lung vapers prefer. High VG Eliquids are known for their cloud production but they ace the flavor test too. And Vapor4Life makes sure to carry all the best flavors and test them out first. This way, you will enjoy whichever flavor you prefer. 

  1. Best Nicotine Free Vapes

    Best Nicotine Free Vapes

    The goal of Vapor4Life has always been to facilitate adult smokers who are looking to switch to vaping and for vapers to reduce their nicotine intake with the goal of a vaping free lifestyle. From day one, we have offered a huge range of nic strengths, a total of seven for our Wow and Premium Ejuices. The lowest level of nicotine offered in these ejuices is no nicotine at all. And it is that style of vaping we are exploring today.


    Why Nicotine Free Vapes?


    There are a host of reasons that vapers choose lower nicotine and nicotine free options. The obvious reason is that nicotine is an addictive chemical. At Vapor4Life, we have found that the majority of our customers reduce the amount of nicotine and nic strength they consume over the course of their

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  2. Naked 100 EJuice Flavor Guide

    Naked 100 EJuice Flavor Guide

    USA Vape Lab

    Since their 2016 launch, Naked 100 has been a major player on the vaping scene. Their award winning flavors are pretty much a slam dunk across the board. Located in Southern California, their parent company USA Vape has had notable success with their traditional Naked 100 Ejuice line and their NKD 100 Nic Salts.
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  3. Road to Zero Nicotine: High VG EJuice

    Road to Zero Nicotine: High VG EJuice

    High-VG ejuices are one of the most popular ways to vape lower nicotine and even nicotine free eliquids. 

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  4. Cool New SVRF Iced EJuices

    Cool New SVRF Iced EJuices

    Saveur Vape

    Saveur Vape and their SVRF line of ejuice flavors is one of the most influential players in the vaping industry. Refined and complex, SVRF Ejuices have been a big hugely popular since they hit the market several years ago.

    With eclectic flavors, inscrutable names and a surfing theme, SVRF were among the first vape juice companies to feature tropical flavors such as lychee and dragon fruit. The complex fruit ejuices that SVRF Ejuice has mastered are the types of flavors that adults prefer. Tobacco simply cannot compete with the brightness and complexity.

    SVRF Ejuice

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  5. Why Kids Vape

    Why Kids Vape

    Let us consider the inexorable march of Father Time. Minors do not feel a nostalgic warmth when recalling the cloying flavors of Reagan-era sugar coated breakfast cereals. A low volume Scooby Doo themed vape juice, which was no doubt inspired by the imaginary drug references supposedly embedded in this 1970s Hanna Barbara cartoon, have had no impact on the teen vaping epidemic. Colorful descriptions of your favorite childhood candy will not resonate with someone born in 2003.

    CDC National Youth Tobacco Survey

    The CDC sat on the results of the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey while the independent vaping industry faced extinction. The results of this survey debunked the popular and

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  6. Best Tobacco Vape Juices

    Best Tobacco Vape Juices

    E-Juice Flavors 2019

    There is a reason why we are running this feature today. Due to the teen vaping epidemic, the very real threat of an e-cig flavor ban has dangled like the Sword of Damocles over the vaping industry for several years.  First there was the SAFE Kids Act. Now Michigan has banned vape juice flavors, and the President of the United States has chimed in as well. There is no better time for vapers to reacquaint themselves with the joys of tobacco ejuice vaping.

    The fallacy that sweet vape juice flavors were designed to hook minors, and that

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  7. The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

    The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

    Not only is Juul Cucumber gone, but all prefilled vape pods other than tobacco and menthol have been banned by the federal government.

    If you are looking for the flavors adults prefer in a nic salt, and live in a state without additional restrictions, disposable vapes or a refillable vape pod kit are your best bet.

    Check out our feature:

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  8. Why You’ll Fall In Love With Krema E-Juice

    If you’ve been craving a new, delicious e-liquid to change up your game, Krema E-Juice is right up your alley, especially if you normally gravitate toward dessert flavors. Krema gets its tempting name from the fact that all of its vape flavors are infused with a huge dollop of thick, sweet cream (metaphorically speaking). You can now buy Krema E-Juice at Vapor4Life.   The Krema line of e-liquid flavors come in posh-looking black bottles with shiny pastel colors that reflect the vibe of each vape flavor. They've each got a 70/30 blend of VG and PG, so they do the trick whether you prefer clouds or flavor (or both!).    Now, let’s dive into each flavor to see what makes Krema so alluring.   Moca by Krema
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  9. Best Menthol E-Juices For St. Patrick’s Day (and Every Day)!

    best-menthol-ejuice Top o’ the whatever time you’re reading this to you, vape fam. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a day to celebrate all things green, all things “Irish” (like green beer, duh), and all things mint. Well, you’re in luck (see what I did there?) because we’ve rounded up a list of  the best menthol e-juices so you can get your mint fix on St. Patrick’s Day or really any day.   Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts menthol-ejuice-nic-salt
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  10. Why And How To Steep E-Liquid

    how-to-steep-e-liquid Connoisseurs of fine wine are well aware that good things come with age, but what about connoisseurs of fine e-liquids? This leads lots of vapers to wonder, “Should I steep my e-juice?” More importantly, “How do I steep e-liquid?” There’s a decent chance you’ve made it through your whole illustrious vape career without ever steeping an e-juice. It is pretty hard to get a bottle of vape juice in the mail and then wait to vape it once you’ve gotten your hands on it. We take a look at the idea of steeping e-liquid to enhance flavor and gi
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