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Vaping History

The history of Vapor4Life has run parallel to the vaping industry. We have provided smokers with authentic ash free alternatives from the start and will continue to offer great prices on the best cigarette alternatives. After a brief sideshow where hobbyist box mods were driving the industry, it has always been about flavor and satisfaction. And these are the attributes which prioritize with our Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus ecigs. 

  1. E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age

    The U.S. House and Senate have passed a provision that bans e-cigarette and tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21. The federal tobacco 21 legislation is included in a $1.4 trillion dollar spending package that must be passed to avoid a government shutdown. President Trump is expected to sign the spending bill into law before Christmas.

    President Trump has backed off the federal flavor ban he flirted with this fall. The careless reporting of vaping lung disease and the failure of the CDC to release the results of the 2019 Youth Tobacco Survey surely playing a role. The federal tobacco 21 legislation will be viewed as insufficient by anti-vapers, for whom the total ban of flavors a

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  2. Why Kids Vape

    Why Kids Vape

    Let us consider the inexorable march of Father Time. Minors do not feel a nostalgic warmth when recalling the cloying flavors of Reagan-era sugar coated breakfast cereals. A low volume Scooby Doo themed vape juice, which was no doubt inspired by the imaginary drug references supposedly embedded in this 1970s Hanna Barbara cartoon, have had no impact on the teen vaping epidemic. Colorful descriptions of your favorite childhood candy will not resonate with someone born in 2003.

    CDC National Youth Tobacco Survey

    The CDC sat on the results of the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey while the independent vaping industry faced extinction. The results of this survey debunked the popular and

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  3. We Want You to Quit Vaping

    We Want You to Quit Vaping

    We Want You to Quit Vaping


    Zaero Disposable Vape


    Update: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market.


    If you are looking for nic salt device with multiple nicotine strengths, make sure you check out the Zaero Disposable Vape. It comes in four nicotine strengths and has a variety of unique flavors. There is a 5 percent nicotine strength for heavy smokers, a more moderate 3 percent nic strength, a smooth 1.8 percent and a nic free option as well.


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  4. Juul Abandons Vaping Advocacy Group

    Juul Abandons Vaping Advocacy Group

    The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) and Vapor Stockroom sued the FDA last week for what they described as an unreasonable and arbitrary Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process. For a deep dive into this lawsuit, make sure you check out our feature: Vape Company Sues FDA.

    The fallout from this lawsuit has already begun. This week, Juul announced they will be pulling out of the VTA in response to the court filing. The reasons for this withdrawal were outlined in a Juul press release:

    We are not appealing the recent federal

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  5. Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    The San Francisco E-Cig ban will be tried in the court of public opinion this November. As repoted by the San Francisco Examiner, the Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulations obtained more than double the 9,400 required signatures necessary to put the ecig ban to the voters.


    “We have preserved access to a ballot measure on an upcoming San Francisco election and have the required signatures to move forward and ensure that underage access and use is addressed comprehensively, but adults aren't driven back to cigarettes, which kill 40,000 Californians a year,” Juul spokesman Ted Kwong told Forbes.


    Repealing Vape Ban an Uphill Struggle


    Putting this issue to the voters does not mean e-cigs are in the clear. In 2016, $22.6 mil

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  6. New Zealand Promotes Vaping

    New Zealand Promotes Vaping

    Another Beacon of Hope for Vapers?

    The UK has long been viewed as a beacon of hope for former smokers who vape. Now we can add New Zealand to the ranks of countries that have adopted a rational and humane view of vaping.

    Unlike the US, where what has been framed as a teen vaping epidemic is being used to deny e-cig access to adults, the UK's National Health Service is famous for actively promotes vaping as an alternative to cigarettes.

    A NHS Resource Page, Using E-Cigarettes to Stop Smoking, adopts a stance that contrasts sharply with the tired zombie

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  7. Jazzy Boba Captures Bubble Tea Taste to a T

    Jazzy Boba Captures Bubble Tea Taste to a T

    Saveurvape Buys Jazzy Boba

    Saveurvape has become a major player in the vape juice industry. With a brand portfolio that includes SVRF Vapor, MET4 Vapor, The Standard Vape, The Originals, and Black Label E-liquid, they would seem to have all of their bases covered. But this spring they added some familiar faces to the mix: the Jazzy Boba vape juice line.

    As reported on Business Wire, “This acquisition makes great sense for our customers, who told us that they wanted a product like this to be part of our core offering,” SAVEURVAPE CEO Lonnie Bozeman said. “We believe that by acquiring well-established and compliant brands, we better position SAVEURVAPE and our partners for success. We will continue to aggre

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  8. Washington E-Cig Tax Promotes Nicotine, Punishes Marginalized

    Washington E-Cig Tax Promotes Nicotine, Punishes Marginalized

    The state of Washington has passed a sales tax which will devastate the owners of vape shops in their state by imposing a stiff, and poorly constructed tax on their ejuice products.

    Interestingly, the law incentivizes a specific style of vaping. If you prefer nic salts vaped from a refillable pod, the tax will not hit you as hard as prefilled pod users and low nicotine, direct to lung vapers.

    Do Washington state politicians hate subohm vaping and box mods? Or did the authors of the bill lack the requisite knowledge to construct a fair and logical tax structure?

    This is a reasonable question because the law does not tax the nicotine content but the total volume of eliquid in the bottle. This is akin to the Chicago soda tax debacle. This ill-fated "sin tax" did not account for the ice in fountain drinks, and

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  9. E-Cigs Loaded With Germs and Fungi?

    E-Cigs Loaded With Germs and Fungi?

    Harvard researchers found low levels of bacteria and fungus in some e-cig carts from 2013. Expect anti-vapers to latch onto this outdated and inconclusive study.

    Expect the Harvard study to be added to the zombie vaping myth cannon. Although the study authors were quick to point out the limitations of their study, it seems unlikely that vaping critics will show the same level of discretion.

    E-Cig Study Summary

    If you do not have time to read this full article or the Harvard study, here is a quick summary. The researchers did not have enough data to draw any conclusions. They only had one sample of each product tested. The products tested, 38 eliquids and

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  10. Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds American, once known as R.J. Reynolds and the manufacturer of Camel cigarettes, thinks they have pinpointed the cause of the teen vaping epidemic, and it is not the fruity ejuice flavors preferred by adult vapers. As reported CNBC, Reynolds thinks the blame should be placed entirely on Juul, and wants to fight FDA restrictions that punish the vaping industry in general but to do address Juul's role and past marketing strategies.  

    “FDA has already identified the main driver of youth interest: Juul,” said a Reynolds spokesperson. The maker of Newport and Vuse vapes as pointed out, “As the agency’s public statements confirm, underage users disproportionately prefer Juul to all other products. Armed with such knowledg

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