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Vaping has always had a large contingent of hobbyist and tinkers. Whether it is building your own coil, refilling a Juul or ripping apart a Puff Bar, our curiousity has been piqued and we share our findings. 

  1. How to Refill a Puff Bar

    How to Refill a Puff Bar

    Can You Refill a Puff Bar?


    Disposable vapes are incredibly popular with adult vapers left in the lurch by the federal ban on flavored pods and carts, but they are just one time use devices. Vapers love their form factor and convenience, lending itself to the big question- can you refill a Puff Bar?

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  2. Switching from Disposable Vapes to the Vapor Titan Clearomizer

    Switching from Disposable Vapes to the Vapor Titan Clearomizer

    The incredible popularity, flavor and satisfaction delivered by disposable vapes has made them a go-to option for adult vapers who were left high and dry when the federal government banned all prefilled vape pod flavors except tobacco.


    Vapor4Life carries a huge range of disposable vapes because they are available in the flavors that adults prefer. Even if your favorite brand and flavor combination is out of stock, you can find multiple alternatives that will provide comparable performance and flavor profile.

    disposable vapes


    Nic salt vaping has never been easier than with a disposable. But a refillable ecig and a bottle of nic

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  3. Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

    Strict Vape Bans Punish Marginalized

    Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and funnel vapers back onto combustible cigarettes. Despite this reality, the day of the flavor ban has finally hit. All prefilled cartridges and vape pods, other than tobacco and menthol, have been banned.

    Most adult vapers prefer the vilified “characterizing” flavors, such as fruits, beverages, candies and desserts. There is nothing wrong with tobacco vapes per se but consumers have shown a strong prefer for bright and often sweet ejuices.

    Unfortunately, there are many cities and states out there that have taken ecig bans a step further. Check out our state vape ban laws resource page for additional information.

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  4. How to Fill a Blank/Refillable Vapor Titan Cartridge

    How to Fill a Blank/Refillable Vapor Titan Cartridge

    You can still enjoy the same Vapor Titan cartridge vaping experience, even after the federal flavor ban wiped the US market clear of all vape pods and cartridges except tobacco and menthol.

    If you live in a state that does not have additional restrictions on vaping flavors, all you need is blank/refillable Vapor Titan cartridge. The exact same Wow or Premium EJuice you enjoyed in your prefilled cartridge is available in bottled form. Click

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  5. Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    The teen vaping epidemic poses a threat to the health of minors through the dangers of nicotine addiction. As a vaper, I am quite attuned to the signs of vaping and completely opposed to underage vaping. This article will give you every tool you need to figure out if your child is vaping without intrusive testing.

    Spotting the Signs of Teen Vaping

    Vaping is not always easy to detect, but there are certain devices, gadgets and physiological signs which warrant further observation. The best case scenario is that you will have no reason to deploy this new found knowledge.

    Kids and Juul

    It is impossible to discuss teen vaping and not discuss

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  6. Use These Hacks to Open a Stuck Vape Tank

    Use These Hacks to Open a Stuck Vape Tank

    Jammed Vape Tank

    Your vape tank is all jammed up and cannot be opened. What you have is a classic “stuck tank” on your hands. This issue can be caused by over tightening, a threading issue or an inability to get a good grip on the tank. I have had plenty of jammed up tanks. Luckily, I have never had to deal with a tank impossibly stuck on a mod. This is fortunate. Once a tank is safely detached from the mod, you are free to implement any method, within reason, to open it. Granted, a hammer blow, power drilling or spiking the tank on the pavement will probably not achieve the desired result. But you only have to worry about flying shards and a broken tank, rather than a venting 18650 battery. On the flip side of the coin, a tank attached to a mod should be approached with care and additional safety precautions should be observed. If you
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  7. 2019 Vaping Resolution Guide For Smokers

    2019 Vaping Resolution Guide For Smokers

    Make Your 2019 Resolution Stick

    The failure of resolve is not the primary reason that resolutions fail to materialize. This is especially the case when the goal is giving up a habit like smoking, which is often intertwined with your lifestyle and daily routine. Emotional stressors, force of habit and a lack of planning often play a huge role. Although e-cigs are not considered smoking cessation devices, they do make an excellent alternative. They make life easier because they allow you to replace the rituals and nicotine that you are accustomed to without the smoke. Better still, there are tons of flavors, nicotine levels and devices available.

    Size Matters

    A quick look at vaping options reveals that there are petite cig-a-likes, thumb drive sized pod systems, and tube mods ranging from the size of pen to magic marker. For those who think size matters, there are box-mods that pack a huge punch. Some fit in the palm of your

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  8. Giving the Gift of Vaping to a Smoker

    Giving the Gift of Vaping to a Smoker

    The Gift of Vaping?

    Smoking is often a social activity. If you are a former smoker who vapes, there is a better than average chance you have friends or family members who still light up.

    With holiday season in full-swing, are you considering giving the gift of vaping to a smoker in your life?

    Especially for staunch advocates of vaping, there can be a strong desire to share your love of vaping but there are a few factors you should consider before dropping money on a present that may be viewed as rebuke to a smoker's lifestyle and life choices.

    Approach With Caution

    What are your thoughts about fanatical adult converts who warn their former running partners about the error of their ways? Do you have a mate who swore off drinking and declared every punter in the pub is an alcoholic who would be wise to follow their lead? Ever meet a former smoker who expresses disdain and disgust towards anyone who still smokes? Is this how

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  9. A Guide to Basic Vaping Etiquette

    A Guide to Basic Vaping Etiquette

    Let's Talk About Vaping Etiquette

    To vape or not to vape, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous restrictions, Or to take a stand against a sea of misinformation and by opposing it? Vaping is invariably lumped with “tobacco-free” initiatives in the eyes of the law and rules governing public use vary greatly by location. Posted policies that expressly declare that vaping is prohibited are becoming more common but often such signage is lacking. As a result of this ambiguity, the life of a vaper is fraught with potential conflict. Always keep in mind that there are still plenty of people who wrongly assume vapor clouds are equivalent to cigarette smoke. Indoor smoking has been banned in many states for over a decade and in these areas you can expect people to become quite alarmed if you start throwing clouds in a public setting. Uncouth behavior harms the rights and interests of vapers in the lon
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  10. How To Refill A Juul Pod With Vape Juice

    Many vapers who have jumped on the Juul craze aren’t aware that you can get more mileage from Juul Pods once you’ve vaped through one. The .7 ml pods are actually refillable, so you can use them more than once instead of tossing a pod out when you’re done.

    There is no reason not to add your favorite ejuice. Juul uses salt nic ejuice. For a complete deep dive into the Juul device check out this feature: The Truth

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