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Vaping has always had a large contingent of hobbyist and tinkers. Whether it is building your own coil, refilling a Juul or ripping apart a Puff Bar, our curiousity has been piqued and we share our findings. 

  1. How To Prevent Vape Spit-back, Popping Atomizers

    prevent-vape-spitback We’re all familiar with the notorious “vape spit-back.” You fill a tank, you fire up your mod, you take a deep draw and then...vape juice spurts and pops out of the atomizer. Sputtering vape juice can be damaging to your tank, not to mention annoying. Luckily, there are easy ways to combat this. Some ways to prevent vape spit-back include, decreasing airflow, changing your coil, and minimizing excess vape juice on coils.   Quick Fixes To Stop Vape Spitback prevent-vape-spitback Before you do a deep dive
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  2. How to Prevent Burnt Vape Coils

      Whether you’re a newbie vaper or a seasoned cloud chaser, there’s one thing that all vapers hate: the unmistakable taste of a burnt coil. Sometimes you’ll be in the middle of a perfect, relaxing vape sesh. The liquid tastes amazing, the fog is on point, and then it happens. You taste a burnt coil. You get a dry hit. You can’t get the taste out of your mouth. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to prevent burnt vape coils, which are almost always the source of this problem. The reasons for burnt vape coils may vary, but the solutions are usually quick fixes that will bring everything back to normal in no time.   ALWAYS Prime Your Coils

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  3. Vaping Hacks: How To Keep A Vape Tank From Leaking


    Advanced personal vaporizer or e-cigarette, from above"
    In the world of vaping, few things are more of a bummer than dealing with a leaky vape tank when you’re ready to try a new juice. Vape tanks can even begin to leak even if you’ve had an e-juice in there for a while. Not only is it maddening if all your juice leaks out, it’s also a huge pain if e-liquid gets onto something in your purse or pocket. Luckily, there are a few vaping hacks to help keep a vape tank from leaking. These simple tricks will preserve your e-juice —and your sanity— in the long run.   Fill Your Tank Carefully   The first suggestion we have is a preventive measure t
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  4. Vape Coil Building for Beginners

    Vape Coil Building for Beginners

        If you’ve been vaping with mods for awhile, you might be ready to take it to the next level and start building your own coils. Coil building for beginners can seem a little daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be scary! There are plenty of reasons vapers choose to build their own coils. For one, it can be more affordable in the long-run to build your own coils. Secondly, coil building can turn into a really enjoyable and productive hobby that lets you personalize the way that you vape. We take a look at some easy tips to improve your vape game and impress your friends in this short guide of coil building for beginners.   Before you begin building your first coils, you want to make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done right. There are some basic tools that every coil builder should have in her or his vape stash.  

    What You Need For Beginner Coi

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  5. Buy the Wismec Venti, an Easy-to-Use Starter Mod

    Buy the Wismec Venti, an Easy-to-Use Starter Mod
    If you’re like me, you started out with an e-cigarette like the Vapor Zeus and you still love your Vapor Zeus. But maybe, just maybe, you’re getting a lil’ bit curious about mods. If you’re thinking about trying sub-ohm vaping with a mod, but you’re not quite ready to delve into temperature control or coil building, the Wismec Venti is what you need. The design is similar to the eGo One Mega V2
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  6. Convection or Conduction Vape?

    convection-or-conduction-vape One of the first questions we get from people buying herbal vaporizers is, “Which is better? A convection or conduction vape?” Each method of heating dry herb, concentrates, or wax has its benefits and drawbacks. What you choose is entirely up to your personal preference, but we wanted to help give you a headstart on your journey. This blog gives you a little history about both methods and explains the main pros and cons of convection vs. conduction in dry herb vaporizers. Conduction When dry herb vaporizers first appeared on the market more than 40 years ago, conduction was the big way everyone used to heat their herbal blends. The basic pro
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  7. E-Cigarettes vs. Vaporizers: What’s the Difference?

    A lot has changed in the e-cig industry since this article was first written. In the early days of e-cigarettes, they were produced as an alternative to smoking. With all the smoking bans going on throughout the country and the world, e cigarettes and vapor cigarettes were the best alternatives as a substitute for cigarettes.   Vapor4Life started with just one mission: to help people smoke smarter with disposable e-cigarettes and later, with more advanced vaporizers, also known as vapor e-cigs. That’s why our founder, Steve Milin, invented both disposable e cigs and vapor cigarettes (vaporizers) that look and feel just like a cigarette, and give you more satisfaction than you could imagine. Since mods have become a popular and fun optio
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  8. Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?

    Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?
    Mels Blog By Melanie S  Milin One of the many questions we get from former smokers-turned-vapers in our vape shops and in our call centers is “Should I lower my nicotine level?” We have always believed in providing options for our customers, because everyone is different.  We find that we can help our customers best if they answer a few questions.
    1. Do you intend to stop vaping eventually?
    Then our answer would be a qualified yes.  We recommend reducing one e Juice strength at a time, and stay there for about two weeks before taking the next step.  As you lower the strength, you will find your body adjusting          to the lower level and your satisfaction will continue. If your body s
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  9. Three Things You Need to Do to Take Care of Your Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette

    One thing that can lead to a bit of "culture shock" as you start vaping is that, unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes need maintenance. Not only do they need to be filled again and again with e liquid, but they require cleaning and sometimes even replacement parts to stay in good working order. Using disposable e cigarettes can eliminate the need for this level of care, but many prefer rechargeable vapor pens because they offer more choices in terms of flavor and can sometimes produce a more satisfying vaping experience. Thankfully, today's e cigarettes are fairly simple to care for. If you're using a rechargeable electronic cigarette, make sure you perform the following tasks to keep your vaping experience easy and clean:

    • Refills: Electronic cigarettes use "e liquid" to produce vapor. One of the things that vapers like best about e liquid is that it comes in a variety of flavors. The vast majority of users (about three-quarters) prefer flavors besides tobacco.
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  10. How to Use an E-Cig: A Beginner's Guide to Vaping

    How to Use an E-Cig: A Beginner's Guide to Vaping

    After a prolonged period of using tobacco cigarettes, many smokers find that they want an alternative that doesn't pose a myriad of health risks. As a result, these individuals may turn to the use of electronic cigarettes, which are sometimes called vapor cigarettes, to provide the satisfaction of smoking with a significantly lowered risk of health problems associated with tobacco use.
    Puffing on an eCig -- also called vaping -- doesn't produce smoke but a vapor instead, which is created by a heated e liquid. Electronic cigarettes typically consist of a battery, a cartridge filled with e liquid, and an atomizer; however, some models also combine the atomizer and the cartridge into a device called a "cartomizer." Part of what makes eCigs so popular is that they are available in different styles and with all types of flavors, from fruit and chocolate to coffee and breakfast foods.
    New eCig users may have a lot of questions about how

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