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How To

Vaping has always had a large contingent of hobbyist and tinkers. Whether it is building your own coil, refilling a Juul or ripping apart a Puff Bar, our curiousity has been piqued and we share our findings. 

  1. With a new proposed cigarette tax, it's time for you to start "vaping"

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    If there was ever a time to switch to ecigs, it's now. Today Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his new 2014 budget to the Chicago City Council. If approved, cigarettes will cost 75 cents more per pack! Chicago would have the highest cigarette tax in the country. This would give the city an extra $10 million in revenue. Are you willing to shell out more dough for your cigarettes?
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  2. Should I get the Dial-A-Volt or Vapor Zeus?

    A lot of people ask me, "should I get the Vapor Zeus or Dial-A-Volt?" I usually say both, because they are totally different and both revolutionary in their own way. If you have to choose one, then I hope when you're done reading this you'll have enough info to decide. Both our Vapor Zeus and Dial-A-Volt batteries come in two versions - manual and auto. Actually the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode - get this - has BOTH options. Very cool. These batteries have a soft touch, just like our Vapor Titan stick batts. They come in 7 colors (black, blue, cigar, green, magenta, red and white). Both the Zeus and DAV are KR808D-threaded and will work with Smileomizers, 808 tanks, CoolCarts and WOW Vapor cartomizers. The main differences between the Zeus and Dial-A-Volt is that the Zeus can be used as a passthrough, and the DAV's voltage can be adjusted.

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  3. Get creative with 150+ vaping flavors!

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    I started vaping my first day at Vapor4Life about three  years ago. I was never a heavy cigarette smoker, but would enjoy  having an occasional cigarette when having a couple of drinks with  friends. However, I was a fan of other tobacco products. Throughout my  high school and college years, I smoked tons of hookah and would dip  on the baseball field whenever I could.
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  4. ECig Supply Organization

    Organizing jewelry can be similar to organizing electronic cigarette supplies. Some jewelry can be heavy and large like mods. Stud earrings are a little smaller than cartomizers. Then there are generally oddly shaped pieces that don't really fit with anything else. The e-cigarette counterpart could be a lanyard or carrying case.

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  5. How to find your electronic cigarette nicotine level

    Alright, so you've found an electronic cigarette company, you know what starter kit you are going to buy, now all you have to do is figure out what nicotine strength to get. What does "24mg" mean? This number defines the amount of nicotine in a cartomizer or bottle of juice.
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  6. Electronic Cigarettes on Pinterest

    If you like sharing recipes, wardrobe ideas, and home projects with your friends then Pinterest is the social site for you. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Users (called "pinners") share pictures of things they like that they find online. The images can be categorized onto different boards around the theme of a set of images.
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  7. How to clean an electronic cigarette battery

    How often do you clean your e-cigarette battery? If you answered "never" or "rarely" keep on readin'! Vapor4Life recommends giving batteries a good scrubbing weekly. Regular battery cleaning will keep it functioning and charging properly. Often a decrease in performance is the result of a blocked connection point. This is the area where a cartomizer or tank screws on the battery. If batteries are not cleaned regularly, then over time this connection part will become blocked with debris.

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  8. How To Fill An Electronic Cigarette Tank

    A tank is a cartomizer surrounded by an acrylic tank. It has a long silver cartomizer, an acrylic tube, and two end caps that have rubber gaskets on either side of the tube. The cart can be completely removed from the tank so it can be cleaned.  Tanks are fully compatible with Vapor4Life's Vapor King and Vapor Titan Manual Batteries, EGO, OMG All Day, and OMG VV.

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  9. Get your juice away from the heat!

    This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest. I got some vapemail today and was excited to try a new juice flavor, but something was odd.   This juice which was listed as a vibrant orange wasn't orange at all.   It was more of an off brown color.   I didn't want to taste the juice because I knew it was cooked.
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  10. Using A Promo Code and A Gift Certificate On One Order

    As you have probably noticed by now, we recently relaunched a brand new website. The new  makes it  easier to find the products you want, has more product information and makes the ordering process easier. One of the changes that has been made is how you enter gift certificate numbers and promotion coupon codes.

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