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The world of vaping is always changing and we will keep you abreast of the newest and best products on the market. 

  1. Myle Slim versus Myle Mini Disposable

    Myle Slim versus Myle Mini Disposable

    Myle Mini versus Myle Slim


    The federal ban on flavored vape pods and carts has left adult vapers looking to enjoy the flavors they prefer only two options. One prefilled vape pod alternative is a refillable vape pod kit filled with nic salt ejuices. This is a great and cost saving option. There are plenty of great devices like the Smok Novo 2 and VGod Nic Salts to choose from.


    The second option are disposable vapes. These are closer to the spirit of the prefilled vape pod kit like Vuse Alto and Juul. If you are looking for a specific flavor alternative, check out our many features, including The Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives.


    The Best Disposable Vapes

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  2. Sea Air versus Sea Stix versus Posh Plus

    Sea Air versus Sea Stix versus Posh Plus

    Disposable Vapes

    Now that the ejuice flavors that the majority of adult vapers prefer are no longer available in prefilled vape pods, disposables vapes are one of the only games in town.

    A refillable vape pod kit may be the least expensive way to vape nic salt ejuices but nothing is easier than use a disposable. As a category of e-cigarettes, disposable vapes are one of the best Juul alternatives on the market today.

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  3. Best Stig Alternatives

    Best Stig Alternatives

    Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes are the hottest thing in vaping today. The reason is as simple as their design. Adult smokers and vapers are looking for an easy to use, discrete and flavorful alternative to combustible cigarettes.

    Disposable vapes have been around in one form or another since day one, but the introduction of nic salts has really enhanced this burgeoning category. The greater smoothness and lower pH of nic salts allows higher concentrations

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  4. Mini Vape Showdown

    Mini Vape Showdown

    Mini Disposable Showdown: Myle vs Stig vs Mojo vs Twst

    Disposable Vape Popularity

    There are two major types of disposable vape on the market: stick disposables and disposable mini vapes. It is time to take a closer look at the mini vapes on the market today and see which one has the best combination of flavor and performance.

    The competitive disposable vape market is fueled by potent nic salts and a wide selection of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Disposable vapes sales was already surging when Juul pulled their top four flavors from the market.

    Most adult vapers are just looking for a convenient, flavorful and discrete device. And there is no easier way

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  5. Eon Stik Disposable Vape Review

    Eon Stik Disposable Vape Review

    Disposable Vapes


    The typical adult vaper is not concerned about output, ohms and giant clouds. What they want is a satisfying and flavorful alternative to combustible cigarettes. Thanks to potent nic salt ejuice formulas, disposable vapes are able to deliver this performance in compact and discrete vaping device.


    For complete explanation of the science behind nic salts, check out our feature article: What is Salt Nic?


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  6. Best Juul Alternatives

    Best Juul Alternatives

    Note: The Federal flavor ban has banned all prefilled vape pods but tobacco and menthol.

    Flavor Bans

    Last year, we examined the Top Ten Juul Alternatives available on the market at the time. This robust selection of refillable vape pod kits were ideal for nic salt vaping. They also provided huge savings, as refillable vape pod kits are a far cheaper option. A Juul pod contains only 0.7ml of ejuice and runs about $4.00 a pod. This is an exponentially more expensive way to vape than buying your own nic salt vape juice bottle, which contains FORTY FIVE times more ejuice and costs ten to twenty dollars.

    Another big change

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  7. Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Vape Flavor Bans


    The pressure being exerted by state flavor bans and an impending federal e-cig crackdown has prompted Juul to extinguish five of their most popular flavors. Whether the elimination of these flavors will successfully address the teen vaping epidemic remains to be seen, although Juul Mint was the most popular flavor with minors and Juul Mango by far the second most popular option.


    A national flavor ban will literally hand the cigarette alternative market to Big Tobacco by stripping the flavors that adults prefer from the market. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino surveyed 69,000 adult vapers and the vast majority

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  8. Juul versus MyBlu

    Juul versus MyBlu

    Disposable Vapes

    A darkhorse contender in the battle for nic salt supremacy is the resurgent category of disposable vapes. They are competitive in the price tag department with prefilled vape pod kits and offer a wider selection of flavors. The federal flavor ban nixed prefilled vape pod flavors, leaving disposable vapes the only game in town for adult vapers looking for a device that does not need filling and is still available in the bright, buoyant flavor profiles that the vast majority prefer.

    Vapor4Life carries the widest selection of disposable vapes so you can always find the flavors you need.

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  9. Zaero Disposables Review

    Zaero Disposables Review

    Zaero Disposable Vape

    The Zaero Vape is a disposable ecig that gives you the flexibility to choose the nicotine strength that is right for you. You can choose nicotine free or one of three smooth nic salt formulas: 1.8, 3 and 5 percent. This nic strength range is unheard of in a disposable ecig.

    The Zaero does not sacrifice performance in pursuit of flexibility. It fares quite well in our comparison of the Best Disposable Vapes. The Zaero is also a great value and priced competitively with the top prefilled vape pod kits on the market.

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  10. Smok RPM40- Real Pod Mod or Super Nord?

    Smok RPM40- Real Pod Mod or Super Nord?

    When you fire up the Smok RPM40, the high resolution TFT screen greets you with a message: “The Real Pod Mod!” In case there was any question what RPM stands for, there is your answer. Unlike previous Smok Vape Pod Kits, the RPM40 wants to be all things to all people.

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