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New Product Reviews

The world of vaping is always changing and we will keep you abreast of the newest and best products on the market. 

  1. UWell Caliburn Review

    UWell Caliburn Review

    The Caliburn by UWell is a critically acclaimed vape pod kit. Let’s take a look at how the Caliburn, which is also an alternate name for King Arthur’s sword Excalibur, has cut its way through a crowded vape pod field.

    Caliburn Appearance

    The refillable Caliburn vape pod kit is one ounce aluminum featherweight. It is only a half inch longer than a Juul, with which is also shares a similar form factor and shape profile. It is a slim and compact design that fits easily in palm of your hand, and weighs only one ounce. The Caliburn is perfect for discrete nic salt vaping. It can function as both an autodraw and manual fire device, so the

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  2. Nicotine Free Juul Compatible Pods

    Nicotine Free Juul Compatible Pods

    Disposable Vapes

    Vapor4Life carries the widest selection of disposables around, so if your favorite flavor is out in one brand you can be sure to find it in another.

    The since this article was written, outside forces have removed all Juul compatible and flavored Juul pods from the market. This is a bad news for the majority of adult vapers, who prefer sweet, complex and bright flavor profiles. Luckily, disposable

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  3. Smok Novo versus Smok Novo 2

    Smok Novo versus Smok Novo 2

    The Smok Novo 2 is a substantial upgrade over its predecessor the Smok Novo. Although essentially the same size and weight, the battery has been upgraded from 450 to 800mAh, and the maximum output has been boosted from 16 to 25w.

    Despite this beefing up, it is literally at the opposite end of the spectrum when compared with Smok's other recent release: the Smok TFV16. This tank actually weighs more than a Smok Novo, and anyone attempting to vape nic salts out of that cloud chucking monster would surely rue the day.

    Smok Vape Pods

    The original Smok Novo is a wildly successful vape

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  4. Smok TFV16 Review

    Smok TFV16 Review

    The Smok TFV16 is a large vape tank with massive coils, ideal for high wattage subohm vaping. With near competition level power and capable of giving RDA’s a run for their money, this beast of a tank has been dubbed “The King” by Smok, but is it worthy of the crown? Or is it a pretender to the throne.

    Get your 120ml bottle of vape juice ready. A very thirsty tank has just sidled up to the ejuice bar.

    Smok TFV 16 Appearance

    When holding the Smok TFV 16 tank, it feels like it was engineered from a single block of stainless steel. No matter what mod you hook the TFV16 up to, it will never be mistaken for a refillable vape pod. In fact, this tank weighs more than almos

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  5. Suorin Air Plus vs. Suorin Air

    Suorin Air Plus vs. Suorin Air

    Suorin Air

    Make no mistake. The original Suorin Air is a nic salt specialist. The 400mAh battery and 2ml pod are hard pressed to last an entire day, if you use lower nicotine ejuices or vape frequently. Another limitation: only one coil/pod resistance options.

    The Suorin Air Plus has addressed all of these issues, and retains the same credit card sized footprint of the original Suorin Air. This is not meant as a shot at the classic Suorin Air. It was a revelation when it was launched, and is one of the most popular refillable vape pods ever designed. The Air was perfectly

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  6. Original Eon Pod Flavors Still Available

    Original Eon Pod Flavors Still Available

    Original Eon Pods Flavors

    Update : Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages:

    The Best Juul Mango Alternatives

    The Best Juul Crème Alternatives

    The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

    The B

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  7. Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

    Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

    Mini-Mod or Vape Pod?

    The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio is an adorable mini-mod that can deliver a wide range of vaping experiences, depending on which of the three available coils you choose, hence the name “Trio”. The Trio may look like a mini-mod, but price point and performance place the Drag Baby in the shark-infested waters of the refillable vape pod market.

    The question is this: will Voopoo’s mini-mod sink or swim with its whimsical appearance and unique style?

    When you pick up the Drag Baby, the first thing that sticks out is how light it is. The “mod” section weighs a mere 55

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  8. Aspire Tigon Review

    Aspire Tigon Review

    What is a Tigon?

    What is a tigon? It is the offspring of a lionness and a tiger. A sharp looking cat, they weigh around 400 lbs and have the subtle spots of a lion and the stripes of a tiger.

    A tigon is also a jack of all trades vape starter kit that can handle anything you want to throw it. And the Tigon, the vape device not the big kitty, might just be the perfected version of the classic tube mod.

    Vape Starter Kits

    Vape pods designed for nic salts have taken the vaping world by storm. There are tons of options today, but initially, prefilled va

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  9. Smok Mico Review

    Smok Mico Review

    Refillable vape pods are at a crossroads. Do customers want higher performance vape pods that offer swappable coils and multiple power settings? Or do they prefer a small, hassle-free device, that doesn’t even offer the complication of a fire button? Something that can replace a prefilled vape pod kit and function in the same simple manner.

    Manufacturers have solved this conundrum by hedging their bets and producing what would seem to be every derivation possible of the basic vape pod format. Smok has certainly gotten in on this action, and have created a veritable fleet of compact vape kits that are perfect for nicotine salt juice.

    The most recent, a

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  10. Aspire AVP Review

    Aspire AVP Review

    A new generation of refillable vape pod systems with upgraded features and technology are hitting the market every month. Originally, refillable vape pods were fairly simple devices. But as the competition has heated up, so has the innovation.

    Aspire AVP Kit

    The newest contender in this crowded field is the Aspire AVP Vape Pod Kit. If you want a run-down on some of its top refillable vape pod rivals, here are our Top Ten Juul alternatives.

    As there is already a veritable armada of Aspire vape pod kits available

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