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Best Nic Salt Reviews

They are the most popular way to vape, combining clean flavor, next to no throat hit and a high nic strength. Ideal for mouth to lung vaping. And the most effective and efficient way to vape nic salts is by buying it by the bottle and filling your own device. Vapor4Life offers a huge selection of bottled nic salts and we test them all out and review them to make sure you can find a perfect fit the first time. 

  1. Twst Salts: New Names, Same Great Flavors

    Twst Salts: New Names, Same Great Flavors

    Twst Salts has changed up their names of their popular eliquids. Here is a complete guide.

    Old Name New Name
    Watermelon Madness Red No. 1
    Iced Pink Punch Pink 0°
    Pink Punch Lemonade Pink No. 1
    Berry Medley Lemonade Purple No. 1
    Honey Dew Melon Chew Green No. 1
    Tropical Pucker Punch Blend No. 1
    Strawberry Crush Crimson No. 1 
    Arctic Cool Mint Mint 0°
    New Flavor Menthol No. 1
    New Flavor Tobacco Gold No. 1


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  2. Best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes

    Best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes

    There are several disposable vape manufacturers that offer multiple nic strengths. We review the best of the best here. 







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  3. Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Review

    Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Review

    The mighty Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is the easiest way to enjoy delicious Dinner Lady Salts. Here is a complete review of all the flavors. 

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  4. Dinner Lady Salts and Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Coupon Codes

    Dinner Lady Salts and Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Coupon Codes

    For fans of Dinner Lady Salts and disposables, Vapor4Life is offering an exclusive deal. Enter DLVAPES at checkout to receive $3 off each individual Dinner Lady disposable or nic salt bottle that you purchase.

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  5. The Best Disposable Vapes

    The Best Disposable Vapes

    The best disposable vapes offering great flavor, satisfying performance and incredible convenience. All you need to do is open the packaging and puff. Perfect for adult vapers who do not want to deal with charging or filling. 

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  6. Review: Lemon Tart Salt by Dinner Lady

    Review: Lemon Tart Salt by Dinner Lady

    How does the nic salt version of Dinner Lady Lemon Tart compare to the iconic original? 

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  7. Dinner Lady Nic Salts Review

    Dinner Lady Nic Salts Review

    They made their name with Lemon Tart and high-VG dessert eliquids. But Dinner Lady Salts are also a delight to vape. Check out our full review here. 

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  8. Longest Lasting Disposable E-Cigs

    Longest Lasting Disposable E-Cigs

    The longest lasting disposable vapes take satisfying nic salt vaping to a whole other level. They boast great all-day flavors but are designed to last for much more than that. Ranging from 2.6 to 8ml, longest lasting disposables can serve as your everyday vape but are also useful for adult vapers who are traveling and would prefer to bring a disposable. 

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  9. Best Mango Disposable Vapes

    Best Mango Disposable Vapes

    The appearance of nic salts and prefilled vape pods on the market proved a couple facts about the preferences of adult vapers. Most are just looking for a flavorful and satisfying ecigarette that is easy to use. Unfortunately, a federal flavor ban knocked prefilled flavored vape pods off the market.


    If you are looking for a device that requires no filling and are searching for the bright and vibrant flavors that adults prefer, disposable vapes are the only game in town.


    They are even easier to use than pod systems as they don’t require charging. And they are competitively priced, with most disposables holding at least 1.3ml of ejuice, which is close to twice the capacity of a Juul Pod.


    Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposable vapes anywhere. We carry the widest range o

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  10. Best Strawberry Nic Salt ELiquids

    Best Strawberry Nic Salt ELiquids

    The best Strawberry nic salts combine bright fruit notes with a smooth nic salt finish to create a perfect all day vape. Here are the best pure strawberry nic salt flavors on the market today. 

    Best Strawberry Nic Salts
    Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts
    Strawberry Ice I Love Salts
    Summer Strawberry VGod Salt Nic
    Strawberry Chubby Salt
    Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt
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