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Best Vape Pod Kit Reviews

Vape Pod Kits

There is no easier and more cost effective way to vape nic salts than with a disposable vape pod kit. But there are a ton of options and technologies to choose from. Performance can vary a lot between devices, so we make a point of reviewing all of the most popular devices to make it easier for you to select the right one. 

  1. UWell Caliburn G versus Smok Novo X

    UWell Caliburn G versus Smok Novo X

    A clash of vape pod super heavyweights, check out the UWell Caliburn G versus the Smok Novo X. 

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  2. Vuse Alto takes the Fight to Juul

    Vuse Alto takes the Fight to Juul

    Juul, forced into a defensive crouch by a federal ban on flavored prefilled vape pods and negative attention surrounding the teen vaping epidemic, has been increasingly losing market share to the rival Vuse Alto. While Vuse Alto did lose their Mixed Berry Flavor, almost the entire Juul lineup has been wiped out including their most popular flavors: Juul Mango and Juul Mint. Click here to view the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives

    RJ Reynolds Vuse Alto has gobbled up convenience store and gas station sales at the expense of Juul,

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  3. Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo X

    Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo X

    Smok Novo


    The original Smok Novo was a breakthrough vape pod design, easy to fill and an autodraw device that required almost no user input. When the pod had reached the end of its life, you just threw it away and would snap in a new one.



    While not as quite easy to use as a disposable vape or a prefilled pod, it was close enough and could save you a lot of money in the process. A typical bottle of nic salts runs fifteen

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  4. Best Mango Nic Salts

    Best Mango Nic Salts

    Disposable Vapes


    We previously examined the best mint nic salts, which are a great alternative for adult vapers who enjoy disposable vapes and miss the now banned Juul Mint flavor. There is no shortage of mango disposable vapes, which reviewed in our feature: the Best Mango Disposable Vapes.


    A wide range of disposable ecig brands carry similar flavor

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  5. Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape

    Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape

    Disposable Vapes


    Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of disposable vapes to make sure that adult vapers can always find the flavor profile they are looking for. By offering so many brands, even if your favorite device is sold out or not available, you should be able to find a very comparable device in the same flavor. This is great news for adult vapers because unlike prefilled vape pods, disposable vapes are still available in the bright and bold colors that they prefer.

    Although the assortment of vapes we offered always had some variation, the range of disposable ecig

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  6. Lower Nicotine Ejuices in Vape Pods

    Lower Nicotine Ejuices in Vape Pods

    Refillable vape pods took off in popularity as a more cost effective and higher technology alternative to prefilled vape pods. Although you do have to fill vape pods, they are still very easy to use. Many models are autodraw and are very simple to fill. And although larger and more powerful vape pods are hitting the market, there are still plenty of devices that are small, discrete and simple as can be.


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  7. Hyppe Bar versus Hyppe Max

    Hyppe Bar versus Hyppe Max

    When adult prefilled vape pod users were deprived of the sweet and complex ejuice flavor profiles they prefer, it was inevitable that they would seek other outlets. In some cases, vapers turned to refillable vape pod kits. These had the advantage of being better price performers and higher technology. With a refillable device, you have literally endless flavor options and most devices offer multiple coils.


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  8. Nic Salt Vaping: Vapor Zeus vs Vapor Titan Clearomizer

    Nic Salt Vaping: Vapor Zeus vs Vapor Titan Clearomizer



    The Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus are two of the best devices for vaping nic salts but they provide quite different experiences. Which one is right for you depends on a number of factors both objective and subjective. Both are sold in convenient starter kits, which means everything you need is in the box. Ideal if you want to avoid the waste and expense of disposable ecigs and prefilled vape pods.


    Without further ado, let’s examine which of these e-cigs is best for enjoying salt nic.


    Nic Salt Ejuices


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  9. Puff Bar versus Juul

    Puff Bar versus Juul

    In just one year, a lot has changed in the world of vaping. If you are an adult vaper who wants access to the bright and complex eliquid flavors that the majority of ex-smokers prefer, the changes have been for the worse.


    A year ago, Juul was beginning to rollback their choice of flavors in the face of government pressure. Today, they are down to just two flavors. The federal government has banned flavored prefilled vape pods.


    Luckily, if you live in a state that does not have further flavor restrictions, adult vapers can still enjoy flavored ejuices and more specifically the potent nic salt eliquids that Juul innovated. The most cost effective method is using a refillable vape pod kit and

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  10. Posh Plus versus Puff Bar Plus

    Posh Plus versus Puff Bar Plus

    Disposable Vapes


    When disposable vapes began to take off in popularity a year ago, most manufacturers used one of two designs. Most disposables, including such popular designs as the original Posh, Puff Bar and Zaero Disposable, were stick style disposable vapes. About 4 inches in length, this style of disposable e-cig usually holds 1.3ml, although the Posh and Zaero both hold 1.8. The other style was the disposable mini-vape like the Stig, Mojo, Twst and Myle Mini.


    But as it became clear that smokers and vapers were switching to disposable e-cigs as their primary devices, rather than just a back-up or device to travel with, there has been an increased demand for products that last longer. Disposable vapes are extremely popular because they are super easy to use and generally

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