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Vaping technology and terminology can get a bit confusing. But we have taken a deep-dive into the subjects and technologies that impact adult vapers everywhere.

  1. Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes

    Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes

    Best Lush Ice Disposable


    Disposable vapes have surged in popularity as adult vapers look for the easiest and most convenient way to vape. Disposable vapes make a great Juul alternative as they are still available in the flavors that adults prefer.


    They were not impacted by the federal vape flavor ban, leaving them the only game in town for vapers looking for an autodraw device that does not require filling.


    Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposables you will find anywhere. We carry so many brands that even if your brand of choice is out of your favorite flavor, you will have multiple competitors to choose from.


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  2. Lost Vape Orion Q Pro versus Suorin Reno

    Lost Vape Orion Q Pro versus Suorin Reno

    Vape Pod Kits


    A year ago, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go and Suorin Air Plus were two of the hottest refillable vape pod kits on the market. They remain popular today despite adhering to totally divergent design philosophies. The DNA Go was the Ferrari of vape pods. With an Evolv DNA Go chip, the Orion supported escribe software and provided the user with the opportunity to customize their vape experience.


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  3. Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

    Best Vuse Vibe Alternatives

    Vuse ECigs

    Although vape pods were the primary target of the FDA flavor ban, prefilled cartridge and prefilled tank devices were hit just as hard hit. One popular product caught up in the federal sweep is the Vuse Vibe. Unlike its stablemate the Vuse Alto, the Vibe is not a vape pod kit. It relies on tanks that are screwed onto a cylindrical battery.

    If prefilled vape pod kits are more your speed, we examined the Alto closely in our comparison test, Juul versus Vuse Alto, and found it to be an excellent

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  4. CDC Confirms Vitamin E Responsible For Vaping Lung Illness

    CDC Confirms Vitamin E Responsible For Vaping Lung Illness

    The cause of vaping lung disease was identified back in August but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) apparently needed an additional four months confirm this fact. The CDC has now identified vitamin E acetate as the culprit. Just as importantly, the CDC did not find vitamin E in any of the 197 nicotine vaping products that they tested.

    The CDC also noted that lung injuries associated with the use of vitamin E in black market THC cartridges are on the decline.

    In 51 samples of bronchoalveolar-lavage (BAL) fluids from patients suffering from vaping related lung disease, 48 tested positive for vitamin E acetate. Another 47 of the patients tested positive for THC.

    This “breaking” vitamin E n

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  5. E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age Raised to 21

    E-Cig Buying Age

    The U.S. House and Senate have passed a provision that bans e-cigarette and tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21. The federal tobacco 21 legislation is included in a $1.4 trillion dollar spending package that must be passed to avoid a government shutdown. President Trump is expected to sign the spending bill into law before Christmas.

    President Trump has backed off the federal flavor ban he flirted with this fall. The careless reporting of vaping lung disease and the failure of the CDC to release the results of the 2019 Youth Tobacco Survey surely playing a role. The federal tobacco 21 legislation will be viewed as insufficient by anti-vapers, for whom the total ban of flavors a

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  6. Why Kids Vape

    Why Kids Vape

    Let us consider the inexorable march of Father Time. Minors do not feel a nostalgic warmth when recalling the cloying flavors of Reagan-era sugar coated breakfast cereals. A low volume Scooby Doo themed vape juice, which was no doubt inspired by the imaginary drug references supposedly embedded in this 1970s Hanna Barbara cartoon, have had no impact on the teen vaping epidemic. Colorful descriptions of your favorite childhood candy will not resonate with someone born in 2003.

    CDC National Youth Tobacco Survey

    The CDC sat on the results of the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey while the independent vaping industry faced extinction. The results of this survey debunked the popular and

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  7. Mini Vape Showdown

    Mini Vape Showdown

    Mini Disposable Showdown: Myle vs Stig vs Mojo vs Twst


    Disposable Vape Popularity


    There are two major types of disposable vape on the market: stick disposables and disposable mini vapes. It is time to take a closer look at the mini vapes on the market today and see which one has the best combination of flavor and performance.


    The competitive disposable vape market is fueled by potent nic salts and a wide selection of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Disposable vapes sales was already surging when Juul pulled their top four flavors from the market.


    Most adult vapers are just looking for a convenient, flavorful and discrete device.

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  8. MyBlu versus Vuse Alto

    MyBlu versus Vuse Alto

    Note: The federal flavor ban decimated MyBlu's lineup of the fruit and dessert flavors that adults prefer and also removed Vuse Alto Mixed Berry from the US market.


    Disposable Vapes


    Adult vapers looking for an easy to use device that requires no filling should check out disposable vapes. They have not yet been hit with a flavor ban and are available in the bright and buoyant flavors that the majority of adult vapers prefer. Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposable vapes. This means that even if your favorite brand and flavor combination is out of stock, we will still have plenty of viable and delicious alternatives.


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  9. Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Vape Flavor Bans


    The pressure being exerted by state flavor bans and an impending federal e-cig crackdown has prompted Juul to extinguish five of their most popular flavors. Whether the elimination of these flavors will successfully address the teen vaping epidemic remains to be seen, although Juul Mint was the most popular flavor with minors and Juul Mango by far the second most popular option.


    A national flavor ban will literally hand the cigarette alternative market to Big Tobacco by stripping the flavors that adults prefer from the market. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino surveyed 69,000 adult vapers and the vast majority

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  10. Trump Backing Off Flavor Ban?

    Trump Backing Off Flavor Ban?

    Vaping Under Siege

    It has been a brutal summer and fall for the vaping industry. Concerns about the teen vaping epidemic have buffeted the industry for a couple years but the careless reporting of a vaping related lung illness served as the catalyst for strict flavor bans in a number of states.

    For an updated guide to state flavor bans, visit the Vape Ban Laws By State resource page.   

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