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Vaping technology and terminology can get a bit confusing. But we have taken a deep-dive into the subjects and technologies that impact adult vapers everywhere.

  1. Juul vs Blow Vape Stix

    Juul vs Blow Vape Stix

    Flavor Ban


    Rumblings of an impending federal flavor ban threaten to snuff out a fast evolving vaping industry. This is unfortunate for a number of obvious reasons and strikes at a time when ejuice flavors are reaching the point of high art. The advent of potent nic salts has played a role in making disposable vapes one of the most effective and convenient conduits of the flavors that adults prefer. Although vape pods represented the first foray into the nic salts realm, disposables may be an even more logical platform for smooth and potent salt nic.


    Juul has voluntarily pulled many of their most popular flavors off the market as a sop to regulators. Their partner Altria supports a vape flavor ban as well.

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  2. Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

    Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

    There is a lot of breaking news and the future of flavored ejuice hangs in the balance. Juul Compatible pods are no longer available on the US market.


    The Federal Flavor ban has eliminated all of Juul Fruit Medley's old prefilled vape pod competition as well.



    These political machinations are part and parcel of the Juul Fruit

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  3. Cause of Vaping Lung Disease Identified

    Cause of Vaping Lung Disease Identified

    CDC and Media Losing Credibility

    While the careless reporting of vaping lung disease shows no sign of abating, the likely cause of this mysterious ailment has been identified as tocopherol acetate, a vitamin E based oil used in some THC cartridges. The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has demanded that the CDC, news media and public health departments stop conflating this probable source of vaping lung disease and commercially available electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDs).

    Nicotine ejuices are heavily regulated by the FDA and use a totally different formulation which does not contain tocopherol acetate. No commercially available electronic nicotine delivery system

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  4. Vape Company Sues FDA

    Vape Company Sues FDA

    The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) and Vapor Stockroom have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the FDA for their unreasonable and arbitrary Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process. The full text of their press release is available here.  


    The plaintiffs in this case are represented by Thompson Hine LLP, and the case has been filed under the name Vapor Technology Association, et al. vs. Food & Drug Administration, et al., in the US District Court for Eastern District of Kentucky. The filing can be found here

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  5. Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    Repealing Vape Ban Will Be an Uphill Struggle

    The San Francisco E-Cig ban will be tried in the court of public opinion this November. As repoted by the San Francisco Examiner, the Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulations obtained more than double the 9,400 required signatures necessary to put the ecig ban to the voters.


    “We have preserved access to a ballot measure on an upcoming San Francisco election and have the required signatures to move forward and ensure that underage access and use is addressed comprehensively, but adults aren't driven back to cigarettes, which kill 40,000 Californians a year,” Juul spokesman Ted Kwong told Forbes.


    Repealing Vape Ban an Uphill Struggle


    Putting this issue to the voters does not mean e-cigs are in the clear. In 2016, $22.6 mil

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  6. The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

    The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

    Not only is Juul Cucumber gone, but all prefilled vape pods other than tobacco and menthol have been banned by the federal government.



    If you are looking for the flavors adults prefer in a nic salt, and live in a state without additional restrictions, disposable vapes or a refillable vape pod kit are your best bet.


    Check out our feature:

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  7. Time to Retract Debunked Vaping Heart Attack Study

    Time to Retract Debunked Vaping Heart Attack Study

    One cornerstone of the anti-vaper argument is that vaping may have a number of unforeseen dangers. One commonly cited danger is an increased threat of heart attack.

    The study that supposedly demonstrated the connection between vaping and heart attacks has now been debunked, and a more detailed analysis of the data found that “vapers were much less likely to have had a heart attack, not twice as likely.”

    Kind of a big mistake. How did this happen? Looks like another zombie vaping myth has been debunked. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how many smokers decided not to switch to vaping after reading the headlines. It is almost impossible to unring the bell of fear.

    Bhatta and Glantz Study

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  8. San Francisco E-Cig Ban Punishes Marginalized

    San Francisco E-Cig Ban Punishes Marginalized

    San Francisco will be the first American city to ban e-cigs. The board of supervisors unanimously approved the measure, and final approval should occur as soon as next week.

    When passed, the ordinance will halt the sales of e-cigarettes in San Francisco. It will also block the delivery of e-cigarettes to San Francisco addresses until the FDA completes their safety review of electronic cigarettes. This blow to choice and freedom is not a distant threat. E-Cig prohibition in San Francisco is fast approaching, and would be implemented seven months after approval.

    According to the San

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  9. E-Cigs Loaded With Germs and Fungi?

    E-Cigs Loaded With Germs and Fungi?

    Harvard researchers found low levels of bacteria and fungus in some e-cig carts from 2013. Expect anti-vapers to latch onto this outdated and inconclusive study.

    Expect the Harvard study to be added to the zombie vaping myth cannon. Although the study authors were quick to point out the limitations of their study, it seems unlikely that vaping critics will show the same level of discretion.

    E-Cig Study Summary

    If you do not have time to read this full article or the Harvard study, here is a quick summary. The researchers did not have enough data to draw any conclusions. They only had one sample of each product tested. The products tested, 38 eliquids and

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  10. Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds Tobacco Blames Juul for Teen Vaping

    Reynolds American, once known as R.J. Reynolds and the manufacturer of Camel cigarettes, thinks they have pinpointed the cause of the teen vaping epidemic, and it is not the fruity ejuice flavors preferred by adult vapers. As reported CNBC, Reynolds thinks the blame should be placed entirely on Juul, and wants to fight FDA restrictions that punish the vaping industry in general but to do address Juul's role and past marketing strategies.  

    “FDA has already identified the main driver of youth interest: Juul,” said a Reynolds spokesperson. The maker of Newport and Vuse vapes as pointed out, “As the agency’s public statements confirm, underage users disproportionately prefer Juul to all other products. Armed with such knowledg

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