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Sub-Ohm Tank Reviews

There is no better way to enjoy high-VG ejuices than with a subohm tank. Subohm describes the resistance of the coil, and the lower the resistance, the faster the coil heats up. Subohm tanks require a lot of power but also produce a ton of vapor. Check out our reviews of all the best subohm tanks


  1. Road to Zero Nicotine: Box Mods

    Road to Zero Nicotine: Box Mods

    Box mods are one of the most popular ways to vape lower nicotine and even nicotine free eliquids. 

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  2. Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

    Voopoo Drag Baby Trio

    Mini-Mod or Vape Pod?

    The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio is an adorable mini-mod that can deliver a wide range of vaping experiences, depending on which of the three available coils you choose, hence the name “Trio”. The Trio may look like a mini-mod, but price point and performance place the Drag Baby in the shark-infested waters of the refillable vape pod market.

    The question is this: will Voopoo’s mini-mod sink or swim with its whimsical appearance and unique style?

    When you pick up the Drag Baby, the first thing that sticks out is how light it is. The “mod” section weighs a mere 55

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  3. Aspire Tigon Review

    Aspire Tigon Review

    What is a Tigon?


    What is a tigon? It is the offspring of a lionness and a tiger. A sharp looking cat, they weigh around 400 lbs and have the subtle spots of a lion and the stripes of a tiger.


    A tigon is also a jack of all trades vape starter kit that can handle anything you want to throw it. And the Tigon, the vape device not the big kitty, might just be the perfected version of the classic tube mod.


    Vape Starter Kits


    Vape pods designed for nic salts have taken the vaping world by storm. There are tons of options today, but initially, prefilled

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  4. Smok Morph vs. Smok Alien

    Smok Morph vs. Smok Alien

    Another Smok Mod?


    It is time to take a close look at the Smok Morph kit, and answer a burning question: Does the world need another Smok mod? The specifications of the various Smok tanks and mods may appear similar on paper. At the upper end of the power curve they already have the Smok Mag 225w and Smok Alien 220w, not to mention the punchy Smok Pro Color 225 and sharp looking Smok A-Priv 225W.


    Where does the Smok Morph fit in? As

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  5. World's First UL Certified Vape Pen

    World's First UL Certified Vape Pen

    Vaping Safety

    The Joyetech eGo AIO, an acronym that stands for All-In-One, is a graceful design that has stood the test of time. It has also withstood the rigors of safety certification testing at Underwriters Laboratories (UL). As the world's first UL certified vape pen, it brings the issue of vaping safety back into the forefront. Vape pens have an enviable safety track record. The London Fire Brigade recommended smokers switch to e-cigs because vaping prevents house fires. This is just another example of the UK being light years ahead of the US in regards to the benefits of vaping. Perhaps because of this record of safety, the occasional vape battery injury almost always goes viral and results in plenty of hand-wringing from vaping critics.The truth behind the headlines is far different. There has been one recorded vape battery fatality. In the US alone, house fires caused by cigarettes have killed

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  6. Voopoo Drag 2 Kit Review

    Voopoo Drag 2 Kit Review

    Voopoo Drag 2

    The Voopoo Drag 2 is a bold device that sticks out in the crowded field of sub-ohm vape mods. It is impossible to miss the spectacular, almost tie-dye, color blasted resin front plate. There are several color patterns to choose from and they all look pretty slick. I am partial to the yellow and blue dominated Island color scheme. It reminds me of Monet’s painting Water Lilies, but with an admixture of Edvard Munch’s The Scream for good measure. All of the Drag 2 color schemes have an Impressionist feel or maybe the word I am looking for is a bit less highfalutin: psychedelic. But the Voopoo Drag 2 is more than just another pretty face. It has the substance to back up its style with the screaming fast Gene Fit Chip, the fastest on the market.  With great performance at a reasonable price, the Drag 2 is Monet

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  7. Uwell Subtank Shootout: Crown IV vs. Valyrian

    Uwell Subtank Shootout: Crown IV vs. Valyrian

    UWell Subtank Deep Dive

    Uwell subtanks have been gaining popularity because of their innovative designs and excellent build quality. The brand new Crown IV continues this tradition with its new self-cleaning, no leak technology. How does the newest member UWell’s Crown family compare to their mighty Valyrian subtank?

    Crown IV vs Valyrian

    At the top of Uwell’s subohm tank lineup are two models, the brand spanking new Uwell Crown IV and the powerful Uwell Valyrian. But their price tags are only separated by five dollars ($29.99 for the Crown IV vs. $34.99 for the Valyrian) and they are similarly sized as well. This can make it a bit confusing to determine which of these outstanding tanks is right for you. Today we will help clarify this issue by comparing the most recent addition to Uwell’s top-selling Crown family with their flagship Valyrian tank. We will also

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  8. Holiday Vaping Gift Ideas

    Holiday Vaping Gift Ideas

    10 Great Holiday Gifts for Vapers

    It is crunch time for holiday shopping. In fact, you missed the boat altogether if you needed to buy vaping gifts for Hanukkah. There isn't much time left, so with no further ado here are 10 great vaping gift ideas. These items are also perfect gifts for you if you feel like treating yourself. Make sure you check out our guide about “Giving the Gift of Vaping to Smoker” if you plan on initiating a friend or family member into the world of vaping.

    Smok Stick Prince Vape Kit

    This is a perfect device if you want to initiate a smoker into the world of vaping. It is a reasonably priced and high-quality tube mod. There are plenty of fun colors available for personalizing the gift giving experience. The tumblehome style vape tank hol
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  9. Aspire Dynamo Kit Now Available At Vapor4Life

    Aspire Dynamo Kit Now Available At Vapor4Life

    Aspire Dynamo Kit

    Vape pod systems may be getting all the headlines but the world of vape mods is hardly standing still. Just in time for the holidays, Vapor4Life is offering great deals on the Aspire Dynamo kit. Click here to check out the Aspire Dynamo Kit. Just one of a long line of Aspire mods, this is an attractive and impressive device that is perfect for savoring delicious clouds of your favorite e-juice. It also is an outstanding value you are looking for a gift, either for someone you know who vapes or if you have a friend or family member who is looking for an alternative to cigarettes. One of its more unique features is a cleverly designed battery chamber that allows you to choose how you power your device. The kit includes the Nepho tank and

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  10. TFV12 Prince Imitation Scam: How To Know If You Have The Real Thing

    smok-prince-tank Smoktech’s TFV12 Prince tank is so wildly popular some internet sellers have capitalized on that momentum to deceive their customers. Reports have been going around about a TFV12 Prince imitation scam in which people market knockoff tanks and coils as the SMOK products and sell them to unsuspecting customers on eBay and other sites. There are some easy ways to tell if your TFV12 Prince gear is the real thing. We should mention that Vapor4Life buys its TFV12 Prince tanks and coils directly from SMOK and will guarantee that they’re the real deal. The TFV12 knockoffs can be pretty convincing, so it can
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