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There is a lot of technology behind the great flavor and performance of ecigs. We examine all the ins and outs and find out what vaping designs work best and why. 

  1. Best Disposable Vape Alternatives

    Best Disposable Vape Alternatives

    History of Disposable Vapes


    Disposable vapes had their first moment in the sun during the early days of e-cigarettes. Many adult vapers first initiation into smoke and ash free cigarette alternatives was in the form of the classic cig-a-like.


    Disposable vapes, with exceptions such as the NJoy Daily, Jak, V4L Disposable E-Cig and the Blu Disposable e-cig, maintained a small loyal following but generally this type of device fell off the radar. Vapers gravitated towards increasing popular and larger devices, first eGo Cartomizers and eventually box mods.

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  2. Myle Slim versus Myle Mini Disposable

    Myle Slim versus Myle Mini Disposable

    Myle Mini versus Myle Slim


    The federal ban on flavored vape pods and carts has left adult vapers looking to enjoy the flavors they prefer only two options. One prefilled vape pod alternative is a refillable vape pod kit filled with nic salt ejuices. This is a great and cost saving option. There are plenty of great devices like the Smok Novo 2 and VGod Nic Salts to choose from.


    The second option are disposable vapes. These are closer to the spirit of the prefilled vape pod kit like Vuse Alto and Juul. If you are looking for a specific flavor alternative, check out our many features, including The Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives.


    The Best Disposable Vapes

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  3. Best Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

    Best Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

    Logic ECigs

    When Japan Tobacco purchased Logic in April 2015, they could have never foreseen the rise of Juul, explosion of nic salt ejuices and the sweeping flavor bans that have rocked the vaping industry. 2015 was a lifetime ago as far as vaping is concerned. It was refillable/open vape systems that were attracting the most negative attention.

    Times have changed. Despite Logic’s use of legacy technology and standard ejuice formulations, they are being hit incredibly hard by the federal vape ban. Nic salt vape pods, with the exception of menthol and tobacco, are the primary target of the federal flavor ban. Classic ecigs with attachable cartridges are caught up in the sweep, whether they use nic salts or salt.

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  4. Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero Disposable

    Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero Disposable

    Disposable Vapes


    The fast growing popularity of disposable vapes has demonstrated a fundamental truth about vaping: most adult vapers are just looking for a satisfying, flavorful and convenient way to get nicotine.

    Disposable vape


    Convenience is priority number one, especially for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. And there is simply no easier way to vape than with a disposable ecig.


    Flavors matter too, as adults have shown a strong preference for dessert and fruit themed

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  5. Best Tobacco Vape Pods

    Best Tobacco Vape Pods

    Vape Pod Ban

    As of January 31st, 2020, only menthol and tobacco vape pods will be permitted. The federal flavor ban still allows for flavors in refillable vape pod and open tank devices. If you exclusively use vape pods or are dependent on brick and mortar purchases, your choices of flavor have been drastically reduced. The news is grim but there is one silver lining. Tobacco ejuices have come a long way from the days of RY4.

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  6. CDC Confirms Vitamin E Responsible For Vaping Lung Illness

    CDC Confirms Vitamin E Responsible For Vaping Lung Illness

    The cause of vaping lung disease was identified back in August but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) apparently needed an additional four months confirm this fact. The CDC has now identified vitamin E acetate as the culprit. Just as importantly, the CDC did not find vitamin E in any of the 197 nicotine vaping products that they tested.

    The CDC also noted that lung injuries associated with the use of vitamin E in black market THC cartridges are on the decline.

    In 51 samples of bronchoalveolar-lavage (BAL) fluids from patients suffering from vaping related lung disease, 48 tested positive for vitamin E acetate. Another 47 of the patients tested positive for THC.

    This “breaking” vitamin E n

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  7. Best Juul Alternatives

    Best Juul Alternatives

    Note: The Federal flavor ban has banned all prefilled vape pods but tobacco and menthol.

    Flavor Bans

    Last year, we examined the Top Ten Juul Alternatives available on the market at the time. This robust selection of refillable vape pod kits were ideal for nic salt vaping. They also provided huge savings, as refillable vape pod kits are a far cheaper option. A Juul pod contains only 0.7ml of ejuice and runs about $4.00 a pod. This is an exponentially more expensive way to vape than buying your own nic salt vape juice bottle, which contains FORTY FIVE times more ejuice and costs ten to twenty dollars.

    Another big change

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  8. Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods Disposables vs Juul

    Vape Flavor Bans


    The pressure being exerted by state flavor bans and an impending federal e-cig crackdown has prompted Juul to extinguish five of their most popular flavors. Whether the elimination of these flavors will successfully address the teen vaping epidemic remains to be seen, although Juul Mint was the most popular flavor with minors and Juul Mango by far the second most popular option.


    A national flavor ban will literally hand the cigarette alternative market to Big Tobacco by stripping the flavors that adults prefer from the market. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino surveyed 69,000 adult vapers and the vast majority

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  9. Juul vs Blow Vape Stix

    Juul vs Blow Vape Stix

    Flavor Ban

    Rumblings of an impending federal flavor ban threaten to snuff out a fast evolving vaping industry. This is unfortunate for a number of obvious reasons and strikes at a time when ejuice flavors are reaching the point of high art. The advent of potent nic salts has played a role in making disposable vapes one of the most effective and convenient conduits of the flavors that adults prefer. Although vape pods represented the first foray into the nic salts realm, disposables may be an even more logical platform for smooth and potent salt nic.

    Juul has voluntarily pulled many of their most popular flavors off the market as a sop to regulators. Their partner Altria supports a vape flavor ban as well. The line

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  10. Juul versus MyBlu

    Juul versus MyBlu

    Disposable Vapes

    A darkhorse contender in the battle for nic salt supremacy is the resurgent category of disposable vapes. They are competitive in the price tag department with prefilled vape pod kits and offer a wider selection of flavors. The federal flavor ban nixed prefilled vape pod flavors, leaving disposable vapes the only game in town for adult vapers looking for a device that does not need filling and is still available in the bright, buoyant flavor profiles that the vast majority prefer.

    Vapor4Life carries the widest selection of disposable vapes so you can always find the flavors you need.

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