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Vapor4Life carries all of the top brands in the industry but we are also your exclusive source of the mighty Vapor Zeus and Vapor Titan. These are the most authentic and high quality cigarette alternatives on the market today. All you need to know about the Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus can be found here. 

  1. What's the Difference Between WOW and Premium E-Juice?

      difference-between-wow-and-premium-ejuice Vapor4Life’s flagship e-liquid is still one of our top selling products for former smokers and vapers who use the Vapor Zeus or other traditional e-cigarettes. When you’re browsing our website to buy e-liquid, you’ll notice some flavors are available in “WOW” and others are available in “Premium.” You can buy select e-juice flavors in either WOW or Premium. You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between WOW and Premium E-Jui

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  2. Convection or Conduction Vape?

    convection-or-conduction-vape One of the first questions we get from people buying herbal vaporizers is, “Which is better? A convection or conduction vape?” Each method of heating dry herb, concentrates, or wax has its benefits and drawbacks. What you choose is entirely up to your personal preference, but we wanted to help give you a headstart on your journey. This blog gives you a little history about both methods and explains the main pros and cons of convection vs. conduction in dry herb vaporizers. Conduction When dry herb vaporizers first appeared on the market more than 40 years ago, conduction was the big way everyone used to heat their herbal blends. The basic pro
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  3. E-Cigarettes vs. Vaporizers: What’s the Difference?

    A lot has changed in the e-cig industry since this article was first written. In the early days of e-cigarettes, they were produced as an alternative to smoking. With all the smoking bans going on throughout the country and the world, e cigarettes and vapor cigarettes were the best alternatives as a substitute for cigarettes.   Vapor4Life started with just one mission: to help people smoke smarter with disposable e-cigarettes and later, with more advanced vaporizers, also known as vapor e-cigs. That’s why our founder, Steve Milin, invented both disposable e cigs and vapor cigarettes (vaporizers) that look and feel just like a cigarette, and give you more satisfaction than you could imagine. Since mods have become a popular and fun optio
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  4. Which TFV4 Tank Coil Is Right for Me?

    TFV4 Tank Coil   Hello all,  Mod Guy Mike here. I’m the lounge manager and resident mod expert at Vapor4Life. This time I am going to go over the coils for the SMOKtech TFV4 tank. I’m trying out the tank —and all five coils— with the SMOKtech R-Steam Mini Vape Mod. I’ll cover all five TFV4
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  5. Taking it To the Next Level with New Vape Tanks and Box Mods for Sale

    Hey there, V4L family. I’m writing this from a doctor’s office, using WiFi that will not allow me to connect to our website because it is related to tobacco and alcohol. There’s no tobacco in e juice. They’re scapegoating vaping because it contains nicotine. So do pharmaceutical tobacco harm reduction tools, and I was able to access their website here. I could rant about that for hours, so I’ll stop to bring you something cheerful. As you all know, I’m new to mods. I usually smoke my Vapor Zeus with some

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  6. All the Best E Juice and Vaping Gear in Chicago Without All the Vaping Taxes

    Best E Juice in Chicago   On February 1, 2016, Vapor4Life had to close its Chicago location because Rahm Emanuel thought it was a brilliant idea to slap a ridiculous tax on Chicago vaping products. Thanks, Rahm, you really know how to help out your voters, and the brick and mortar vape shops that proudly serve(d) Chicago and boosted the economy, but are closing one by one. You’re a real hero.   There’s an 80 cent charge on vape products, and e-juices are taxe
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  7. We Love Smoking; We Love Smokers

    Keep Smoking with the Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cig     Vapor4Life’s mission is to make products for smokers. Our founder, Steve SMILIN Milin loves to smoke. He invested four years and millions of dollars to create a simple and effective way to satisfy ALL smokers. Steve engineered, patented, and produced his very own products to satisfy his own biggest critic (and former five-pack-a-day smoker) himself. This is to provide smokers with a satisfying and effective way to keep smoking, only smarter. In fact, Steve hasn’t touched a tobacco cigarette since 2008, but he says he still smokes every day. Now you can too, with our V4L disposable e-cig. FACT: Half of all smokers in America have tried vapor cigaret
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  8. E-Cigarette Nicotine Levels

    E-Cigarette Nicotine Levels
    A helpful guide to picking your nic strength, changing nicotine content, and understanding nicotine levels of e-liquid and e-cigarettes.  
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  9. How to Choose a Cartomizer for your E-Cig

     Choose a CartomizerWhat cartomizer fits my battery? Can I use a Smileomizer with a Vapor King battery? Does a tank fit my eGo? Do these questions sound familiar? People new to vaping, or even people who have been vaping for months or years can have a lot of questions when it comes to using refillables. That's OK because the vaping world is huge and there are lots of gadgets to choose from! This guide will help you figure out what carto fits which vaping battery.
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  10. Summer vaping tips

    Summer vapingIt's summer and time to enjoy the sun, sand, beach, watermelon, and street fests! What could be better than relaxing outside, soaking up the sun and vaping? Not much! We want you to keep on vapin' during these gorgeous months, and have fun this summer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind during this time of year.
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