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There is a lot more to vaping than just the gear, it is a community of adult former smokers. 

  1. VIV®- Very Important Vaper

    VIV®- Very Important Vaper

    VIV® stands for very important vaper and describes how we view all of our customers. But Vapor4Life has no interest in selling to minors and we use cutting edge age verification software to make sure that our customers are over the age of 21. 

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  2. ELiquid Flavor Bans Fuel Thriving Black Market

    ELiquid Flavor Bans Fuel Thriving Black Market

    In April, in the midst of New York’s Covid-19 peak, law makers attended to what they considered very important business: banning the nicotine ejuice flavors that the vast majority of adults prefer. That strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and flavors are not the primary reason why kids vape hardly matter any more.

    Michael Bloomberg has invested hundreds of millions to extinguish nicotine vaping and fountains of misinformation continue to flood the conversation on cigarette alternatives with their poisoned waters.

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  3. Vape Mail Ban Passes Senate

    Vape Mail Ban Passes Senate

    The US Senate passed bill S.1253 on July 2, 2020 by voice vote. This bill bar the shipping of vapor products by the USPS. Comparisons to the long-standing ban on shipping cigarettes ring hollow, as cigarettes are far more widely available at brick and mortar stores.

    Law-abiding adult vapers without access to a brick and mortar store will now either need to obtain vapes through alternate channels, embrace a gold-standard of total nicotine abstinence that is not expected of any other legal risky behavior, utilize nicotine replacement therapies which were crushed by vaping in a New England Journal of Medicine Study or return to smoking.

    Problems Created by Vape Mail Ban

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  4. Australian Vape Ban Postponed Until January, 2021

    Australian Vape Ban Postponed Until January, 2021

    The Australian ban on imported nicotine ejuices has been postponed until January 1st, 2021. Australian vapers can place orders with Vapor4Life until further notice.

    For a complete analysis of the Australian vape ban, check out our deep-dive into this urgent situation: Australian MPs Revolt Against Vape Ban Power Grab.

    This is a welcome reprieve for adult smokers in Australia who have made the switch to vaping and depend almost entirely on imported nicotine e-liquids.

    We apologize to any customers who stocked up prematurely in anticipation of the ban. Like the rest of the vaping world and the Australian Parliament, we were caught off-guard when this regulatory overreach was announced

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  5. Cause of Vaping Lung Disease Identified

    Cause of Vaping Lung Disease Identified

    CDC and Media Losing Credibility

    While the careless reporting of vaping lung disease shows no sign of abating, the likely cause of this mysterious ailment has been identified as tocopherol acetate, a vitamin E based oil used in some THC cartridges. The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has demanded that the CDC, news media and public health departments stop conflating this probable source of vaping lung disease and commercially available electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDs).

    Nicotine ejuices are heavily regulated by the FDA and use a totally different formulation which does not contain tocopherol acetate. No commercially available electronic nicotine delivery system

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  6. Dangers of E-Cig Marketing On Social Media

    Dangers of E-Cig Marketing On Social Media

    Four vape juice manufacturers were the target of FDA warning letters this week. The targets of the letter were Solace Vapor, Hype City Vapors LLC, Humble Juice Co. LLC and Artist Liquid Labs. The FDA accused the e liquid manufacturers of posting, “Content touting the flavored e-liquid products or recommending their social media followers try the products without including the required nicotine warning statement.”

    The FTC also used this opportunity to once again urge influencers on social platforms to disclose when they are given free products or paid to promote an item.

    How they picked out these four companies is unclear. Perhaps it was the volume of posts on their hashtags, the reach of the inf

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  7. Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    The teen vaping epidemic poses a threat to the health of minors through the dangers of nicotine addiction. As a vaper, I am quite attuned to the signs of vaping and completely opposed to underage vaping. This article will give you every tool you need to figure out if your child is vaping without intrusive testing.

    Spotting the Signs of Teen Vaping

    Vaping is not always easy to detect, but there are certain devices, gadgets and physiological signs which warrant further observation. The best case scenario is that you will have no reason to deploy this new found knowledge.

    Kids and Juul

    It is impossible to discuss teen vaping and not discuss

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  8. How to Pronounce SMOK®

    How to Pronounce SMOK®

    Smoke or Smock?

    It is a frustrating controversy that has rocked the vaping world for years. How do you pronounce SMOK®? There are the literalists who think it is pronounced “smock” because the “e” has been dropped in the spelling. And then there are the rationalists. They know that it is pronounced “smoke” because that pronunciation simply makes more sense.  Which side are you on?

    The Argument for “Smoke”

    Vaping is an alternative to smoking. Smoke is a word that people outside of the art class and the British military use on the regular basis. One group that is especially likely to use the word smoke are smokers.  Interestingly, this is also Smok’s target audience. In another example of fortunate happenstance, Smok’s devices emit a vapor that looks quite similar to smoke and is often infused with nicotine. Much like cigarette smoke. Smokers often enjoy

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  9. The Teen Vaping Epidemic

    The Teen Vaping Epidemic

    In 2018, twice as many high school students used e-cigarettes as the year before. This disturbing trend, and the resultant political fallout, threatens the future of the vaping industry.

    The Truth Behind the Headlines

    It has been impossible to miss the surge in press coverage on teen vaping. And it is not only media wags who are sounding off. In an FDA press release in September, the word “epidemic” was used 10 times. This alarmist document was followed 2 months later by restrictive new FDA regulations on e-cigarettes. Until the use of e-cigs by minors is resolved, it will continue to drive the narrative on vaping and keep e-cigarettes firmly in the crosshairs of regulators. Worse still, the recent spike in teen vaping has given anti-vapers additional leverage to promote punitive restrictions on e-cigarettes and jui
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  10. 2019 Vaping Resolution Guide For Smokers

    2019 Vaping Resolution Guide For Smokers

    Make Your 2019 Resolution Stick

    The failure of resolve is not the primary reason that resolutions fail to materialize. This is especially the case when the goal is giving up a habit like smoking, which is often intertwined with your lifestyle and daily routine. Emotional stressors, force of habit and a lack of planning often play a huge role. Although e-cigs are not considered smoking cessation devices, they do make an excellent alternative. They make life easier because they allow you to replace the rituals and nicotine that you are accustomed to without the smoke. Better still, there are tons of flavors, nicotine levels and devices available.

    Size Matters

    A quick look at vaping options reveals that there are petite cig-a-likes, thumb drive sized pod systems, and tube mods ranging from the size of pen to magic marker. For those who think size matters, there are box-mods that pack a huge punch. Some fit in the palm of your

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