Celebrities Who Vape
Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new invention. The first design patent was registered in 2003.  Having been around for less than 10 years, the product is still not yet mainstream. E-cigarettes have moved on from the market introduction stage of their life cycle, and are now in between the growth and maturity stages. This means that costs are lowered because companies are making more products than before, more companies have entered the market to compete, and each brand is differentiating themselves from their competitors. Although public awareness is increasing each day, there are still tons of people who have never heard of the device. Trend-setters Celebrities are helping to increase public knowledge of the electronic cigarette industry. The world watches and copies much of what they do. We closely follow what they wear, what they eat and where, what they drive, their hairstyles, diets, and shoes. Our curiosity is part of the reason that reality TV shows are so popular.  When famous people do anything, they know there will be pictures of the activity. Naturally, we have seen many movie stars, actresses, actors, musicians, and even politicians smoke. Now we are also beginning to see photos and videos of them vaping with an e-cig. Vaping on live  TV Just this past Wednesday,  Carrie Fisher was on the Today Show vaping. After  Ann Curry shockingly asked her if she was smoking,  Carrie very briefly mentioned that she was using an e-cigarette. Many people have seen or at least heard of David Letterman's interview with Katherine Heigl. If you haven't seen the clip, while on the Late Show, the actress took a hit of her e-cig while explaining how she's made the switch to a smokeless alternative. Her candid act of bringing out her 'device' as she calls it, and taking a drag was certainly intriguing to the American public. After blowing out the vapor, David asked "Whoa, what was that?" to which she replied "water vapor. I'm essentially humidifying the space." After asking what it feels like, Katherine allowed the host to try it. Mr. Letterman then took a few puffs like an old pro. Other celebs who vape Other celebrities reported to  use ecigs  are Alan Titchmarsh, Ashley Green, Nikki Reed,  and Robert Pattinson (from Twilight), Britney Spears, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlie Sheen, Colin Farrell, Cory Feldman, Dappy  (from N Dubz), Danny Bonaduce, DJ Qualls (Kyle Edwards from Road Trip), Eric Roberts, June Brown, Jose Canseco, Josh, Jake and Phil Harris (from The Deadliest Catch), Kate Middleton, Kate Moss, Katherine Heigl, Kevin Connolly (from Entourage), Kevin Federline, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Lydia Bright, Paris Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, Snookie  and Jennifer Farley (J-Wowww from Jersey Shore), Taryn Manning, Taylor Dayne, Tom Petty, Trace Cyrus, and Rush Limbaugh. Johnny Depp's character used an electronic cigarette in the film The Tourist. Why should we care that a few celebrities are vaping? As more movie stars and famous musicians begin vaping publicly, the more that the general public will learn about ecigs.  They can help increase general knowledge about the product, and hopefully a higher level of acceptance. If you know of other celebrities who've been spotted vaping, or movies with ecigs in them, please let us know by posting them in the comments section.