Are you a chain-smoker, or did you used to be? Steve Milin, the CEO of Vapor4Life used to smoke up to five packs of cigarettes in a single day! The only way possible to go through that many was to chain smoke all day long. Now that he uses e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative Steve is the classic example  of a chain-vaper. He's always got at least three Vapor Kings in his vest. They're charged up and have cartos on them - ready to go. The way some smokers can carry on a conversation with a cigarette dangling from their mouths, so too can Steve talk easily while his ecig stays in place between his lips. Steve's brand used to be  Kools. Now he vapes WOW Peppermint 36mg or Smilin's Special Menthol 36mg. It's rare to see Steve without a personal vaporizer close by. There are others who work for Vapor4Life who have become chain-vapers. Take Mark for instance. Each time I pass by his office the bold smell of Cola hits me. I look in and sure enough, he's puffing on his mod. He likes to change-up his flavors every so often, sometimes it's Banana Fosters, some days he vapes Java Mint. Then there's Wade. His go-to ecig flavor is WOW Vanilla Shake. Whenever I walk through the inventory department, there he is with his OMG VV in hand. The OMG Variable Voltage mod is great for people who constantly vape. Since it is powered by a large battery, it lasts a long time. A USB passthrough is the perfect device for a chain-vaper. It runs at a powerful 5 volts, which is satisfying for many people who use standard KR808 or 510 "stick" batteries. It is powered by a USB plug that goes into either a computer or USB wall adapter. Since this device is always plugged in, it never runs out of power. Many chain-vapers who are often in their car like using a passthrough as well. Just attach a car adapter to the passthrough and plug it into a car's cigarette lighter (pretty ironic) and chain-vape away. Do you find yourself chain-vaping throughout the day?