As I approach the two-year mark of my switch from analogs to vaping, I can't help but notice how different the e-cig world is now from what it was then. This isn't a bad thing by any means, just somewhat shocking when you think about how far it's progressed. Two years ago you really only had a few options, stick batteries of different type of connections (each with their own positive  and negatives), a new shorter and fatter PV (personal vaporizer) called the EGO, or a few high-priced  mods that used industry standard sized batteries (like the 18650mAh or 18500mAh). In terms of variable voltage, there were only two mods readily available at the time with that ability, and only one with a digital readout. Variable wattage had just come on the scene as well, with only one mod capable of doing so. Today though there are more options than vapers it seems. Now to get variable voltage you don't even need to get a high-end mod, there are variable voltage EGOs like the V4L Dial-A-Volt. Just as it is with all technology, nothing stands still. Two years from now who knows what will be out there vaping hardware-wise. On that same note, the ecig companies themselves have changed with it. There was a time when a company was either built for  those just getting into vaping  (like Vapor4Life), only sold their mod, or was an everything to everyone type deal specializing in nothing but selling everything. Those days have passed us by. The everything to everyone stores still exist, they always will, but now they've expanded into the start company territory. The line between starter companies and mod only sites have blurred as well.  There was a time when the only hardware  Vapor4Life sold was their KR808 batteries along with the CoolCarts and WOW cartos. Today they have three choices of mods, EGOs, variable voltage EGOs,  multiple tank sizes and carto setups, and mega cartos. All this leads to more options to choose from for the new vapor, and new ways for veteran vapers to enhance their vaping experience. Read Keyzy's blog post "V4L Has Come A Long Way Baby!" for her perspective on the changes at Vapor4Life as the industry grows. Contact Morandir835 via e-mail at [email protected] or through his page on ECF at "Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned."  €“ Emperor